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Chapter 70: Finals Day 1

"Now, we will start the final round of the park battle!"

With 16 of us lined up in the middle of the arena, it was finally announced that the finals would begin.

"These 16 finalists!"

Each person was called by name and grade. Apparently it's just me, Sophie and Shana from first year.

"The first match will start immediately!"

And with that announcement, those who would not participate in the first match left the arena.

"First match! Garry Millard vs. Zeros Adolfo, begin!"

I’m in the first match. Sophie is in the 7th and Shana is in the 8th match. Why am I always the first?


"Uooo !!"

The moment it started, the opponent rushed in while yelling. The opponent is a guy with a big sword. I dodged his attacks many times, but he’s full of gaps since he doesn’t swing his sword as quickly as the knight captain. So I stepped on the big sword the moment it hit the ground and hit the guy's stomach.


The final rounds also use a practice sword, but it’s a metal mock sword with just a dull blade so it’ll usually hurt when hit. I pulled out the big sword that was stuck in the ground, and placed it on his neck while he was holding his belly.

"The match is over! Winner! Zeros Adolfo!"

"" Waah ~~~~ !!! ""

The audience were excited. It took less than 5 minutes, but it still seemed to be fun for the viewers.

"Thank you for your hard work, Zero ni-sama."

"good job"

"You two should also do your best."



When I returned to the waiting room, Sophie and Shana called out to me. The guy who fought against me couldn't stand up, so he was taken to the treatment center by stretcher.

"Next, we will start the second match!"

Then the matches went on and on, and Sophie's seventh match came.

"7th Match! Sophia Adolfo vs. Levanda Spurge Begins!"

Sophie's opponent was a guy with a one-handed sword and a small shield. The moment he was Sophie was dressed in a robe suited for a mage, he dashed towards her.



"Wind ball"



"Out of bounds! The match is over! Winner! Sophia Adolfo!"

"" Wow !!!! ""

Sophie ended up driving her opponent out of the field with magic. It was decided quickly, but that's how most magic vs. weapon matches go. It was the same in the other matches. It was a game of speed, whether the magic was released first or the weapon came within reach first.

"Good job Sophie"


"Good luck Shana"


"Next, we will start the final 8th match of today!"

At the same time as the announcement, Shana headed for the arena.

"8th Match! Corina Gilliam vs. Shana Lingalia Begins!"


Shana's opponent, which was a girl, cast a spell the moment it started.

"What? Where !?"

When the fireball hit the ground and the smoke cleared, Shana was nowhere to be seen.

"Back…" (Shana)


While she was frantically looking around, Shana placed the mock sword on her neck from behind.

"I give up…"

"The match is over! Winner! Shana Lingalia!"

"" Wha ~~~~ !!! ""

And the match was over. Shana is hard to find once she’s hidden.

"Good job"

"Thank you for your hard work"


And since it was over for the day, I, Sophie, and Shana went home.

"See you tomorrow, Shana."

I greeted Shana as we were splitting up, but they were staring at each other.

"I won't lose tomorrow ..."

"I’m going to win"

That said, we broke up with Shana.

"'Who do you root for, Zero ni-sama?”

"Hmm... I’m not rooting for either of you?”

"Huh? You're not rooting for either of us?”

Sophie was probably expecting me to say I support both of them.

"I've seen all the matches today and it looks like the only two people I might lose to are Sophie and Shana, so for me it's best if you both lose.”

I can't say for sure because some people may have hidden their power, but I'm not likely to lose except to Sophie and Shana. Besides, Sophie and Shana know my abilities to some extent, which is also troublesome.

"Then I also hope Zero will lose."

"I'm second to none until the final."

"Would you lose in the final?"

"Of course not."

"I see"

We went home talking about what. And in my heart, I was predicting whether Sophie or Shana would win. I think the difference between the two will be how far Sophie is willing to go.

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