Chapter 181

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Chapter 181: A Cloud of Doubt

Old and new? The “Black Gold Wings” tussle was not going to stop.

Tauro thought that while Aeris was right that Shin and Rumeya would never do such a selfish thing, it was also possible that they were pushed into admitting it by the ladies because of their good-naturedness.

“Anyway, Aeris. Until we hear what Shin and Rumeya have to say, you need to calm down.”

The ladies over there were confident.

“Confirmation won’t change the fact that we’re the ‘Black Golden Wings’, okay? Hmph!”

Ren, a woman in the thieves’ profession, said a few words and walked away from Tauro and Aeris.

Aeris was also upset by the words, but then she noticed something that made her pale.

“…… Tauro. Aren’t those two heading in the direction of our house?”

Tauro had never thought it was possible before he was told that.

The house is managed by Shin and Rumeya.

He imagined that perhaps, because of their personalities, they thought it would be okay to rent the house until they came back themselves.

All of their personal belongings were in the magic storage, so it was ready to be lent to anyone, but Shin and Rumeya might have checked it out and lent it to them.

“……It’s possible that Shin and Rumeya might have lent it to those two people…….”

‘…… Tauro. This is war…! Let’s settle who the Black Gold Wings belong to!”

“No, no, no, Aeris-san. War is an overreaction …….”

Tauro tried to say so, but Aeris’ eyes were serious.

“If you know your enemy, you can fight a hundred battles without danger! Let’s go to the Adventurers’ Guild and get some information about those two vixens!”

Aeris snorted and turned to the guild.

“Tauro, Aeris, you’re back! Welcome back!”

When they went to the guild, they were greeted by the cool-headed Chloe, the guild leader of the Dansas branch of the Adventurers’ Guild, with an unusually husky voice.

“Chloe-san, we’re back!”

Tauro and Aeris replied cheerfully and immediately got down to business.

“Chloe-san. I want to ask you about the current situation of ‘Black Golden Wings’, what are those two?”

Aeris asked Chloe calmly.

“…… Oh. Did something happen? Those kids moved in from somewhere else to replace you guys. …… you guys had just left, and Shin and Rumeya wanted a rear guard, so they hit it off at the bar.”

“So, does …… mean that Shin and Rumeya approached them first?”

Tauro asked with a sigh.

“I don’t know about that. The girls wanted a strong vanguard, too, and they asked me to introduce them at the reception. I had given them both names as one of the candidates, so they must have known.”

“So it might not have come from Shin and Rumeya!”

Aeris bit into that.

“The girls have aggressive personalities,  ……. which is why Shin and Rumeya stood out because they both worked hard and were active. …… Oh yeah! They’ve both moved up in rank to E+, isn’t it The four of them have been active together lately, too, so we’re considering a promotion to D- ……, oh, that’s a secret, isn’t it?”

Tauro had a feeling that this might mean there was no place for him and Aeris to return to.

Aeris was getting grumpier and grumpier.

“…… Well, Aeris. We haven’t heard from Shin and Rumeya themselves yet, so don’t be too pessimistic, okay?”

“But They’re getting results with the new members without us!”

When she said that, tears came to Aeris’ eyes.

Indeed, that was true.

The new members? I was not sure what to say to Aeris, since I was sure that they had been speedily promoted by teaming up with the new members.

“Oh, you two. Shin and Rumeya seemed to be doing their best to surprise you, so don’t get me wrong. Besides, I don’t think it’s official, since the guild hasn’t received a procedure that these girls have joined ‘Black  Golden Wings,’. Well, some people don’t register, so I can’t say for sure. ……”

Chloe, who had some idea of what was going on, tried to follow up, but as she spoke, she ended up on her butt.

“That’s right, Aeris! Chloe is right, it’s not official, so let’s talk to them properly. Besides, we’re the ones paying the rent on the house, so let’s go home with an open mind!”

Tauro encouraged Aeris, thanked Chloe, and we walked off to go home to our house.

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