Chapter 249

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Chapter 249: The Beast King


After I finished explaining what happened in my finals, Urza and Carina wanted to see my beastification up close with sparkling eyes. I had nothing to hide, so I beastified and put out my fox ears and tail. I even had a mock fight with two of them in that state, and after the two of them I had a mock fight with the others. Now I was taking a break from the others. I was a little tired from the continuous battle and let out a deep breath.

“Zeros, you got a minute?”


Bequa said to me in a voice that no one could hear. He took me with him and we quietly left the training ground together.

“If we leave for too long, it’ll look suspicious, so we’ll finish early.”

Bequa said this to me first. He didn’t want anyone else to know what we were about to talk about.

“I’m certain there are things you didn’t tell us. I’m not going to say anything about that. But I know a lot about beasts. I think I know what kind of beast you signed up with.”

I’m certain Bequa knows that I made a contract with the Beast King. Well…it’s hard to hide it from him.

“I think there are other beastmen who can tell, since I can probably tell. And with beast armor and beastification, that alone would make them think that you have a lot of beastman blood in you.”

Indeed, it’s usually thought that it’s elves who can contract with spirits and beastmen who can contract with beasts. Maybe there’s a way for beasts as well as spirits to make a contract using magic circles or other means regardless of race, but I don’t know.

“The Beastman king is decided in a battle every few years. The only qualification to participate in it is that you must be strong enough to use beast armor and beastification. It’s originally intended for people who can use armor and beastification. In other words, even you can participate.”

With that qualification, unfortunately, even I would be able to participate in the battle to decide who the king of beastmen will be.

“If the beastmen find out about you, they might almost force you to join, so be careful. Of course, I’ll make sure they don’t, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to keep them from doing so. Just be on your guard.”


With that, Bequa started walking toward the practice field. I thought I was almost out of worry about becoming king of the elves, but now it’s king of the beastmen…….



Bequa said as he put his hand on the door of the training ground and turned around abruptly.

“If you want to be the king of the beastmen, I’ll help you join in, okay? Of course I’ll be in the fight, and I don’t intend to lose!”

“Rest assured I have no intention of becoming king!”

“I see!”

And Bequa walked into the training ground laughing. I have no intention of becoming king of the beastmen.

“What did you and Bequa talk about?”

Sophie asked me when we came home from the practice field. She knew what was going on with me, so there was no harm in telling her.

“It’s a secret.”

But I said that as a bit of a joke.

“Okay…I won’t ask you any more questions…”

“Eh! I’ll tell you! Don’t cry like that!”

I said that in jest, but Sophie said so with tears streaming down her face. So I hurriedly apologized.

“Yes! Then please talk to me.”

“You were pretending?”

Sophie said so calmly that I wondered what her tears were about. It seemed that what she did before was a fake cry. I was completely fooled.

“Water magic is very useful, isn’t it?”

“Water magic?”

How can she express tears from her eyes with water magic? Where did she learn how to use that! I’m not capable of such detailed manipulation.

I told Sophie what Bequa had told me while being stunned by the useless precise manipulation.

“After elves, then the beastmen…huh……”

“That’s right….”

Sophie gave a final sigh. And now she is looking very troubled.

“As long as we don’t go to beastmen country, it’s not a problem… but maybe one day we may have to.”

“I see.”

Probably not in the same way as going to the elven village, but I have a feeling we’ll be going there.

“Well, it’s easy this time because all you have to do is join that fight and lose, right?”


Even if they force me to compete, all I have to do is lose, so that’s not a problem. I’d like to believe that there’s no problem.

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  1. Well, rather the order should be Elves, Demons, then Beastmen. After all the ruler of Demons tried to make him her mate, which would make him the ruler of Demons by extension.

  2. Thanks for the chapters. finish my binge reading cant wait for the next session

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