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Chapter 232: The Second Day of Garden battle

The first match of the second day is about to begin!

The second day of the garden's main competition is about to begin. Following Shana, my next opponent is Elira.

“Match 1! Zeros Adolfo versus Elira Almerek!”

"Spirit Zeal Descend! Lightning Triple Enchantment, Lightning Armor."

“Spirit Descent."

As soon as the match began, Elira did a spirit descent. She then held out a stick. This time, she doesn’t have a rapier. In case you are wondering, the use of magic rings and other magical tools within the stage is prohibited. If she uses them, she’ll be eliminated immediately. In other words, it is unlikely that Elira will ever use a rapier.

“Lightning Shrink.”

When you don't have a weapon, it's like saying you're not good at close combat. So I approached with lightning shrink and swung my sword at Elira.



“I got you."

The sword that hit Elira slipped through as she transformed into water. I know that the spirit descent can change your body into the attribute of that spirit. But I don't even know if I can do that yet. Maybe that's why I didn't think Elira could use it. I was completely caught off guard.

The moment she turned into water, she stretched out her water arm and wrapped it around my body. Then she returned to her original form.

I hurriedly tried to blow away the water that was wrapped around me with spirit magic, but the lightning didn’t flow through the water. Looking closely, I saw that there was also a thin film of water around Elira. Apparently, her lightning countermeasures are perfect. If this is the case, the lightning grip I had on Shana would be meaningless.

I hurriedly dropped black lightning from above. However, Elira's spirit magic preparation was quicker than that. I was blown away by the mass of water that she released.

"That hurts..."

As soon as I was blown away and the distance between me and Elira opened up, the water that had been wrapped around me disappeared. I took a passive stance and stood up quickly and fluidly, and when I looked at her, she looked distressed. By the way, she seemed to have dodged the black lightning. I think Elira is probably in pain because she consumed a lot of magic power with the one that turned her body into water. The reason why I thought so is because the water film was gone and her spirit descent was also unstable, which I could tell from the high-speed magic sensing.

“Lightning Dragon."

With the spirit magic, I brought out three dragons made of lightning. I sent them all at once toward Elira. I thought about using lightning grip, but I was out of range since we were both at the edge of the stage right now. Even though I was running low on magic power, after seeing what I had just seen, I decided it would be dangerous to challenge her to a close quarter battle.

“Water Dragon!"

Elira canceled her spirit descent and released a water version of my lightning dragon. But there was only one of them, and it was about two times smaller than mine.

“The match is over! Winner! Zeros Adolfo!”

Elira's water dragon was pushed aside by my lightning dragons. She was hit by one of my lightning bolts and was thrown offstage.

“What does this mean? There’s almost no damage even though everything went according to plan.”

As I got off the stage, Elira immediately came over to me and swore at me.

“I'm going to evolve fast too, so next time I'm sure I'll win."

And with that, she left. If she had evolved to a higher level, the power of that spirit magic would have been much more powerful. If that had happened, it might have been a close call.

“The second match will now begin!”

And as we left, Bequa's match began. Of course, he won without any problem. So all the morning matches were over. Then the afternoon match began.

“Game three will now begin!”


“Game three! Claudia Areola versus Carina Luquiwell!”

The match between Claudia and Carina began. By the way, I am watching the match with Shana. I’m sure that Bequa and Elira are probably watching from a different place.

The match was at Claudia's pace from start to finish. She was using her magic well to keep Carina away from her. Carina seemed to be unable to hit her and turn off her magic like Bequa did, and she was doing her best to deal with the magic.

However, Carina suddenly started running toward Claudia in desperation. She was hit by magic several times, but she reached Claudia and attacked Claudia as if scratching her.

However, Claudia was surrounded by light magic barriers, so Carina was unable to inflict any damage. Then, at close range, Claudia's magic hit her and Carina shifted offstage.

“The match is over! Winner! Claudia Areola."

The third match ended with Claudia winning.

“We’ll now begin the fourth match!”

“Game four! Beginning Urza Luquiwell versus Sophie Adolfo!"

And so began the final match of the second day between Urza and Sophie. I thought the match would be similar to the third match earlier, but it wasn’t. Sophie enchanted and challenged Urza to a close encounter. She skillfully moved her mace to block all of Urza's attacks. And if Urza showed even the slightest opening, she attacked.

“The match is over! Winner! Sophie Adolfo!”

The match ended at Sophie's pace for the entire match. Urza could do little. Sophie glanced at me before getting off the stage.


I understood what she was trying to say because of the mind-reading technique. Sophie seemed to want to challenge me to a close encounter. If the spirit use is blocked, I'm going to lose if I'm forced to stay in close combat for too long. Because then I would have no supply of magic power. But I think it's better than fighting at a distance with my magic blocked. Well, what should I do?

With this, the main battle in the garden on the second day was over. And now I'm going to Gladden's to pick up my sword. I headed alone to the hut where Gladden was.


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