Episode 33

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Episode 33: I’m just a passing adventurer

 First of all, it’ll be difficult to enter a store with her.

 She doesn’t smell strange, but she looks like a homeless person.

 Even in a common store, where dress code isn’t important, a minimum level of cleanliness is required.

“Would you like to go back to the castle and take a shower?”

“Danna, she just needs to be clean right?”

 Unusually, Sui talked to me.

“That’s right. Human society is a pain.”

“I can clean her here ~?”

“Is that true …?”

“It’s cause I’m a water dragon!”

 Sui was very excited.

 Gender is unknown, but it’s pretty cute. {TN: I also just realized}

“Hmm, is it like this?”

 Sui uses water magic.

 Then, the body of the elf girl is wrapped in a thin film, and water flows in.

“Hey, is this okay? … She won’t drown?”

 I prepared my magic sword so I could destroy the membrane at any time.

“It’s okay, this water allows breathing.”

 It was exactly as Sui said, she didn’t seem to be having any trouble breathing.

 Her exhaled breath was bubbling.

 A stream of water was created in the membrane, washing away the dirt.

 When she was all clean, water spilled out of the membrane.

 The water was completely drained.

“What can I say, this is more like a washing machine than a shower or a bath.”.

“What’s a washing machine?”

 Aleria responded to the words I just said.

 It seems that she really doesn’t know.

 Actually, I’ve never seen a washing machine since I came to this world. There was no washing machine in the royal castle, it was all hand-washing.

“Oh um…. it’s a kind of magic tool.”

“I see. It’ll make washing your body a lot easier!”

“…Yeah, that’s right …”

 That’s not what it’s used for!

 By the way, it seems the water has drained but

“She’s still wet, you didn’t dry her!?”

“Eh? It dries on its own?”

“Don’t think on a dragon basis! Humans catch colds when they stay wet!”

 Well, even if a dragon bathes, it won’t wipe itself with a bath towel. That’s how dragons are. But humans … or rather subhumans, wouldn’t leave it that way.

 Besides, it’s also a problem to enter a store while she’s wet.

“It can’t be helped. I wonder if this will work.”

 I remembered the skill I learned the other day, “Climate control” used when I put out the fire in the weapon shop.

 I maintained the inside of the film at 0% humidity.

 In addition, I circulate air in the membrane to speed up the drying process.

 I was conscious of removing moisture only from the clothes and surface of her body so as not to cause dehydration.

 By doing this, the amount of water decreased rapidly, and she dried immediately.

“Danna is amazing! She dried immediately.”

“Well, I’m glad I managed to do it. Sui also had a hard time.”

 There was a little hassle, but it was faster than returning to the royal castle and changing clothes.

 The result was all right.


 Gobble gobble gobble….

 Perhaps the elf girl was very hungry, she instantly ate a meal for two people and even reached out for more.

 But it’s really cute.

I have an image that elves are all beautiful men and women, but this girl seems special.

 There is no comparison target, but she isn’t inferior to Aleria.

 I can’t conclude which one is more beautiful.


 Apparently, she’s finished eating.

 She’s regaining her energy.

“That was quite a meal.”(Yuki)

“I was really saved. Thank you — uh …?”

“You can call me Yuki”

“Thank you, Yuki. I’m Aina Neitzel. You’re a lifesaver.”

“Well, is that right? I haven’t done much but I hope you’ll relax for a while. So Aina, where are you from?”

“It’s an elf village. Suddenly, strange people attacked us and we were kidnapped.”

 It seems that the malicious bandits kidnapped the sub-humans and sold them to slave dealers.

 The slaves are then resold to perverts called subhuman lovers and owners who wanted them for forced labor.

 Right now, the government is still catching up with the ongoing regime change, but we have to investigate this as soon as possible.

“We’ve really done you wrong Aina. No, there must be other elves kidnapped besides you.”

“It’s nothing to apologize for, Yuki. It was my fault for not being able to protect my friends.

“I don’t think that’s something you should feel guilty about … I’ll arrange for you to go home once we’ve solved all the problems with the Elven Village. Please wait until then.”

 Aina looks surprised.

“You’ll arrange it? Just who are you …?”

 I actually have the power to move the country, but let’s keep quiet about that for now.

 In the first place, only a few people in the center know.

“I’m just a passing adventurer.”

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