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Chapter 216: Suspicion


“What is it?"

“Could it be that this whole situation is meant to use me as a wall?”

"......It just happened."

“You took time to answer.”

I started this conversation about an hour after I started pouring the magic. The handle itself is not hot, which is fine, but the main body of the blast furnace is incredibly hot. That heat hits me directly. It’s cooled down by Sophie, who is attached to me immediately. So it's not hot, but it's still somewhat hot.

“It can't be helped at all.”

Sophie said, and the heat that was hitting me was gone.


“I've put up a thin barrier, so you won't have to worry anymore.”

“If you could have done that, then you should have done it from the beginning.”

The magic high-speed sensing revealed that Sophie's magic was light magic.

"I feel like being mean to the people I like."

“What are you, an elementary school child?”

I said this in a whisper so that Gladden and the others couldn’t hear me.

“Maybe your fire-resistant skills have increased.”


I sighed. I don't think she did it on purpose to raise my skill level of fire resistance. I'm a little concerned about something.

“Sophie you’re not hot?”

“Yes. My fire resistance skill level is 4, so I’m not hot at all.”

Sophie is also holding the handle, so one arm is right next to the furnace.

“Come to think of it, your pre-evolutionary fire resistance skill level was 8, wasn't it? Why are you hot?"

''Well...You can definitely answer that.''

“Yes. The skill level was lowered...no, from the way you felt hot, it must have been 1.”

Putting aside how she knew my skill level before evolution, did Sophie suspect that my skill level had dropped?

“Since when did you suspect?"

“That your skill level had dropped in many ways? That was when you used the ice magic and thunderbolt magic while fighting me. I thought it was strange when the ratio of ice to thunderbolt magic was too low.”

“You’re quick to suspect..."

It seems that Sophie found out that my skill level had dropped earlier than I thought.

“By the way, with your ice magic skill level before you evolved, you could still at least cool yourself.”



I guess I was scythed from there. By now, it would have been only a matter of time before I would have been found out, even if she didn't suspect it during the sibling fight.

“I just want to complain to the goddess that my skill level has dropped, but I don't think it's that important."

“Oh, is that so?”

Well, I didn't mind finding out that my skill level had been lowered, but I didn't think Sophie thought so too. But then, why did she have to go through all that trouble to find out?

“This is just my guess, but listen. The fact that you evolved into a strange species wouldn't have been as hard to do as it would have been to get your skill level down to one. Because all you had to do was force the races to match. It shouldn’t be that hard work. However, if you had acquired extra skills other than the evolved skills or the Thunder Beast Spirit King's race characteristic skills, it would’ve cost you enough to lower your skill level.”


When I heard that much, I knew what Sophie wanted to make sure of, indeed. Oh, didn't she say something about my race being a strange race?

“In other words, you want to uncover that enchanted skill.”

“Yes! Since you didn't want to tell me, I thought I'd uncover it on my own.”

“Why do you want to uncover it so badly...?”

It’s true that Sophie might have lost because of the God’s thunderbolt.  Oh, I think it's normal because it's Sophie. No, even if it wasn't Sophie, she would want to know why she lost.

“Before you evolved, I could see all your skills in the appraisal.”

“...For real?"



It seems that my status was being penetrated.

“But when you evolved, your status became invisible. Maybe your disguise evolved. By the way, when I evolved, my disguise didn’t evolve. In other words, that god went to the trouble of evolving your disguise to hide that skill from me. In other words, that god has a secret that is only between her and my brother. I don't like that at all.”

“So, in a nutshell?"

''It means that I don't like the fact that someone other than me is sharing your secret without me.”

“I see. That is a very Sophie-like reason. This reason is more persuasive than the reason being you want to reveal the identity of the skill that caused you to lose the fight.”

“But I can guess the name of the skill. The enchantment is lightning, and it’s a gift from God. So the skill name would be something like 'thunder god,' divine thunder,' or God’s lightning?'"

Amazing...she guessed one correct answer.... Sophie's insight is quite amazing.

“I understand that your skill name is divine thunder and I'll let you off the hook for today. Please tell me more about that skill sometime.”

“What made you think it was divine thunder?”

“When I said it, your body went rigid for a moment. I know everything about you.”

“I can't hide anything from you, Sophie....”

Maybe it was a mistake for me to try to hide things from Sophie in the first place. But the good thing about Sophie is that she doesn't force me to tell her secrets. If she says something like “ if you don’t tell me, I'll kill myself!” I would have to tell her.

By the way, I thought about explaining the divine lightning in detail, but I decided not to. Sophie‘s too perceptive, so if I explained in detail, she might realize that it was the thing that killed me in my previous life. I didn't want to cause Sophie unnecessary worry, so I decided to keep quiet for a while.

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