Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: Promotion and……

In front of the reception desk of the Adventurers’ Guild Dansas Branch.

Tauro and the other members of “Black Golden wings” came to report the completion of their quest on their way back.

“Ah, Tauro-kun, welcome back. Looks like It took longer than expected, didn’t it? Did something happen?”

Chloe was probably worried about the three of us who had returned late, so she took over for Kannes, the receptionist, and took care of us.

“Actually, …….”

Tauro reported on the quest on behalf of his friends.

“…… I see. That’s a job for multiple teams……. I’ll contact the village and request an increase in the success fee, but don’t worry, we will pay the three of you properly. Also, since you did the quests for several teams……, that’s right. Let’s get Ragune-san up to rank F at once. The big poison frog subjugation is basically a free quest, so that’s not a problem. The number of frogs killed is so great, I think it’s worth that.”

Luckily, with the branch manager’s authority, Ragune was able to raise her rank all the way up to F-rank.

Ragune was overjoyed at this.

“ ‘I’ll work harder and contribute by moving up to you two’s E rank band!”

She said with great enthusiasm.

“ That’s right. I need to talk to the three of you. You were looking for a vanguard, right? There’s one adventurer who is interested, what do you want to do? You can refuse if you don’t want him …..”

Chloe gave me an atmosphere of not recommending it, as if she had some reason for not recommending it.

‘……? Can we do it tomorrow? I have a report to write, and we’re all tired today, so I’d like us to take the rest of the day off.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t notice. Okay, let’s talk again tomorrow.”

Chloe nodded and helped Tauro prepare the report, and then Aeris and Ragune joined him, and in no time at all the report was completed.

“ Good job, you three. Oh, Ragune-san, here’s your F-rank tag.”

Chloe handed Ragune an iron tag indicating her new F-rank.

Ragune happily accepted it and immediately put it on a string and hung it around her neck.

“if it’s like this, it won’t take her long to get to the E rank belt.”

Tauro said this while looking at a delighted Ragune, and Aeris nodded.

“With Ragune’s ability, though, she wouldn’t even fit in that E-rank band.”

What Aeris said is reasonable.

With Ragune’s ability, it might be possible to reach D rank in no time.

The other thing that Tauro thought was that if he and Aeris did not drag their feet, there would be no problem.

Tauro and Aeris left the guild and headed home, while Ragune ran to the “Dwarf Inn.”

“I wonder what happened to Ragune?”

Aeris wondered about Ragune’s behavior.

She thought that there was no reason for her to go to the inn since she already had a house.

“I’m sure that she was just craving some fried food.”

Tauro chuckled.

“ I know she likes pork cutlets. …… But if you eat too much, you’ll get fat, so I’ll have to tell her next time.”

Aeris said with a serious expression on her face, as if she were speaking from experience.

The next morning.

Tauro and the others were at the Adventurers’ Guild.

Chloe had told them that there was a vanguard who was interested in joining the team previously.

If there was one more vanguard, Tauro could go to the rear guard.

Then the team would return to its usual form, and Aeris’s burden would be reduced and the team balance would be better.

That was what I wanted most.

However, I was concerned that Chloe did not seem to recommend it.

“The person who requested it told me that I could talk about his career as an adventurer, so I’ll talk about it.”

Chloe led the three of us into a private room and began to explain.

“His name is Ankh, he is twenty-six years old and male. He used to belong to the Royal Capital Headquarters before he came here…. He became an adventurer this past month and is currently E-rank.”

“Huh? That’s also great. That’s a great promotion in just one month…”

As Tauro was about to continue, Aeris took over.

“Either he’s a very talented person or he bought his promotion with money, right?”

Aeris was right.

Either way, why would such an unlikely person come to this village of Dansas and choose to join the “Black Golden Wings”?

Even if it is a coincidence, there are many questions.

Tauro, who did not know the reason but could not make a judgment until he met the person, replied to Chloe that he would like to meet the person.

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