Chapter 222

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Chapter 222: at the Resting Pavilion

Tauro, Aeris, and Ankh ended up having a quiet dinner.

Then Ragune happened to visit the restaurant.

“I didn’t know you were all here. What a coincidence!”

Saying this, Ragune sat down beside Ankh.

“I’ll have the Miso Vegetable Stir-Fry Set Meal, please!”

Ragune stopped an employee and ordered.

‘That’s unusual. You always eat at the “Dwarf Inn”.  And it’s also stir-fried vegetables with miso.

Aeris pointed out, surprised at Ragune’s change.

“Well, that’s…. When I returned to the village, the chief scolded me for gaining weight…. Damn, kill me….”

Haha… I knew he would be angry with her….

Tauro, Aeris, and Ankh laughed inwardly.

“Oh yes, I have a little present for you two…”

When Tauro said so, he took out the magic spear and the great magic sword he had just made from his magic storage and handed them over.

“Th-This is… It’s not just a spear… Is it a magic spear!?”

Ragune took it, grasped the hilt, and noticed the power contained within it.

“For Ragune’s spear, I used the Ogre’s magic stone, which increases Ragune’s own durability and gives the spear an earth attribute, and I can’t go into detail, but it also has a ‘recovery and regeneration’ feature, so a few spills will be restored.”

“I wonder if there are any spears with that kind of performance in the Dragon People’s treasury…”

Ragune’s hands trembled at the sudden light-hearted and super first-class gift.

“Next, is Ankh’s great sword…”

“Hey, hey, hey! Wait a minute, leader! This is not the kind of gift you’d expect to be handed lightly at the dinner table!”

Ankh was unsettled by Tauro’s unexpected present.

“Oh, come on, Ankh, calm down. It’s a pretty impressive piece of work, so let me explain. The sword is made from the magic stone of the gryphon, which increased the blade’s sharpness by applying wind magic to the main body, and also increases Ankh’s own agility. This sword also has recovery and regeneration, so you can cut your enemies without worrying about the blade chipping.”

“When I hear about the performance, I’m even more unsettled….if you give me something like this, I won’t be able to sleep at night ….”

Ankh mentioned a real problem.

“Both of them have appraisal inhibitors on them, so others can’t know their ability. And since they were made to be used exclusively by the two of you, I don’t think they would cut or pierce very well if someone else used them.”

“What extravagant specifications…! Normally, it’s an item that would be passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom…”

Ragune let out a sigh as she looked at the spear carefully.

“ I made it with the image of identifying an individual at the genetic level, so perhaps it could be used by descendants as well. I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know.”



The two were unfamiliar with the words, and there was a question mark above their heads, but anyway, they somehow understood how amazing it was.

“…But is it really okay for me to receive something like this? I have nothing to give you anything in return…”

Ankh also let out a few words as he looked at the great magic sword he was given from top to bottom.

“That’s right. I am in Tauro’s debt. I owe tauro so much that I should be the one to give him something, but I can’t accept something like this…”

“I told you I don’t care about gratitude. We are friends, and if we can help each other, that’s enough.”

Aeris nodded at Tauro’s words.

“…I’m overwhelmed. I thought it was my job to protect you, but… Okay, I’ll do my best.”

“…I’m going to say it because it’s the perfect timing. I want you all to make a blood pact with me!”

Ragune offered, her face reddening, as she had gathered up the courage to say it.

“Ah, the one you used to talk about?”

It’s something that seems to be a sign of true companionship for Ragune, which Tauro and Aeris have always been interested in.

“The one?”

Ankh did not know, so he asked back.

“I’ve only ever made blood pacts with my own kind, to be honest. That’s why you all are so special. Kill me…!”

She was embarrassed, and her usual habit came out.

“I’m glad to hear that, because it means you’ve recognized us as true friends. Then let’s make a blood pact. How do we do that?”

“It’s easy. All we have to do is cut each other on the palm of our hands, let the blood drip into the other’s mouth, and then shake hands with each other. We Dragon People are accustomed to come to the aid of those with whom we have exchanged hands when in danger.”

“…heavy. But I get it! Then let’s make a blood pact with Ragune.”

Tauro and the others cut their palms with knives and made a blood pact with Ragune one by one.

Then came the Miso Vegetable Stir-Fry Set meal that Ragune had ordered.

“Here you go, the Miso Vegetable Set meal. Hurry up and eat everyone, or it’ll get cold!”

The employee’s words brought laughter from Tauro and the others.

“Then, let’s eat. Oh, before that, everyone needs to be treated with a potion.”

Tauro said, and everyone healed the wounds on their palms with the potion and began to eat.

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