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Episode 30: This is called causal retribution

The next day.

Public executions will be carried out at the execution site of the royal capital.

The former king, Cerber Oswald, sits on the execution table with a blue face.

On the other side were sinners, though not meant to be executed.

They are the seven heroes in a row.

Regulus, who sits on the king’s throne, watches over the situation.

In just one day, a king of a nation was put on the execution table, and a group of brave men who were trusted all over the country appeared in front of the people as sinners-the story goes back to yesterday.


Having come up with a “very good idea”, I called out to Regulus, who was celebrating.

Today, the royal capital is in a festive mood because the monsters have been repelled and the demon was successfully defeated.

“Regulus, I want to talk to you.”

“To me? … seems like an important story. Should we move elsewhere?”

I wasn’t aware of it, but maybe I had a serious face.

“It would be helpful if we did. The place is–yes, let’s go to the castle?”

“Huh, which castle …?”

“The royal castle.”

I took Regulus to the basement of the royal castle without giving a detailed explanation.

“… What is this …! Why are the heroes and the king… !?”

A prison in the basement of the royal castle.


I knew immediately that there was a prison in the basement because there was a pathway in the study.

It seems It was created as a place to hide prisoners who shouldn’t be found by any chance.

Aleria was supposed to be imprisoned here——

“You also said that Cerber was a ridiculous king. After that, I did some research. Here’s a list of his crimes. There are also some cases involving the heroes.”

I take a thick stack of paper out of my item box and show it to Regulus.

“It’s ridiculous just to see what’s written here, this is too serious.”

Human experimentation, persecution of subhumans, use of forbidden curses strictly prohibited by the treaty.

There is a ban between nations, but the list of crimes here also covers morally out and horrifying cases.

There were multiple cases of long-term heavy punitive taxes and sexual abuse.

“Yuki-dono. I can’t leave this as is … my justice … no this goes against the basic dignity of a human being. This is unacceptable.”

“I agree, so I put him in prison.”

“Yes, but what’s the point if we can’t punish him …”

“That’s why I called you out.”

“What can I do? Tell me anything I can do.”

After all, Regulus is a reliable person.

Since his roots are pure, he can’t forgive evil.

“Regulus, you will be king and rule over this country.”

“What … what are you talking about? I’m just an adventurer …?”

“I know that, but you have the most trust from the people. Since you’re a high-ranking adventurer, you’ll have face even outside the kingdom. I want you to uncover the king’s crimes. “

“No, that’s not enough. I’m sure I’m trusted, but I’m not that smart. Oh—that’s it, why don’t you become the king.”

“A king doesn’t need a good head. In fact, Cerber was ruling the country with a head this bad. You just need capable court members. And I have no trust from the people. If I said I would suddenly become king. There’ll be a riot. “

“Court … Yeah, I can just hire smart people … Yeah, Yuki.”

I grin.

“What is it?”

“I’ll find good court members, as the king, I will do my best for this country.”


“You’ll definitely make it better than it is now, I will do my best to support you.”

“I am the new king-Regulus Dearant. Today my first order of business is to execute Cerber Oswald and punish the seven braves.”

The gathered people don’t know of the circumstances, they were completely confused.

But thanks to Regulus’s trust, they managed to listen quietly.

“Cerber Oswald’s crimes are numerous, and his sins, unforgivable. He’s committed Human body experimentation, unfairly exploited the people, and has done many horrifying things. His reign has come to an end. “

There is a buzz among the people.

One of the merchants shouted.

“That’s right! I was paying taxes, but I was deprived of my property just because I made too much money! This king is absolutely not worth serving!”

Then, a woman raised her voice.

“When my daughter was taken to the royal castle, she came back dead inside! What did the king do to her!”

Soon there was no end to the people’s complaints.

“Quiet. In addition, the sage who was our savior yesterday, Matsuzaki Yuki dono! Was unfairly oppressed by the king, false rumors were spread about him. But he is a sincere, stronger, and more humble adventurer than anyone else! “

Oh! Cheers.

As a PR member, I had given the script to Regulus in advance, but this line shouldn’t have been there, Regulus may have modified it. I’ve been looked down on until now, but this reaction…, it’s a little embarrassing to get all the attention.

I’m glad I didn’t become the king.

“Then, Cerber. Do you have any last words?”

The guards begin preparing for Cerber’s execution.

Cerber was feeling sick and sweating profusely.

“This is an outrage! I didn’t do anything! They made it all up! I’ve done everything I can for the people! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!”

He cried out desperately, however, no one had any sympathy for him.

“Then, start the execution —“

Cerber was simply hanged with no miracles or surprises.

One minute later, his death was confirmed.

The body is to be cremated and buried in a tomb, but of course, it is modest. Unlike the previous kings, there is no gorgeous tomb prepared.

“Then, I will announce the punishment of the seven braves. The braves helped the foolish king and supported his wrongdoing while in a position trusted by the people. This is a heavy crime. And The newly reborn kingdom must show its remorse to the neighboring countries. “

This punishment is something I thought of.

Everything Regulus is doing, including the lines, is according to my will. Of course, I’ll leave the kingdom to Regulus, but I’ll continue to give him some advice. There’s a lot of work to be done.

“The braves will be banished and deported to other countries!”

They were brave men summoned to deal with the Demon King. However, splitting them up isn’t a bad idea. Fortunately, some countries want heroes as weapons, let’s give them to a small country with weak power.


Trust in the new kingdom will rise, and neighboring countries will be able to balance conflict by competing with each other.

However, is it possible to subdue the Demon King without gathering heroes in one country? Some may wonder.

In conclusion, there is no problem.

You don’t have to be a brave to deal with the Demon King. All we have to do is find and nurture talented people like Aleria.

Thus, the execution of the former king and the seven heroes was completed.

TN: Thanks for all the comments guys. Decided to continue this series since a lot of people look forward to it. I’ll try to post at least 2 releases every week but I can only guarantee once per week. Thanks again.

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  2. Nobody supports the king? There are no nobles? There are no Royal family? There are no army? No guards? No knights? The king was alone? The author didn’t put many effort on the plot this time XD

    1. Depends on how well hew ruled, which based on evidence is horribly.

      With his now public history of unjustly persecuting the new hero of the nation, his support will be very low, to non-existent

      Nobles would not do anything unless they stand to lose by not doing so, as long as their titles and lands are guaranteed they will likely be (possibly not even secretly) cheering on the execution.

      Other royals would be to afraid of getting the axe with him.

      Guards/Knights/Soldiers are generally not suicidal, and know they can not stand up to the MC.

      This is a case where the populace has decided he has to go, and they know that they do not have the strength to oppose the decision.

  3. eh? eh? an adventurer suddenly gains the throne… then what about the princess or the queen as well as the other nobles? do they not exist?

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