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Chapter 64: Ability Test

“Hm, what about you?”

“I have something to do, so don’t worry about me.”


It seemed Sophie had something to do so we split up. And now I’m in the garden in the middle of the night. Since I came to the capital, I’ve stopped doing special training at midnight, but Sophie suggested I start again so why not?

“Come at me seriously” (Ziel)


“Do your best!”

And I start a mock battle with Ziel who I just summoned. The current Ziel and Ygg can’t be seen by anyone but me. I thought they didn’t need to be inside me if they could do that, but It seems to take a lot of MP. By the way, even if they come out, only I can touch them. So even if I wanted to summon Ziel and make him a monster shield, I can’t.

“Thunder Enchantment!”

And now it seems to be a test to measure how good I am. It will affect how he teaches me so I went for it seriously.

“Too slow”


I slashed at Zeal with two swords, but both were grabbed by Zeal’s thumb and index finger. I was suprised he could actually touch my sword.

“And your judgment is slow”

“Kaha …”

When I stopped thinking for a moment because he grabbed my swords, I was kicked. And when I let go of the swords, they slipped through Ziel’s hands. Apparently, if I hold it, he can touch it.

“I’m glad I was the opponent. If it was Ygg, you would have lost 5 or 6 arms already.”

“Hey! I’m not that bad!”(Ygg)

Nobody says anything about me not having so many arms … Will I lose an arm, regrow it, and lose it again?

“Your reaction is quick though.”


Isn’t it like my reaction is the only thing these guys can count on?

“Don’t stop, come on!”

“Roar! Thunder Burst!”

Does it make sense to use thunder magic against Ziel, the highest spirit of thunder? That being said, for the time being, I cast the most powerful magic I have.

“Yeah. Not bad.”

When the thunder disappeared, naturally an intact Ziel appeared. I didn’t think about the impact on the surroundings at all … Is it alright?

“But not good enough”

That said, Zeal moved to my front. He was too fast, I didn’t see him until he was right in front of me.

“I’ll return it because it’s left over.”

“Yaba” {TN: “Dangerous”}


“Guh …”

My crisis sense reacted and I tried to avoid it in a hurry, but I couldn’t make it in time. He put his hand on my stomach and I was struck by lightning. He seems to have absorbed my thunder magic. After all, using thunder magic was bad.

“Lightning’s not the only way to attack.”

“Abababa …”

“Do you have lightning resistance?”

My body is numb and I can’t move. I got stuck in the position where I was struck by lightning. If it weren’t for lightning resistance, I would have fainted by now.

“You can use lightning as you like, since I’ve completely hidden us from our surroundings.”

“Thank you…!”

I whipped my body into shape and swung out my fist, hoping to get at least one hit.

“That’s right. That’s fine.”

“Ahaha … I give …”

But it was stopped by a hand as a matter of course. It was really my last attempt, so I just fell down.

“This is the end for today. I’ll train you hard from tomorrow!”

“Please be gentle …”

“That’s impossible!”

“Hahahaha …”

“Ygg will help too!”(Ygg)

“Thank you…”

It’s going to be a hellish training from tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to it. By the way, I’m not a masochist, alright? It’s just that, in my previous life, there was no one who expected much of me, so I’m just happy they hold such expectations.

“Sophie. Sorry! I’m counting on you …”

“Huh … eh? Onii-chan !? Why are you so tattered !? Are you okay !? Stay with me!”

As I listened to Sophie’s extremely panicked voice, I was losing consciousness. By the way, Ziel and Ygg seem to automatically return to me when I lose consciousness. So I asked Sophie to take me back to my room. I’ve never seen Sophie so focused that she isn’t aware of me. And I’m sure we’ve been so violent that it’s impossible for her not to worry. I wonder if something happened. Maybe she’s finally leaving her brother? That’s a little sad…

“Picon! 』\

“You obtained the title Siscon”

Before I heard the final announcement, my consciousness was already gone.

Chapter 65: Prepared

“I thought my heart would stop!”


Sophie was insanely angry when I awakened in the morning. When I got up, I was on the bed, so it seems Sophie carried me.

“I won’t forgive you if you do something like this again!”

“I’m sorry”

But I think Sophie, who was nearbye but didn’t see me at all, was also responsible, but I didn’t want her to get angry by saying something extra, so I kept silent.

“Look! I’m going!” (Sophie)


Despite what happened yesterday, I had promised Shana that we would take some quests at the Adventurer’s Guild today, so I headed there.

“It’s time we start taking quests other than orcs.” (Zeros)



I’ve only received quests to kill orcs since I became an adventurer, so I want to receive other quests now.

“If so, you guys should take this request.”

“Oh! Guild Chief !?”

She managed to appear right behind me as usual. Then I read the quest she presented to me.

“A quest to subdue thieves?”

“Well, you can call it a survey.”

The quest offered was to kill bandits who appeared nearby.

“There was only one attempt this morning, so I’m assuming they’re still around, and I want you to kill them if you can find them.”

“Are you two okay with this?”



They said it was okay, so we decided to accept this request. Criminals in this world are killed without mercy. The idea is that criminals are the same as monsters. But I’ve never killed anyone before. It would be Sophie’s first time too. Shana…I don’t know. I don’t know about Shana, but it’s a little hard for me, having values from my previous life

“I’m not going to ask you yet because I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, but I’ll ask you about it next time.”

“Ahaha …”

And while I was taking the quest to the reception, I heard that from the guild chief. Perhaps this was the main thing she had to say rather than proposing the quest?

“Let’s go”



To be honest, I don’t want to kill people, but I don’t want to be so confused that I can’t kill when someone I care about is going to get hurt if I don’t. That’s why I have to complete this request.

“Found them”

Then, after taking a walk around the damaged area and entering the nearby forest, Shana muttered.

“How many are they?”

“5 people”

“As requested”

According to the quest, five bandits attacked, but they were beaten back and two were seriously injured.

“Where are they.”

“There …”

One of them was standing in front of a small cave like a sentry. It matched the facial features we were given.

“I’ll be back”

Then Shana used stealth to approach him unnoticed.

“Don’t scream” (Shana)





“No please…”

Shana put a knife on the thief’s neck and said something. However, I couldn’t hear her voice from so far away. Shana slashed the thief who was saying something and gently placed him on the ground so that there was no noise.

“Still 4 people inside”

“Roger that”

And since there were still bandits inside, I braced myself and we approached so as not to be noticed.

“Wind Spear” (Sophie)

“Guh …”


“What the hell …”

Sophie cast a spell on one of the four in the back of the cave and killed him. With that as a signal, I also jumped out and stabbed a thief.

“The rest are these two.”


And the other two were loosely bandaged and laid down. There’s a lot of blood on their bandages, so if they’re left as it is, they’ll die.

“Zero ni-san, please lend me a sword.”

“Hmm? Here”

“Thank you”

And when I lent my sword, Sophie didn’t hesitate to stab one of the sleeping bandits. And when she pulled out the sword, she shook the blood off it.

“Thanks for lending me”


“What do you mean?”


Sophie wouldn’t need to kill him with a sword. For her, it would be easier to do with magic. My sister didn’t hesitate, but I did which wasn’t cool as an older brother, so I killed the last one with the sword returned by Sophie.


Then we collected five corpses and burned them. If a human corpse is left unattended, it may become an undead-type monster, so it must be burned. It seems that slimes appear out of nowhere in a monster corpse and digests it neatly. However, the smell of blood may cause other monsters to come along, so it’s also better to burn monsters when staying in a place for a long time.

“Let’s go home”



The request was completed, so we went home. I can’t say I’m used to murdering yet. But at least I won’t be confused when killing to protect someone I care about.

Chapter 66: Bokoboko (Beat up)

“Hey Sophie?”

“What is it?”

“Can’t we take a break from school for a while?”

“Can I ask why?”

“I want to be stronger”


“I feel like I’m really weak when Zeal beats me up.”

I told Sophie this at the midnight special training after we got home from the bandit subjugation. Before fighting Ziel, I thought I should be in the strong category. However, when I fight Ziel, the difference feels endless.

“Isn’t it enough on the days of light and dark?”

“Is it too much?”

When I asked Ziel how I could be as strong as he is, He said he didn’t know if I could be that strong, at least in my current state. However, he said that if I can master spirit magic perfectly, I just might be.

“If that’s the case, You could just wait another three months.”

“Why three months?”

“At that time, the park war will start, so classes will stop.”

“Oh, that’s right!”

“Isn’t that what the teacher said?”


“Haah …”(Sophie)

At the beginning of the park battle, we will fight for a short time after school, but as the game progresses, the game will become open to all students to spectate, so there will be no lessons.

“Are you going to join the park battle?”

“I don’t think I have to” (Zeros)

I don’t see the merit of joining the park battle, regardless of whether I can win or lose.

“If you are chosen as the representative of the competition, you will be exempted from classes and will be able to graduate as long as you attend tests and get the scores.”

“Okay! I’m going to compete! By the way, how do I sign up?”

“I’ve already applied for Zero ni-san with me and Shana.”

“Thank you”

As usual, Sophie works fast.


“It’s about time! 』\


I was called by Ziel who had spare time and decided to give me special training. I wonder what to expect since he said he’ll train me in earnest from today.  I summoned Ziel and Ygg out of me and the special training started.


“Guha …”


“Buha …”



“Stand up quickly!”

“Yes …”

I know Ziel is the highest spirit of thunder, but he’s very strict about speed.

“Can you enchant two attributes at the same time?”

“I’ve tried it many times, but I can’t.”

“Try it again “


I knew I couldn’t do it, but I was told to so I tried it again.

“Lightning Enchantment”

Up to this point, it works normally.

“… Fire Enchantment”

Then, there was a feeling that something had popped in my body, and the thunder enchantment was canceled and the fire enchantment didn’t activate.

“Huh? So you can do it.”


“The reason you can’t do it is because your magic manipulation is terrible, your magic is terrible, your use of your body is terrible, and your status is poor.”

“Then I’m no good?”

“That’s right, for now.”

“Zero-kun, it’s okay! It’s so terrible that I can’t stand to see it, but do your best!”

“Ygg … Thank you”

“Ehehehe …”

Ygg-san … Thank you for finishing me off. I now understand I’m a frog in the well.

“I’ll train the first three and manage somehow! So you should improve your poor status on the days of light and dark!”


“Zero-kun! Fight!”


And so today’s training ended with me being beaten up by Ziel again. This time I managed to stay conscious and make it back to my room on my own. Three months went by in the blink of an eye as I was beaten up by Zeal almost every day.

Chapter 67: 3 months later

“It’s slow!”


Three months have passed, I’ve become accustomed to Ziel’s special training. And in the three months after I came to the royal capital, my status became like this.

[Name] Zeros Adolfo

[Race] Human race

[Age] 12

[Level] 45 (5UP)

[HP] 480/480 (50UP)

[MP] 480/480 (50UP)

[Attack] 234 (25UP)

[Defense] 207 (25UP)

[Agility] 257 (27UP)

[Magic Attack] 234 (25UP)

[Magical Defense] 193 (25UP)

[Intelligence] 234 (25UP)


・ Arithmetic Lv.7 ・ Etiquette Lv.6 ・ Riding Lv.3

・ Dismantling Lv.6 ・ Crisis detection Lv.7 (1UP)

・ Swordsmanship Lv.8 (1UP) ・ Martial arts Lv.7 (1UP) ・ Throwing Lv.3

・ Covert Lv.6 (1UP) ・ Stealth Lv.6 (1UP)

・ Night eye Lv.4 (1UP) ・ Provocation Lv.5 (1UP)

・ Fire magic Lv.7 (1UP) ・ Wind magic Lv.7 (1UP)

・ Water magic Lv.7 (1UP) ・ Earth magic Lv.3 (1UP)

・ Recovery magic Lv.2 (New) ・ Magic operation Lv.9 (2UP) ・ Chant omission Lv.5 (1UP) ・Fire resistance Lv.4

・ Wind resistance Lv.4 ・ Water resistance Lv.4 ・ Soil resistance Lv.4

・ Lightning resistance Lv.3 (2UP) ・ Ice resistance Lv.3

・ Strike resistance Lv.2 (New) ・ Telepathy Lv.4 (2UP)

[Unique skill]

・ Thunder magic Lv.8 (1UP) ・ Ice magic Lv.5 (1UP)

・ Spirit magic Lv.1 (New) ・ High-speed reflex Lv.8

・ Disguised Lv.MAX ・ Enchantment

・ Magic Slash Lv.6 (1UP) ・ Shukuchi Lv.4 ・ Parallel Thinking Lv.4

[Extra skills]

・ [Title] Collection


・ Reincarnated

・ Rare magic user


・ Late maturity

・ Former child prodigy

・ Nine deaths

・ Ikki Tousen

・ Hundred battles

・ Unprecedented (New)

・ Ishin denshin

・ Insomnia

・ Lightning flash

・ Bird’s eye (New)

・ Gekokujo

・ Dual wield

・ Bug’s natural enemy

・ Top Elementalist (New)

・ Spirit King user(New)

・ The one who is loved by spirits (New)

・ Siscon (New)

・ Goblin killer

・ Wolf killer

・ Orc killer

What surprised me most was the Siscon title. Seriously, I have no idea when I got it. It’s also annoying that the effect is a little practical, making you less susceptible to charm attacks. And the effect of ‘Spirit king user’ is to multiply the power of spirit magic by 1.1 times, and ‘The one loved by spirits’ can increase the skill level of spirit magic by 1.2 times, and it’s easy to increase your favorability with spirits. And the effect of ‘Unprecedented’ is that it would be easier to do things no one has done before.

“Your movement has improved a lot!”

“I can half bear to see it now!”(Ygg)

“Oh, thank you …”

It should have been better considering that she previously said she couldn’t bear to see it, but I still don’t feel complimented by Ygg’s words.

“Zero ni-san! Let’s call it a day”

“Oh! Understood”

“Then later!” (Ziel)

“See you!”

“Thank you for today”

Today’s midnight special training is over with a call from Sophie. Recently, it’s becoming less likely for me to go to bed tattered. However, when Ziel is having fun and raises the gear even a little, I immediately get wrecked. However, since Claudia taught me recovery magic, I often enchant recovery magic. Enchanting recovery magic is convenient because it will recover automatically even if I get injured or tired.

“Good night”

“Good night”

Then I separated from Sophie and entered my room and lay down on the bed.

“How strong do you want to make me in the end? 』\ (Zeros)

“Well … Ideally, I want you to be able to hit me when I’m serious.” (Ziel)

“Am I still human at that time? 』\

“It’s impossible for humans to be that strong! 』\

“Do you mean I should stop being human …”

And after the training is over, while on the bed, I try to talk to Ziel and Ygg. It’s not that talking to them will improve my spirit magic, but I think communication is important.

“But you’re not saying that I should fight Ygg.”

“That’s impossible. If Ygg takes it seriously, you’ll lose without being allowed to do anything. “

“Huh! Is that so!?? 』\

“Zero-kun, Ygg is strong, okay? 』\ (Ygg)

“Because Ygg is the spirit king, she can use all the magic that exists in this world.”

“By the way, it’s easy to create new magic! 』\(Ygg)

“Well… I can’t win …”

“Assuming that you and Ygg fight to kill each other, no matter how many of your attacks hit, If you’re even scratched by Ygg’s magic, you’ll lose.”

“Huh? why? 』\

“At that point, she can take away all your HP and MP.”


“By the way, even if you touch Ygg indirectly, it’s over.”

“In other words, I have to defeat her in a single blow …”

“By the way, all magic is absorbed and physical attacks don’t work.”

“Ygg-san … Let’s get along well in the future? 』\

“? 』\

It seems that you can’t beat Ygg by any means. I’m glad I wasn’t told to be as strong as Ygg.

“Do I have to work hard enough to quit being human to be as strong as Ziel?”

” it’s impossible unless you quit being human.”

“Is that so? 』\

“Yeah, because we’re on different dimensions as living things.”

“Huh? Then what should I do? 』\

It may not be impossible to become strong to the non-human level, but it’s impossible to quit being a human being.

“So you should just stop being human.”

“I can’t do that.”

“I think you’ve been misunderstanding for a while now! 』\

“misunderstanding? 』\

“that’s right! You can quit being human. “

“Do you mean to become an elf or a beastman? 』\

Should I have sharp ears or animal ears? I’m a man, it’s not in demand. Sophie is cute so it’s definitely in demand … Did I gain the Siscon title cause I thought like this? Or did I come to think about this kind of thing because I got it?

“No? Even with elves, the dimensions are the same. “

“Then what will I be? 』\

“I wonder! You’ll have to wait and see! 』\


What am I going to be! I want to keep my humanoid shape at least. I don’t want to walk on four legs.

“Well, human graduation’s a long way off, so don’t worry! 』\


I wondered if I should keep getting stronger. But no matter what I look like, I feel Sophie will always come with me, so it’s okay. She’ll come with me, right?

War in the park arc

Chapter 68: Qualifying for the Park War

“Zero ni-sama, it starts today.” {TN: It seems like Sophie uses ni-sama rather than ni-san so I’ll use that from now on}


Sophie told me this at school the next day.

“Are you and Shana starting tomorrow?”



“Good luck”

“Please do your best too, Zero ni-sama.”

“Good luck”

“Thank you”

What was about to begin was the battle within the school. And today, after school, I have my first match.

“But I’m glad I didn’t have to fight you guys in the qualifiers.”

“That’s true”


In the qualifying round for the park battle, we don’t fight against people in the same class so that match-fixing won’t occur. However, when the top 16 players are decided and the final matches are held, it’s completely random and you can be matched up against anyone at any time.

“Are you going home first?”

“Do you think I’ll go home first?”

“I don’t think so”

“I’ll be waiting”


As the park war approaches, many people are in the practice area, so I haven’t practiced magic with Claudia recently. I asked Sophie if she would go home first, but she didn’t seem to see the point.

“I don’t want Zero ni-sama to get any strange insects on him.”


I think it’s Sophie and Shana who are more likely to get sticked to. There are people trying to get attached to them right now.


“Yes? What is it? I don’t want you to call my name in such a familiar way?”

“I’m sorry! Adolfo-san. If you don’t mind, would you like to have lunch with me?”

“I’m sorry. I’m already booked for lunch.”

“If so, what about tomorrow?”

“I’m booked fully for lunch.”

“If so, after school …”

“By the way, all my after-school schedules are filled.”

“Ah … I see …”

And the one who talked to Sophie left after glancing at me. Sophie and Shana have good family backgrounds, good faces and good grades so they often receive such invitations, however, they drive them away with cold attitudes every time. But this one wasn’t that cold. There was once a guy who called her Sophie without permission. At that time, Sophie unusually lost her temper. She even used magic to threaten him in the classroom. From that day on, it was forbidden to call her “Sophie” in the class.

And the next time someone was refused, they would think of asking me to mediate. I know this because I had a good looking sister in my previous life. But now there’s a difference. The only time she leaves me is when I go to the bathroom, so they don’t get a chance to talk to me about it at all. Some people try to tell me when I’m in the bathroom, but I refuse. I can’t talk about it at length in the bathroom, so it’s just not happening. Some girls do try to talk to me, just like Sophie was worried about. But Sophie responds before I can speak, so I end up not saying a word.

“I’ll start class ~”

When the teacher said that, the class started, so everyone went back to their seats. After school came sooner than I expected.

“Zero ni-sama! Please do your best!”

“Yes, Yes”

Few people come to see the qualifiers after school. At most, a few friends come to see it.

“I’m looking forward to working with you” (Zeros)

“Oh, nice to meet you”

The other person was a man, probably older. I spoke in honorifics for the time being. Oh, is this person good at close combat? he has a practice sword.

“Then Start!”


“I give up…”

“That’s it!”

When I hit the opponent’s practice sword, a good sound was heard and the practice sword flew into the air. I then put my practice sword on his neck, and the other party gave up. My first round of the qualifiers ended without any problems.

By the way, the next day, Sophie and Shana’s matches were at different times, so I watched both of them. And just like me, they won in no time at all.

And after fighting in the qualifying round almost every day, it didn’t take long to find the 16 candidates for the final round.

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