Chapter 11

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Chapter 11:  A Curious Conflict

It had been nearly two months since Tauro had become an adventurer and he was beginning to feel comfortable among the adventurers when he walked around the guild.

However, he was still an eight-year old.

Most of the adventurers didn’t think of him as an adventurer, but just a kid who liked to help out at the guild, do odd jobs, and occasionally do punitive errand quests for beginners and rule breakers.

The guild only offers errand quests to Tauro.

His rank is G+.

The reason was because, if he is raised to F-, he will have to go on quests outside the city.

The guild’s assessment was that although he could read, write, and do math, he was still not physically strong enough.

“Tauro Satou, come to the courtyard.”

Daz, the guild’s martial arts instructor, called out to Tauro, who was looking at the quests posted on the wall.


Tauro was a little surprised as he had never been taken seriously before.

He went to the courtyard.

“Take off your jacket and spin around.”

He took off his jacket just as Daz instructed and spun around. 

“You’re still a little bit thin, but compared to how you were two months ago, you seem to have added a bit of flesh. Okay, you can join the training.”

Tauro thought Daz hated him because he hadn’t been allowed to participate in the martial arts training for beginner adventurers for the past two months, but it seems he was waiting for him to get stronger.

“Yes! Please!”

Tauro replied while smiling happily.

After that, Tauro became even busier.

Cleaning the guild, helping out, completing errand quests and martial arts training.

“I’m having fun, but I wonder if I can reduce the time I use in doing chores…”

Then it occurred to him.

He uses purification on himself once a day before he goes to bed to clean up and he wondered if it could be used to clean up the guild.

Then other questions came to mind.

He wondered how much magic power he had.

He usually uses purification once, so he didn’t know the limit.

“First, I’ll expand the range and purify this room…”

Imagining the size of the room, he tried to use the purification spell.


The dull gray ceiling and walls of his room, which he usually thought were clean and neat, became completely white.

“Oh! It worked! I mean, the walls here used to be white?” 

He smiled happily, but he felt that his magic power was completely fine.

“Then, let’s try to expand the range. This time, imagine covering the entire guild building…”



“Oh, there is no way to check without looking around.”

He tried to open the door, but his legs gave out and he stumbled.

“Eh!? I can’t get up! I feel exhausted. Is this the effect of using the spell on a wide range?”

As he tried to stand up again, he heard footsteps coming down the hallway.

“Tauro! Did you do this!?”

The one who stormed into the room and asked was Leo, the branch manager.

“I’m sorry… It was probably me.”

The guild was in a bit of an uproar. Suddenly, the walls, ceilings, exterior walls, and roof of the Adventurer’s Guild were cleaned of years of dirt and grime, and the bodies of the adventurers in the guild were cleaned of dirt and sweat.

The change was so obvious that most people noticed.

When Leo, the branch manager, saw Tauro sitting on the ground, he said

“You’re out of magic! Idiot! Don’t use your purification spell for something so trivial. That magic is usually used to break the curse of undead or cursed objects. Cleaning is something that can be done with the magic Cleanse.

He picked Tauro up and laid him on the bed.

“You should go to sleep now. You’ll recover your magic while you sleep.”

After saying that, the branch manager left the room.

It seems that the commotion had stopped when the branch manager explained that it was the result of one of the staff members using cleanse magic on a large scale.

Tauro decided not to use it on anyone but himself.

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