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Episode 35: The Slave Elf was so strong that I couldn’t think of her as a slave



 Somehow, after an indescribable amount of time spent in hellish heaven, we arrived at our destination.

“I recall we had to subjugate … Red Slime, White Rabbit, Black Wolf … It looks like they’re all there.”

 Just as the guide said, the habitat was dead on. 

Since there were a lot of them, we could finish the quest quickly.

“Sui, can you gather monsters as usual?”

 Sui turned into her usual small form.

 She seemed to have already learned the procedure.

“Sorry for always troubling you. Thanks.” (Yuki)

 Sui gathers a lot of nearby monsters and brings them together to where I am.

 Usually, I just blow them away with a slash and it’s done. ——An uninteresting development, but today I had something I wanted to try.

 Actually, when I defeated the demon, I remembered a new skill.

 I couldn’t confirm it because I hadn’t adventured for a while, but if this skill name could use magic as I imagined, it would be smarter and the quest efficiency would be better.

 The skill is “flare”.

 It can be used to attack over a wide area and is basically non-attributive, but with Sui, I can use a water-based flare.

“I brought them”

 Sui brought about 50 monsters.

 Isn’t it dangerous to deal with this number with a magic I’m using for the first time? You might think that, but then I just have to blow them away with a slash. There’s no problem.

“What are you doing!? You’ll die!?

 Aina shouted in a tearful voice.

 Aleria gave me an appropriate explanation on behalf of me, whose hands were full.

“Aina, you’re overreacting. That number isn’t a big deal.”

“Are you really saying that!?”

“Yes. It may be a little hard if there were about 100 times that, but this number is okay!”

 Well, that’s not the case. It’s the same no matter how many small fry gather, they can be defeated with a single blow.


 I tried using the new skill “Flare”. There seems to be more fire-type monsters, so I used a water-type flare.

 Intense blue light and tremendous heat.

 Fifty monsters were blown away in an instant, and the ground where grass was growing around became barren.

“Wow … humans can do this …!”

 Aina’s eyes widened and she couldn’t hide her surprise.

“Wow, that’s amazing … I’ve never seen such a great magic! Wasn’t Yuki a swordsman …?”

 Not only Aina, but Aleria seemed to be surprised.

“Did you say sage? I’ve heard that the sage can use the highest peak of sword skills and the highest peak of magic at the same time …”

 I didn’t think it would work the same way in a different world just because it was that way in the game.

“More than that, I’m sorry I just enjoyed myself. You guys can also defeat the monsters as you like.”

“Huh, Aina too !?”

 Aleria looked at me twice as if my words were surprising.

“It would be boring to just come and watch.”

“But Yuki …”

 I understand what Aleria’s trying to say.

 However, I know that there’s no problem.

“I will defeat monsters …?”

“Yeah, can you do it?”

“But my weapon is …”

“I wondered if this might happen, I got a bow in advance. Speaking of elves, it’s a bow isn’t it?”

 With that said, I took out a steel bow and arrow from the item box.

 I tried various things to see if I could use anything other than swords and magic, but unfortunately, they didn’t seem to suit me. I could use them, but didn’t think I would.

“Thank you …. But I can’t be like Yuki.”

I know that, but I think you can handle the monsters around here.

“Yuki’s gone crazy, so I’ll help you if it gets dangerous!”

“Oh, then I’ll count on you.”

 Aina carries the bow and shoots an arrow at a red slime who is off guard.

 Without being disturbed by wind or air resistance, the arrow flies at the monster at a tremendous speed.

 It landed exactly on its vitals and defeated the Red Slime in a single blow.

 Red slime, a named slime, is a standard for C-rank adventurers. It’s more than enough if she can beat it one-on-one in a single blow.

“Eeeeh!? Why …?”

 Aleria seems to be surprised that Aina was able to defeat it in a single blow.

“It’s a simple story. Aina is naturally strong.”

 I secretly checked Aina’s status with “Evil Eye”.

 No matter how simple the request is, I won’t bring ordinary people to dangerous places where monsters are.

 I took her with the conviction that she should be able to protect herself even if something went wrong.

 Aina has the abilities of an average B-rank adventurer.

 How a girl like her ended up being caught by bandits is a mystery to me, but I knew I was right.

“Hey, it will take some time before you can return to the Elf Village. In the meantime, if it’s okay, why not be an adventurer? I think it’s a good way to kill time.”

“I’m not going to go back to my village. Or rather, there’s no point in going back. Please make me as strong as Yuki!”

 She’s not an adventurer, so I don’t know why she’s aiming so high, but I guess it’s uncouth to ask unnecessary questions of someone you just met.

“Unfortunately I don’t have the know-how to train people. Since that’s the case, how about having Aleria teach you.”

” Me!?”

“I didn’t teach you anything, but you grew on your own like a weed. You should look back and try to organize what you paid attention to. It’ll help you in the future.”

 I had a pattern where I suddenly became stronger when I reincarnated, and I have no idea how to grow. This kind of thing is more suitable for the local people, and Aleria has a track record, so I think she’s suitable.

” The weed thing is a bit confusing, but I understand! Since Yuki says so, leave it to me!”

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  1. She really is a weed, actually, isn’t she?

    She’s an introduced element that took advantage of the new environment to grow at an exponential rate, outgrowing the natural inhabitants of the area and eventually becoming strong enough to affect the health of the ecosystem.

    How… amusing.

    That said, I’m already aware that the phrase “grew like a weed” is an English language idiom.

    I seem to have caught up, so I’ll wander elsewhere until my next binge read session.

    Thank you for the chapters.

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