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Chapter 51: Life in Prison

The arrest warrant against Tauro was unjustified, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Leo, the branch chief, who had come out of his room after noticing the commotion was furious when he heard about the situation from the staff, he couldn’t let the territorial soldiers get their hands on Tauro.

The adventurers in the room did their best to stop them too.

“You know that resistance will not be tolerated and anyone who gets in the way will be arrested. Now give us Satou.”

Tauro was upset, but he didn’t want to cause any more trouble for the other adventurers.

He left his small sword to Nei and stepped forward.

“Then you are under arrest, Tauro Satou.”


In front of everyone, Tauro was shackled and his arms were taken from both sides by the territorial soldiers.

“Tauro, don’t worry! The guild will do everything in its power to get you out!”

Leo’s voice came from behind him as well as Nei’s sorrowful voice calling out for Tauro.

Tauro was to be locked up as a suspect.

The interrogations took place day and night.

“It’s a fact that your father is a bandit!”

The interrogator asked the same question for the umpteenth time.

“Even before that fact, I was a member of the guild as an adventurer. It was in the exploration quest just before the subjugation quest that I learned about it. In fact, I even reported it. I’m not a member of the bandits.”

“But your father escaped without being arrested. You must have let him escape.”

“I was in combat with other adventurers when he supposedly escaped.”

“You must have passed on the information!”


“If that were the case, the raid itself would have failed…”

“Shut up!”

Tauro was beaten as the interrogator yelled in an angry voice.

He kept repeating this.

When the situation became inconvenient, he would hit him to shut him up, then ask him questions again.

He also told him to admit his guilt so he would go easy on him.

But admitting his guilt would mean the death penalty. 

All banditry is punishable by death by hanging, as a rule.

Tauro’s heart was breaking, but he chose to endure, believing that Leo, Nei, and the other adventurers would help him.

When the interrogation was over at midnight, he was taken back to his cell.

It was an underground cell.

At first, it was dank, musty, and filthy, with rats and insects crawling all over the place, but Tauro cleaned it up using “purification”.

Noticing this, the sentry reattached special manacles to Tauro.

It was to seal off his magic power.

Thanks to this, he was now unable to use his magic storage and could not find any good food.

After a short sleep on the cold stone pavement, the interrogation began at dawn.

He was beaten again in the morning.

Tauro was in a constant state of fresh wounds.

The guild leader Leo’s direct appeal to the Viscount was in vain and the days passed by.

Paul, the head of the Saïsi branch of the Garfish Chamber of Commerce, who learned of Tauro’s arrest, also took action.

He wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and sent a fast horse to the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce to ask for help in the capital.

King’s Landing.

Two weeks had passed since Tauro’s arrest.

Murdai Garfish was in a room in the royal palace.

It was the office of the Prime Minister.


He’d finally managed to get an appointment with the Prime Minister today, after throwing around the connections and money of the Garfish Trading Company.

“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me, His Excellency the Prime Minister, Duke Barriera.”

“No need to preface it. I’m busy, so please tell me what you need in one minute. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, but I have little time to spare.”

“Yes, sir! It’s about Tauro Satou-dono.”

“Satou-dono? Oh, it’s been a while. How is he doing?”

“Tauro has been arrested for a crime he did not commit and is being held in jail. He needs your help.”

“What? Give me the details. Officer in charge, adjust the schedule!”

The Prime Minister said and handed the assigned documents to his subordinates.

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