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Chapter 63: The Dark Spirit is a Good Spirit 

As soon as Tauro arrived the next morning, he went to the guild to accept a quest to collect medicinal herbs and entered the forest.

On the way to the shrine, he collected the herbs he needed for the quest as well as the rare herbs he could occasionally find.

When he arrived at the shrine, using his sense presence, he confirmed that there was no one inside and went in.

As usual, there was a thick gathering of dark spirits inside.

Like he did yesterday, he used the magic “purification” to break the curse of the round stone on the altar. He tried to break the curse of the round stone on the altar with the same magic “Purify” as yesterday.

Tauro hadn’t thought about the effect of concentration on “purification” before, but now rather than just chanting a large number of times, he tried to put his mind into each chant.


The black spheres of the dark spirits surrounding the round stone moved closer to the stone.

It seemed to have an effect. 

He chanted it again as if he were trying to remember

He continued to do this for a long time, using the magic recovery potion.

After half a day, he was exhausted.

His stomach was full of water.

The dark spirits were getting closer to the round stone of the altar, but something was still holding them back.

I’ll come back tomorrow and try again. Tauro thought as he left the shrine.

For the next few days, Tauro continued to go to the shrine and chant “purification” on the round stone on the altar.

Bob also noticed that Tauro had been going to the shrine for a while now, but he concentrated on killing the Monsters around the shrine.

He thought that the safety of the village was the priority right now.

That day, Tauro took a different route than usual to collect herbs, and when he arrived at the shrine, he immediately began to chant “Purification”.

Although he had been doing it for a long time, he had begun to feel something in the magic of purification, a ceiling above him, or something that was not the original power.

Perhaps this was the limit of his ability.

As he was chanting “Purification” in distress, the moment suddenly came.

The moment he chanted “Purification” for the last time, he felt something like a thin film of glass break, and he jumped.

Then, as if in response, the dark spirits that had gathered thickly around him entered the round stone as if they were being sucked into it.

It was the next moment.

“Confirmed one of the conditions for activating special skill [&%$#] <Savior of the dark spirit> [Dark Spirit Magic Restriction Removal] is obtained.”

The “Voice of the World” echoed in his brain.

“What? The one who rescued the Dark Spirit?”

“Yes, you saved me.”


Darkness gushed out from the round stone in front of him and took the form of a man, but it was only darkness, impervious to light.

“I am Pluto, the Spirit of Darkness, and I was cursed by this stone which I used as my abode and some of its power flowed into the village where I was worshipped. I thank you for lifting the curse.”

The darkness seemed to bow its head.

“I have no power now, but at least I can use dark spirit magic… Hmm, you already have dark magic… Then I will give you the Dark Spirit’s Blessing (Weak), which will strengthen your dark magic, make you more resistant to it and increase your magic power. It seems you have resistance to abnormalities, so if you combine it with that, you should be immune to dark magic’s psychological effects and ability reduction. I’m sorry, but this is all I can do for now.”

“No, it will be helpful. Thank you!”

“I’m glad to hear that. Then I’ll go out into the world for the first time in a while.”

Then the darkness moved and disappeared towards the entrance.

It was noon outside, so the light was strong.

Tauro was still stunned by the sudden turn of events, but he regained his composure.

If what the dark spirit said was correct, the curse on the village should have been lifted.

It would be as if a spirit-based magic had been cast.

If that was the case, then the situation would naturally improve as the days went by.

When Tauro left the shrine, Bob appeared.

“The stench is gone! Tauro, what did you do?”

“Well, I don’t know exactly, but it seems that the curse on the village has been lifted.”

“Is that so?”

“The spirit told me, so maybe.”


“The spirit who was troubled by the goblin sorcerer’s curse was grateful, so I think it’s okay.”

“So Tauro can talk to spirits too… that’s amazing…”

Bob was impressed, but he lost the point, so Tauro brought it back.

“Anyway, let’s go back to the village and check it out.”

“Yeah, sure!”

The two of them ran back to the village.

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