Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: Suspicion Raised

The morning of the return home to the village of Dansas.

For some reason, there was a messenger appointed by count Dareder’s confidant and two people claiming to be escorts, and they decided to accompany them.

The Count Dareder’s confidant asked us to escort his men on our way back home, and the Adventurers’ Guild also asked us to be their escort.

On the other hand, if I refused, I would be unnecessarily suspected of something.

Or perhaps they already did.

The fact that Tauro hid the fact that he was the leader in yesterday’s farce may have aroused suspicion, and it is possible that he was suspected of having had something to do with the attempted assassination of Count Dareder under the guise of coincidence.

I didn’t go into detail about returning the curse, so that may have aroused even more suspicion.

Tauro, for his part, was beginning to regret the fact that his shallow tricks seemed to have aroused suspicion.

This is why it was so sudden, and Tauro could not help but feel that the messenger had some other intention.

The two men, including the messenger, seemed to be so skilled that they did not need to be escorted all the way to the village of Dansas.

On the way back to the village of Dansas, these two men took turns asking Tauro and the others various questions.

They went into their personal histories, including not only the current incident but also how long the ” Black Golden Wings” had been formed and what they had all been doing before that, which made Ankh look overtly uncomfortable.

“ I took on the escort, but I didn’t sign a contract to answer your questions, did I? I don’t know what you want to know, but it’s a rule among adventurers that we don’t pry too much. I don’t owe you any answers.”

It was a little funny coming from Ankh, the shortest adventurer in the group, but when he answered so clearly, the two messengers closed their mouths.

Aeris is also the daughter of a marquis, so she didn’t want to be disturbed by being pestered unnecessarily.

So she nodded to what Ankh had said.

When Tauro thought about it, he realized that all of their members have their reasons for being here, so once they are questioned, it may be no wonder that they are considered suspicious.

But when it comes to Count Dareder, things are different.

It was necessary to clear their suspicions.

Arriving at the village of Dansas around dusk, he introduced the “Rest Pavilion” to the two messengers, and Tauro and the others headed for the Adventurers’ Guild to make a report.

In a corner of the guild’s lobby, the client, Riryo, was waiting patiently.

When he noticed Tauro and the others entering the room, he rushed over to them.

“Everyone, were you able to solve it!?”

Riryo looked relieved to see Tauro and the others.

Tauro, on behalf of everyone, gave Riryo a full report of the case.

The assassination attempt on Count Dareder is top secret, but Riryo has the right to know.

“…… That’s how it happened! …… My father was involved in it. …… But thank you for avenging him! I’m glad you all accepted my request …….”

Riryo silently shed tears and thanked Tauro and the others.

“Ah, this is a gift from Count Dareder. Also, I think that a messenger from Count Dareder’s will visit Riryo-san’s house tomorrow, so please go home early today and report it to your mother.”

Tauro called out to the crying Riryo, who nodded, thanked him again, and went home to report the matter to his mother.

“I’d like to say this is the end of the matter, but if we don’t get rid of Count Dareder’s suspicions, we may be in for a whole lot of trouble.”

Aeris hit Tauro where it hurts.

“Yes, I know. This is my fault, so I’ll go see the messengers after this and tell them the truth.”

Tauro gave a wry smile and answered Aeris.

When Tauro went to the tavern of the “Resting Pavilion,” the Count’s messengers were buying drinks for the local adventurers and gathering information about themselves and their “Black Golden Wings.”

As expected, they seemed to be under suspicion.

When Tauro approached the messengers from behind, they were startled.

“Oh, oh, well, this is… ……. What can we do for you Mr. Leader?  you want to see us?”

You need something, too, right? That’s what Tauro thought, however, he did not want the Count to think that he was one of the assassins or worse, that he had made a wrong report, so he sat down across from the messengers and began to tell them everything.

The messengers thought what Tauro was saying sounded out of the ordinary.

“You mean to tell us that you taught our master Reversi as Lord Tauro? Ha ha ha ……. That’s another unbelievable story.”

He responded.

It would be hard for anyone else to believe, except perhaps Count Dareder himself, who knows what Tauro looks like.

I’m afraid I’m going to get a strange report, but I have nothing more to say since I have already told them the truth.

Tauro left the “Resting Pavilion” thinking that he would have to leave it to Count Dareder to decide what to do after hearing the report from these two.

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