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Chapter 210: A Quest with Many demands

One morning in the guild lobby.

As usual, Tauro and his friends were in front of the bulletin board where quests were posted.

“Ah, there's a quest for us!'

Aeris took one of the quests from the E- rank and showed it to everyone.

“Let's see, ....... Escort to and from the city of Dareder, organize and transport luggage, solve any problems that may arise, appraisal required?"

Tauro read out the quest offered to Aeris.

“What's that? That's a very demanding quest.”

Ankh said and peeked over Tauro to confirm it.


“I don't have an appraisal, does Tauro?”

Ragune also peeked out from Tauro's side and read the quest silently, then asked.

“Yes, I do have something like an appraisal, one that specializes in appraising things. That's the 'true eye' I described before."

"Oh, that thing that could appraise plants! Tauro has a variety of unusual abilities.  Compared to that, damn it, kill."

Ragune was in her usual habit of talking, but Tauro let it pass and asked everyone.

“The quest is going to take at least three days, including the round trip and the stay over there, so what should we do?”

“The reward is modest, but since we have leader and Ragune, transportation will be easy, and we can do the appraisal, we might as well take on the job."

Ankh said something plausible.

Our team would be the best choice for this Dansas branch for E-rank adventurers who are in line with the wishes of the client. Other teams may only escort the client in some cases, and they may have to spend more time looking for an appraiser over there.

This would naturally increase the burden on the client.

“Then, we’ll take care of this.”


With everyone's agreement, team "Black Golden Wings" decided to take on this highly demanding quest.

Tauro and his team went to the client immediately, who was surprised that there was someone who would accept it right away.

"No way, I didn't expect to find someone as soon as I put it out. There were many demands…"

The client, Riryo-san, seemed to be aware that there were many demands.

"Well then, when should we leave? Also, please give us a detailed description of our work."

Tauro got right down to business.

"In that case, please be here first thing tomorrow morning. And about the specifics... Actually, my family's home is in Dareder, but my father died suddenly recently, and my mother is in poor health, so we decided to move here where there is more nature. My parents own a general store, so it would be great if we could organize and dispose of the merchandise together.

Riryo explained.

“What do you mean by 'problems'?"


As far as the explanation, I didn't understand what he meant by "solving problems as they arise," which he went out of his way to add.

“ Ah, it seems that my father had a dispute with a local influential person before his death, so I thought that if I went there, there might be some trouble with that person.”

“I see, so that's what you mean. ......”

Tauro was beginning to feel that it would be trickier than he thought, but now that he had accepted the job, he had no choice but to complete the quest properly.

He could only hope that there would be no trouble.

The next morning.

Riryo, the client had prepared a carriage for us, so we all got in and left the village of Dansas.

It was going to be an easy trip since we were not on foot.

It was a day's ride to the city of Daredar, which we reached in the evening without any problems.

“Then tomorrow morning you will come to this store. I’m concerned about my mother's health, so I will stay here."

Riryo, the client, opened the door of the store, checked the interior, while saying to Tauro and the others.

Tauro casually peered into the store through the open door, but he sensed an unusual presence with his ``Presence Detection''.

It was an unpleasant feeling.

It was not human.

But it was the same as the one he had felt somewhere else, so when Riryo entered the store and was about to close the door, Tauro put his hand on the door to stop it from closing.


“What's wrong?"

Riryo asked Tauro suspiciously.

“Let me take a look around," Tauro said.

Tauro then entered the store and used his 'true eye'.

In the back room of the store, there is the silhouette of a woman lying down.

It must be Riryo's mother.

There’s no sign of anyone else.

but I have a bad feeling about it.

As Tauro looked around and checked the merchandise, his eyes fell on a fist-sized stone on a shelf at the back of the store's reception desk.

“The Curse Stone."

That was the name displayed on the "true eye.”

The description read.

"A specially processed magic stone to curse the target via a curse from the sorcerer. The closer the stone is placed to the target, the more effective the curse will be. Very rare.”

It states.

Tauro quickly discovered the problem.

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