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School & Adventurer Arc

Chapter 33: 12 years old

"Haah ..."

"Don't sigh, concentrate!"


Now, under the supervision of Sophie, I’m studying for the entrance examination for admission to school one month later. There’s a reason why Sophie’s strictly watching me study just before the exam. I didn't want to spend time studying because the title of prodigy had the effect of making it easier to raise level and skill level only until I was 12 years old.

"I can get in with just practical skills ..."

"It's you brother who would be shamed by your low academic ability, right?"


There's a written test and a practical test to enter the royal academy. The score is 100 points for the written test, 100 points for the weapon section of the practical test, and 100 points for the magic section, for a total of 300 points. It varies slightly depending on the year, but it seems that if you get a total of 150 points or more, you will almost certainly be able to enroll. I've been working hard for the last two years, and I think I'll get more than 150 points in the weapons and magic categories.


And this is the status that’s the result of working hard for two years.

[Name] Zeros Adolfo

[Race] Human race

[Age] 12

[Level] 40 (20UP)

[HP] 430/430 (200UP)

[MP] 430/430 (200UP)

[Attack] 209 (100UP)

[Defense] 182 (90UP)

[Agility] 230 (121UP)

[Magic Attack] 209 (100UP)

[Magical Defense] 168 (82UP)

[Intelligence] 209 (100UP)


・ Arithmetic Lv.7 (1UP) ・ Etiquette Lv.6 (2UP)

・ Riding Lv.3 (New) ・ Dismantling Lv.6 (New)

・ Crisis detection Lv.6 (3UP) ・ Swordsmanship Lv.7 (3UP)

・ Martial arts Lv.6 (2UP) ・ Throwing Lv.3

・ Stealth Lv.5 (2UP) ・ Stealth Leg Lv.5 (2UP)

・ Night Eye Lv.3 (New) ・ Provocation Lv.4 (New)

・ Fire magic Lv.6 (2UP) ・ Wind magic Lv.6 (2UP)


・ Water magic Lv.6 (3UP) ・ Earth magic Lv.2 (New)

・ Magic operation Lv.7 (2UP) ・Chant ommission Lv.4 (New)

・ Fire resistance Lv.4 (2UP) ・ Wind resistance Lv.4 (2UP)

・ Water resistance Lv.4 (2UP) ・ Soil resistance Lv.4 (2UP)

・ Lightning resistance Lv.1 ・ Ice resistance Lv.3 (New)

・ Telepathy Lv.4 (2UP)

[Unique skill]

・ Thunder magic Lv.7 (3UP) ・ Ice magic Lv.4 (New)

・ High-speed reflex Lv.8 (3UP) ・ Parallel thinking Lv.4 (3UP)

・ Disguised Lv.MAX ・ Enchantment

・ Magic Slash Lv.5 (3UP) ・ Shukuchi Lv.4 (New)

[Extra skills]

・ [Title] Collection


・ Reincarnated

・ Rare magic user


・ Late bloomer (New)

・ Former child prodigy (New)


・ Nine deaths

・ Ikki Tousen

・ Hyakusen Renma (New)

・ Ishin denshin

・Insomnia (New)

・ Kasumi Senden (New)

・ Gekokujo

・ Dual wield

・ Bugs natural enemy

・ Goblin killer

・ Wolf killer

・ Orc killer (New)

I got the night eye when I was hunting monsters at midnight. The effect was it’s easy to see even in the dark.

And provocation. This was surprisingly convenient. Provocation is a skill that can attract the attention of monsters. So it's easier to hunt monsters cause I can keep Sophie out of their awareness.

For the time being, I thought it would be better to use the magic of the four basic attributes, so I tried my best to learn earth magic. However, it seems my compatibility isn’t good, and the skill level didn’t rise at all.

I was able to acquire a second unique skill magic, ice magic. And the ice magic was taught to me by Sophie. When I got covered in a lot of demon blood on a hot day, I asked Sophie to clean it up with water magic, and the water from the water magic was cold and felt good. I hadn't even thought about doing it, but apparently, you can change the temperature of the water in the water magic at will. I tried it, but it didn't change at all. It seemed I needed to get the hang of it, and after three months of working hard every day, I was able to change the temperature, and after another month, I was able to freeze water with water magic and acquired ice magic. Since then when the two of us went hunting together, Sophie began to use ice magic more often.

Another new unique skill Shukuchi was acquired at the same time as the title Kasumi Senden {TN: Shukuchi basically means rapid movement and Kasumi Senden mean lightning flash}. 

Shukuchi is a skill that allows you to move within 10 meters in an instant. However, it has a weakness which is you can only move in a straight line.  I was abusing Shukuchi in a mock battle with Sophie without noticing its weakness, she read the destination and hit me with magic normally. And the title, Kasumi Senden, is so excellent that it can be said to be my best achievement in the last two years. It always increases agility by 1.1 times. At first I thought it was useless, but as the status went up, the increase went up as well, so it was a very effective title.

Finally, child prodigy has become former child prodigy ... Its effect is a tenth of child prodigy's before the change. It's become much weaker ... And late bloomer is the opposite of precocious, which makes it easier to raise levels from level 75 to 100 and skill levels from 7 to 10. Hyakusen Renma  {TN: Hundred battles} were a change from 100 battles and 100 wins, and the effect itself was a little higher. And insomnia was a very obvious effect which is it’s okay to act without sleep.

"Look! You lost concentration again!"


Looking back on the past two years of hard work, I couldn't help but stop. And the demon stones, skins, and meat from the demons we killed were sold to a peddler who came to town so we could get our gear together. I don't really care about entering the school, but I'm looking forward to becoming an adventurer!



I was studying hard now to become an adventurer.

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