Chapter 204

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Chapter 204: The Small Team

Team “Black Golden Wings” had more quests to do now that there were four of them, but since Ragune was still ranked F, they were mainly gathering medicinal herbs, defeating Kobolds, exterminating goblins that sometimes came under Tauro’s “presence detection,” and G-quests that would contribute to the village of Dansas.

Because of this, the “Black Golden Wings” were seen by other adventurers as a small team that had lost much of its strength due to the departure of Shin and Rumeya, who had been active while they were away.

Nonetheless, Ragune, a beautiful beastman woman, and Ankh, who carried a large sword, caught the eye, but they were not considered to have much skill when they were under Tauro, the child leader of the team.

One day, a quest was posted at the Adventurers’ Guild.

It was a free quest for a limited-time.

Free quests are basically quests that can be accepted at any rank.

They are prepared for a wide range of targets, or for a large number of targets, and require the participation of a large number of adventurers.

“This is hunting for the remnants of the Troll King subjugation battle that was called up in the higher ranks, right?”

Aeris said, looking at the contents.

The reason why Tauro and Aeris, who were lower in rank, decided to participate in the previous battle to defeat the Ogre was because the higher-ranked adventurers had been called to participate in this Troll King subjugation battle.

“That’s right. The Troll King led many monsters, so after the adventurers defeated him, the monsters scattered to various places and are hunted as remnants of the Troll King’s army.”

“ if it was a monster led by such a troll king, wouldn’t there be a strong one?”*

Ragune pointed out.

“The monster named “King” is a being that influences other monsters as well. In the battle against the Troll King, a wide range of monsters gathered, including trolls, harpies, ogres, orcs, goblins, and kobolds, so it’s a little tricky. ”

“I see. In other words, if you encounter a remnant monster, if it’s someone you can defeat, you’ll be evaluated if you hunt it down!”

Ankh seems to have guessed something.

“That’s what it means. The Adventurers’ Guild has been dealing with a worsening security situation in the area after the defeat of the Troll King, so I think they have decided to send out this quest in order to restore security as soon as possible.”

“Either way, it looks like an opportunity for our team.”

Ankh grins.


Ragune still doesn’t seem to understand.

“in other words. Even if we beat a higher rank in the guild, we usually don’t get evaluated for it, but for this limited time free quest, we will get evaluated for it. So, depending on the results, Ragune and Ankh can also expect to improve their ranks in a short period of time.”

Aeris carefully explained to Ragune the reason for this opportunity.

“Oh! So that’s what this means! That means that depending on the results, I too can move up to the E-rank in no time!”

Ragune finally understood what a good opportunity this was.

Team “Black Golden Wings” immediately decided to take on this free quest.

“Yeah, I think both Ragune-chan and Ankh-san are capable, so it’s OK, but be sure to run away from the opponent if they look too strong. Even a single troll is a subjugation target for D+ teams and above.”

Chloe, the Adventurers’ Guild branch manager who was working at the reception desk, advised Tauro and the others.

“Yes, Of course, if it is an opponent who we can not beat, we will run away.”

Tauro replied, but he thought the team’s current strength was enough to defeat the trolls, so he wasn’t too worried.

Of course, I do not intend to overdo it.

At the moment, Ragune is always concerned about her rank, so if she could raise it from F to E, that would be fine.

Therefore, Tauro thought that he should try to get Ragune to finish off as many as possible, but Ankh and Aeris had the same idea.

As a result.

A forest on the outskirts of the city of Daredar.

“…… haa haa? Is it my imagination? I feel like I’m the only one who’s putting any effort. ……?”

Ragune, while spearing the fifth orc in the heart with a single thrust of her spear, was starting to feel exhausted.

So far, Ragune has defeated not only orcs, but also many goblins, and even an ogre.

“Even Ragune, who prides herself on her physical strength, must be getting tired. Then take a break and let Ankh take over for you next time. From now on, Ankh will take over as the stopgap, while Ragune concentrates on defense.”

Tauro, reflecting that this was indeed too much, decided to give priority to recovering Ragune’s strength.

While taking a break, there was a human reaction just at the limit of Tauro’s “presence detection.”

I thought it might be other adventurers, but they seemed to be fighting the monsters in a regular formation.

Perhaps they were the Daredar territory military forces.

Not only adventurers, but also many territorial soldiers were participating in the hunt for the remnants.

They are approaching us as if they are retreating.

Apparently, the opponent’s monster seemed to be a formidable enemy and they were being pushed back.

Tauro checked the silhouettes of the monsters with his “true eye” and saw two harpies from the sky above, ten orcs and a troll that seemed to be leading them from the ground.

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