Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Orientation

“This is the end of the orientation.”

The orientation ended in less than an hour. As for the content, there are many coming events. I’m particularly passionate about the park battle and the inter-school battle.

In this world, there are four different places to live for humans, beastmen, elves, and dwarves. If the place where humans live is north, there are beastmen in the west, elves in the south, and dwarves in the east. 

There are boundaries for each race, and it’s difficult to move to a place where another race lives. And there’s a huge deep forest between the four races, there are rumors that there are demons and dragons there, but the monsters that appear deep in the forest are at least A-ranked and there are so many of them that no one has ever gone deep into the forest and returned, so we don’t know if the rumors are true or not.

And in the territory of humans, there are four countries, including the one we live in. However, unlike the movement between races, it’s easy for humans to move from country to country.

Back to the topic at hand, the park battle is fought within the school. It seems that you can choose to participate in it. And in the inter-school battle, the person who comes out on top in the park battle will represent this country and fight against the representatives of the school students from other countries.

By the way, it seems that this country is always fighting for 3rd or 4th place in the battle against other schools. However, when Andrei was in 4th grade, he was able to reach 2nd place. So it seems they want us to aim for second place, such low ambition …….

“Let’s finish with introductions.”

It was decided to end the day with introductions.

“Then, please give us your name, special magic, weapons to use, etc. in order of attendance number from Miss Claudia.”


And Claudia started to introduce herself.

“Um, my name is Claudia Aleora. My specialty is recovery magic. The weapon I use is a shield. Thank you …”

Is a shield a weapon? I was thinking about that, but people around me are talking about how great her magic is to be able to break the target even though her specialty is recovery magic. Did they make friends with the neighbors while we were late?

“I’m Zeros Adolfo. My favorite magic is fire magic, and my favorite weapon is a sword. Nice to meet you.”

It’s plain, but this is fine, isn’t it?

After that, Sophie and Shana introduced themselves safely. And everyone’s self-introduction was finished without delay.

“Today’s orientation is over. Don’t forget to come tomorrow as it’s a school day.”

Today is a fire day, and there’s school on water, wind, and earth days, light and dark days are free. Since we go to school for 4 days and take a rest for 2 days, it’s better than the original world.

“Miss Claudia”


“Sorry, can I have some time?”

“Yes, yes …”

I talked to Claudia to apologize as everyone was about to leave.

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