Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Arrival at the Royal Capital

On the seventh day after their departure from the city of Saïsi, in the early afternoon, Paul’s carriage at the front slowed down as the second carriage in which Tauro was riding approached.

“Tauro-kun, you can see the royal capital from here.”

Tauro peered out of the carriage at the road ahead, blocking the sunlight with his hand.

What he saw was a seemingly endless wall in the distance, with lines stretching from side to side like the horizon.

“The walls are much longer than that of Saisi.”

“If you get closer, you’ll see how high they are.”

As they approached the royal capital, they could see the royal castle rising up on a small hill behind the walls.

“This is the royal capital, huh? I’m already getting nervous.”

Tauro cringed at the thought of having to teach Reversi to the people who lived there, the ruling nobility.

When he reached the gate of the royal city, he was overwhelmed by its size and height.

Looking up at it made his neck ache.

Tauro and the members of the D-rank adventurer team “Red Flash”, who had never been to the capital before, were looking at it with their mouths hanging open when Meena pointed out that they should close their mouths.

Everyone else laughed, but for a first timer, it was hard not to be surprised.

They didn’t need permission to go through the castle gates.

The gates are open during the day, but the main gates are open at night as well.

As expected, the gates of the royal castle are closed at night, but Tauro was still surprised.

Once they passed through the gates, they were in a different world.

In the city of Saïshi, there were only two-story buildings at most and the only buildings larger than that were the lords’ residences and the main facilities of the city, but here, there were three- and four-story buildings lined up side by side.

Tauro had lived in a city in his previous life, so it shouldn’t have been too surprising, but he couldn’t help but compare it to the city of Saïsi.

What’s more, it’s a melting pot of different races and beings. In the city of Saïsi, he had only seen beast adventurers and Angus, a dwarf blacksmith, but here, there were many races he had never seen before.

The only one Tauro recognized immediately was an elf.

“I’m heading to the chamber of commerce headquarters, please follow me!”

Paul leaned forward from the carriage’s driver’s stand and called out to Tauro and the others behind him.

“Yes, sir!”

They replied in a loud voice, then leaned over the back of the carriage and announced it again in a loud voice.

A small voice would have been drowned out by the hustle and bustle of the capital.

The five arrows, the red flash, and Meena, who had been walking alongside the carriage, each nodded and moved behind the carriage to begin walking.

The roads in the royal capital are basically separate for carriages and people.

It’s also the case with the city of Saisi, but it was not clearly defined, only vaguely.

Tauro, overwhelmed by the unfamiliar atmosphere of the royal capital, headed with the group to the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce.

“Just in case, we will report the bandit incident to the Adventurer’s guild and complete the quest. You will be back in five days, right?”

The leader of the “Five Arrows” confirmed with Paul.

“Yes, please meet me here in the morning in five days.”

“Understood. What about the “Red Flash”?”

“We’ll go with you. We also want to finish the formalities.”

“What about you, Satou and Meena?”

“I’m going to help Paul and the others.”

“I’m guarding Tauro, so there’s no need for me to go.”

“Okay then, let’s split up.”

With that, the “Five Arrows” and the “Red Flash” quickly left.

“The Five Arrows have really gotten used to King’s Landing, haven’t they?”

Tauro was impressed and asked Meena about it.

“They’ve done this kind of quest many times. So have I.”

“Is it something you have to get used to?”

“Only at the beginning. It’s a big place, so if you get lost, you can use the tower of the castle as a landmark.”

Meena pointed towards the royal castle where there was a tall tower.

“You got lost, didn’t you, Meena?”

“Yes, I was trying to get to the Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters, but I got lost for half a day and finally noticed that tower.”

Tauro didn’t know if Meena was actually being serious or joking, but he felt that the distance between them had shortened.

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