Chapter 5

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5. Souzi’s Legacy

Galatea led us to a small empty room. When I tried to tell her that there was nothing there, she touches the wall of the room.

“What the hell…”

“Please step away, Master.”

As soon as she said that, a part of the floor moved with a roar, and there were stairs to go underneath.

“Oh, a hidden passageway… I love it. It’s like a secret base. I’m so excited!”

“It’s pretty impressive. I’m excited too.”

“I can sense the excitement from you two. I can assure you that your expectations will be exceeded.”

We were excited, and Galatea looked happy and a little proud as we followed her. We walked down the corridor for a while, until we found a door, and as soon as we opened it, we were surrounded by a dazzling glow.

“What is this…? No way, it’s a furnace! But I’ve never seen anything like it!”

There was a huge circular figurine made of a material I had never seen before. Something like a chimney stretched through the ceiling to a door for storing something.

Bowman rushed over to the furnace, looking excited, and started touching things. It was no wonder that Bowman exclaimed that loud. I mean, aren’t these furnaces usually made of bricks? It looks like metal. …… I hurriedly ran over to the furnace and touched it, too.

” “Soji’s Furnace” A furnace built by Soji the Mad King using his knowledge of the other world. It can adjust its temperature and withstand incredibly high temperatures.”

“Ah, this looks like a furnace that can withstand high temperatures and adjust its temperature.”

“Really?! Boy! With this, we can process metals we couldn’t before, and conduct experiments we couldn’t do before! I knew I was right to follow you! It’s a dream come true to see a Souzi’s relic!”

When he said this excitedly, Bowman’s eyes lit up like a child’s and he pulled out various metals from the bag he was carrying on his back. I thought he brought a lot of baggage with him, but he brought all that stuff with him?

“Is this really so great?”

“Of course it is! Until now, it took a lot of work to get the furnace hot enough, with the help of sorcerers and constant monitoring to maintain the temperature. With this, we can do things we’ve given up on based on theory alone. Boy, are you looking forward to this?! This is going to change the world!”

Then he started mumbling while reading the words written in the notebook about the furnace. Oh, no, he’s completely lost in his own world.

“He looks happy, Master. I’m glad you’re happy too.”

“Yeah, Bowman can’t see anything else when he’s like this… but I haven’t seen him this lively in a long time.”

“No, not only Mr. Bowman, I can sense the joy from the Master as well.”

“Eh…Oh, that’s right… he’s like a parent and a master, you know. It makes me happy to see him like this.”

When I awakened the World Library and my father and brothers looked at me with disappointment, he was the only one who gave me his blessing. He told me that my power was incredible and that he envied me. ……

I was happy to hear that, so in my spare time I would go visit him in his workshop. At that time, even though he would be busy, he took care of me, listening to my stories, making me toys made of metal, and telling me stories about his adventures.

So I’m honestly happy that he’s happy. He’s the one who helped me see the value in my skills.

“This is for you Master, from Father…”

She pointed to a metal desk with a letter and a wooden box on it. I picked up the letter and read it.

If you are reading this letter, then I am no longer alive. I do not know if my daughter Galatea, brought you from another world like mine, or if you are a local.

But she has approved of you, and I will entrust you with the tools of the other world that I have brought with me. How you use it is up to you. If you combine them with your knowledge of this world, such as magic and skills that were not available in my world, you may even be able to revolutionize the world.

I also ask that you take care of my daughter… of Galatea.

Suzuki, Soji

I stare at Galatea, who is smiling at me. Did she approve of me? The only thing I did was scream when the fire dragon attacked…

“What’s wrong? I sense confusion from the Master.”

“Oh, well, I was wondering why …… Galatea brought us here.”

At my question, she looked into my eyes for a moment and then said, a little embarrassed.

“It is because … you acknowledge me as an individual …… inhabitant, just like my father. Also, I can understand people’s emotions to some extent. The two people around you trust you from the bottom of their hearts, and you trust them deeply, and that is comforting. I asked you to be my master because I thought that I could feel that way with you. I’m embarrassed to say it… Master, could you please open that box? It’s a memento that my father used a lot.

“A memento?…”

Following her instructions, I opened the wooden box and found a long metal tubular object on it. Is this a figurine or something? I touch it and activate my skill.

” Gun: A weapon from another world that uses gunpowder to fire bullets. It has a strong killing and destructive power and is used as a hunting tool.

“In addition, the rank of your understanding of the other world has increased since you have acquired a certain amount of knowledge of the other world. You can now search for things in other worlds.”

With the words of the World Library, not only information about the gun in my hand, but also how to use it enters my brain. This is what it means to have a better understanding of other worlds. …… Maybe if I touch Galatea or Soji’s furnace, I can get new information again.

“But is this a weapon? Is it like a bow that shoots bullets?”

“You’ll understand when you actually try it. By the way, only the first person to touch the gun can use it. It should be a powerful weapon that only a master can use.”

“A powerful weapon… for me, who can’t use a sword or magic…”

I held up the gun to try it out, pointed it at the wall and pulled the trigger. Fortunately, the World Library had taught me how to use it. With a tremendous roar, the bullet shot out and made a big hole in the wall.

“What the hell…?”

I broke out in a cold sweat as I held the gun that was still smoking in my hand. It’s more powerful than a bow and doesn’t require chanting like magic. The best part is that even though I’ve never used one before and I’m not very strong, the bullets went straight where I wanted them to.

This could be the power to change the world. I don’t need to use magic to create something like this. If I combine the knowledge of this other world with the knowledge of this world…, I will be able to…

“Hey, what kind of world do you want to see Galatea?”

“Well…, I want to see the world that Master will create. I’m curious to see what kind of city Master will build using the knowledge of my father’s world. I’m sure you’ll create a lively city where everyone can smile.”

“I see… you do care about what kind of city I will create…”

That’s right, weapons aren’t the only knowledge that Souzi left behind. Then I should use my knowledge and the knowledge of his world to see what I can do and what kind of city I can build.

I’m sure the knowledge gained will be the power to revolutionize the world … the world’s industry.

“Hey, I just heard a great noise, what’s going on? What the hell is this place?”

Vigna also came, perhaps having been alerted to the strange sound of the gun. And Bowman… …… Seriously, I don’t think he even heard the noise. He was mumbling something while using the furnace.

When I looked at Vigna and Bowman, who had followed me into exile, and Galatea, who had entrusted me with her father’s legacy, I made up my mind.

“Listen up everyone, I’m going to build my city here, and I’m going to do so using the knowledge of another world.”

And so my story began. For now, though, I have to do something about food, clothing, and shelter.


Territory Information

Residents: 3 (Galatea added)

Otherworldly Comprehension Level 2

(Able to understand the kind of things touched and how to handle them, as well as how they can be used if they are low level, when exposed to raw materials)

Technology: Cast iron technology from another world

: Recognition of the existence of guns.

: Recognition of the existence of robots.

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