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Chapter 21: Mock Battle 

One day at noon, we were looking down from the top of the building. From here, we could see well enough to get a good view of what was going on with the people lurking below.

“Grace, everyone should be in place by now. Watch closely. Our training has paid off!”

"Master, Neil and the others have improved their fighting skills. You can look forward to it. We won't be defeated by those goblins!”

Both of them looked proudly at Neil and the others as they took their positions. 

Yes, this was a so-called mock battle. They had placed high-quality potatoes in a nearby goblin nest to lure them out by making them taste them. The guardian chain is currently functioning, so they haven’t been able to get in, but Galatea said she could feel their presence deep in the forest, so there must be some of them lurking around.

“I'll be going now. Master! Please take your time and watch the battle. Just because you’re alone doesn't mean you can flirt with each other.”


We both face Galatea who makes fun of us and leaves. Our faces were bright red. No, seriously, that’s not the case.


The actual training for Neil and his team will begin now...... Galatea didn’t go there for fun. She went to remove part of the guardian chain in order to allow the goblins to enter.

“I don't think any monsters will come this far, but you should be careful. Well, I'll definitely protect you if something happens.”

"Yeah, I'm counting on you. My honey.”

“What? Oh.... um..... I'll take care of you, darling ... is that good?"

Vigna replies, her face flushed. Eh? Normally she would say “What a silly thing, die!”. Is this the beginning of her dere side. Isn't it too cute?

While I was wondering about it, the gunshots echoed, so I strengthened my mind. The goblins seemed to be attacking from the area where Galatea had opened up.

"That rifle is really an amazing weapon... to be able to take them out before they can get close."

Vigna was surprised and pointed to a goblin who had been shot by our companions when it was wandering around oblivious of the situation.

There was only one entrance, and the goblins were concentrated there, so Neil and the others who had been lurking in the shadows were sniping at them.

However, the rifle had a weakness, it could not fire continuously and the goblins must have started to get wary of the rifle. They proceeded to use their dead comrades as shields. As you can tell, goblins live dirty.

But ...... it's a bad move.

If it was a bow and arrow, the shield would have been meaningful. Even magic may have been blocked depending on the attributes. But what we are using now is a rifle.

The goblins, who were slowed down by the shields of their ‘friends’ dead bodies, were attacked by the bullets of the rifles, which had been reloaded. With a roar, the rifle shoots the goblins dead with their shields.

“We now have the advantage in numbers! Next, switch to hand-to-hand combat!”

Galatea's voice echoed across the battlefield and at the same time, Neil and the others challenged them to close combat, just as they had been waiting for. In the midst of the crowded battle, they overwhelmed them with their swords and handguns. Their armor and shields, made of super-mithril alloy, repelled the goblins' arrows and were light enough to keep them mobile and they continued to attack the goblins, reducing their numbers rapidly.

Just as I was sure of victory, a huge goblin with a huge sword came running at them from the forest at tremendous speed.

"Is that a Goblin Champion?”

“Yes, that's a goblin warrior, a goblin that has grown into a large, battle-hardened creature. Maybe that's the leader of the pack.”

“That's not good, is it? A goblin champion can defeat even a knight of the King's guard in single combat. We have to go help!”

I tell Vigna who is calm, but she still doesn’t move. Rather she told me to have faith in them.

“You can’t make a move from this distance and Galatea's there. Also..... you should have more faith in the weapons you've developed and in your people.”


The decision was instantaneous. A sniper, who had not participated in the hand-to-hand combat, shot the Goblin Champion between the eyes with his rifle. It seemed that even the battle-hardened Goblin Champion was unable to cope with the unknown weapon. The blow was the decisive blow and the surviving goblins fled in droves. The battle was over, and the battlefield was filled with cheers.

"Grace-sama, did you see that? We did it!”

Neil, who had found me, came toward me with a smile on his face. He was just a peasant refugee when he first came here, but now he has grown up.

With his sword and rifle in his hand, he looks like a great warrior.

“Oh, well done. You've become so strong in such a short time! Listen up everyone, we're having a party today! We'll be renting out Sarah's restaurant, so you can order as much food and drink as you like. It's all on me!"

My words were met with cheers from the crowd. What should I do now that I just said it? At any rate, I praised them, thinking to apologize to Sarah later.

I think I can compete well with the mercenaries of the Azul chamber of commerce, but there's one thing that's been bothering me.

That was Kyle. He has a bad personality and likes to tangle with people. So if he's going to get involved, he's going to have to come up with some kind of a ruse. And my hunch was going to come true.

The combat training had gone well and I was reading the report on the mine. Noel came in with a knock. This was because I had already told her that she could come in at her leisure when she knocked. If I’m busy, I may not hear the knock.

“Master, thank you for your hard work! Would you like some cookies and tea?"

"Oh, I was just craving something sweet. Noel is so thoughtful.”

I tried to pat her on the head as usual to show my appreciation, but she quickly avoided me. Did she hate me? Did I do something wrong?

"Master, if you keep doing that, Vigna-san will sulk again."

"Oh, yes, I'll be.... careful."

Noel warned me with a small sigh, probably because I looked so lonely.


I remember the last time I was caught patting Noel's head, she stared at me like looking crazy grumpy and made me pat her head for an hour after work.

She's pretty jealous..... she would never forgive me if I really made another girl my first wife. Well, I'm making Vigna my first wife......

“Also..... one of the residents who left before wants to meet you, what should I do?"

Perhaps this was the main point. Noel finds it a little hard to say. Ah… they came back.... But I'm afraid of the timing.... I hold my head in my hands and think about the future.

Chapter 22: Coming Back 

There were now three people in my room. Me, my escort Vigna, and ......

“Oh, Grace-sama.... thank you for seeing me.”

“Silva.... What's going on? This place is going to be a battlefield if we're not careful. You didn't like that, that's why you ran away.”

I was now meeting a former resident who had once left this territory. The mediocre young man with a medium back in front of me is a human called Silva who immigrated at the same time as Sarah and the others. He was a bit of a coward and used to be a farmer, but when Agni and the others told him that this place would become a battlefield, he left because he didn't want to fight.

Of course, I gave him some food and money, so I thought I would never see him again. ......

“Yes, I've thought about it a lot since then, and I thought it would be wrong to run away and abandon Grace-sama, who gave me work and help when I was in trouble.”

"Well.... thank you.... I'm blessed with good people."

I acted overly pleased and asked him to shake my hand. He looked dubious, but shook my hand with some hesitation. Then world library was activated.




Age: 25 years old

Area of expertise: farmer

Skills: None

Information: After leaving Asgard territory, he was captured by the Azul Chamber of Commerce and is being ordered around by them. He is a coward and can't go against the strong ones.


I knew it, but it's still hard. I sigh inwardly. In the beginning, he was a coward, but he was not a bad person, but he might have been threatened by the Azul Chamber of Commerce or he might have been blinded by money… I don't know that much. I don't understand him that well. So I'm going to give him a last chance.

“Hey, Silva... I love this Asgard territory. I love the people who love me. That's why I have no intention of showing any mercy to those who oppose me. I'm going to crush them once and for all and I'm going to protect anyone who sides with me. One question, has anything changed since you left this territory?"

“No, there was nothing special… I've just been reconsidering whether it's okay to stay here when Asgard is in danger...”

"Well, thank you. Take a break today I'll let you know what you have to do later.”

“Yes, thank you.”

So, you’ve chosen to be on that side..... I looked at Silva bowing with disappointment in my eyes and rang the bell.

Then Galatea comes in and guides Silva with a smile. Fortunately for Silva, who left before participating in the combat training, Galatea is considered to be a high-performance housekeeping golem. He'll be caught off guard. He doesn't even know he's about to be tortured. ......

“It's about time for the war to start....... It's probably my damn brother Kyle. I know he doesn't expect much from Silva. Rather, if he gets information, he'll attack quickly before things get out of hand. He won’t even know that the information was distorted by Galatea's torture! He’ll be like a summer bug that flies into the fire. I've won this battle!”

“Grace…. you don't have to smile if it's hard for you.”

It seems that my faked cheerfulness is obvious to my childhood friend and lover. As if she noticed my struggle, I was wrapped in a warm body temperature with a soft touch from behind.

"Vigna ......?"

“I thought it might cheer you up....... I'll stop if you don't like it.”

“Please keep on as it is ......."

So for a while I was soothed by her. And I tell myself to be cool-headed. I decided that I would protect the people of my domain, starting with Vigna. I can't afford to go soft on a traitor......

Chapter 23: Treatment of Traitors 

Galatea called me to tell me she was ready and I entered the building feeling a little heavy. This place was made to hold prisoners of war in the event of a battle. I didn't think I'd have to use it before the battle started, though. ......

“Galatea, how are you doing?”

“Thanks for your help, Master. You can leave the dirty work like this to me."

“What are you talking about? I'm not going to let you get your hands dirty. I was prepared to get my hands dirty when I decided to fight ....... Is he asleep?”

I look at Silva, who is hanging in his cell, unconscious. He is slender and skinny and his clothes are soaking wet. He was a sight to behold.

“That's a great aspiration, Master. I was just about to start questioning him. I'll wake him right up."


Galatea then poured a bucket of water over the prison and splashed it on Silva. Silva wakes up with a pitiful scream.

“Grace-sama, I'm sorry! please save me! I've had enough of being questioned every five minutes with a blank expression, I can't take it anymore!”

When he saw me, he cried out for help. It's true that Galatea can be as beautiful as a sculpture and it must be quite scary to be asked the same question over and over again with no expression on your face. To me, she's a pretty maid and a guard.

“If that's the case, why did you do what you did to trick us? You knew this would happen, didn't you?"

“I was looking for a job in the city when I was approached by someone from the Azul Chamber of Commerce.....”

Silva looked away from my question and answered awkwardly. I sighed inwardly when I noticed his voice becoming like that of a bum.

Was he looking for money.....

Maybe he was intimidated, but he didn’t seem to have been traumatized and…. I’ve already given him a chance to ask for help.

"Master, this man is an enemy. Let's kill him immediately."

"Oh, no… Grace-sama..... help me, please....."

"Galatea, calm down. Don't be so frightened Silva. I'll ask you to do something instead. In exchange, I want you to tell me all about.... the Azul chamber of commerce operations. That's the deal."

Silva, who was completely intimidated by Galatea, looked at me as if I was his savior. It seems that the candy and whip strategy is a success.

“I understand! The Azul Chamber of Commerce is going to have their private army and the adventurers they hired dress up like thieves and attack this village! And I heard that.... Prince Kyle will also join the fight. The plan was that I would give them information on Grace-sama's weapons and strength and as soon as that information arrived, they would attack the village.”

"Oh, big brother, are his king’s guards there too?"

“I'm sorry, I didn't learn that much....”

I ignored Silva's apologetic look and thought about it. Not being caught in the information network of Edward’s chamber of commerce means that some people are coming to the next town under the guise of travelers. Unlike Vigna, my damn big brother, Kyle’s King’s guard is made up of people who aren't that good at close combat, but are good at magic. Probably a few of them, but they're nasty as hell.

Long-range magic such as fire arrows can be quite troublesome if fought head-on, but rifles can be used to shoot them out of range. As for the rifle, it's better to hide it.

“So how do you get the information over there?”

“Yes, when I give the signal, a reared pigeon will come to me and I will attach a letter to it.”

"I see...."


I nodded and pulled my gun out of my pocket, the sound startling him in an amusing way. Did he think he was going to get shot?

“This is the secret weapon, the gun. It can only be used at close range, but it shoots faster and is more powerful than a bow. This is the strength… about 10 people, Vigna is the leader. What are you doing? hurry up and write a letter. Galatea, give him something to write with."

"Yes, Master! You know..... if you write anything unnecessary."

“Yes! Yes!"

Galatea scoffed and Silva began to write a letter with a tearful look on his face. I let him write the letter, giving him information that suited me, with a little truth mixed in. Then he whistles and a white dove comes and I tie the letter to it.

Now they would be lulled into a false sense of security.

"Grace-sama! You're going to let me go now, right?"

"... Oh, yes, of course."

The flirtatious look on his face reminds me of the words I swore to Galatea when I first welcomed the refugees. I decided that I would judge anyone who would ruin everyone's smile.

“Silva, I will decide whether you’ll be executed or enslaved when the battle is over. Until then, you will stay here and be quiet."

“That's not what you promised.....”

“You're the one who lied to me first. Don't worry, I'll feed you. Let's get ready for the battle, Galatea!”

"Yes, Master. Excellent decision."

We can hear the resentment in the background, but we don't care, we go out. And… the next day, the battle began.

Chapter 24: Kyle-Vermillion and the Azul Chamber of Commerce

"Kyle-sama, there's a letter for you!”

While I'm slowly drinking tea in the guest room of the Azul Chamber of Commerce, Raymond brings me a letter. He finally received a letter from the refugee called Silva.

He was apparently a former resident of Grace who agreed to betray him as soon as we gave him money and offered to hire him as a servant after the battle was over. He was brought to me by the Azul Chamber of Commerce when I asked them to find a man who could be a spy. Even so, he was desperate for a reward.

“Hmm… the range of a gun is not that far, but they are powerful weapons. There are only 10 guards. Well… the scale is still at the village level, so I wonder if that’s natural.”

“Well, the adventurer said that it was a woman who was actually fighting the wyverns when he first attacked the village."

Raymond nodded at my words. If you have a weapon with a longer range and more power, you don't have to fight the wyverns when they attacked.... But some of the wyverns had their magic shot down from the inside… can you put magic into this weapon called a gun? 

If there is such a thing… I think it will lead to an increase in the strength of me and my Kings guard. I can't help but chuckle at the thought of it.

“Then, there’s only one enemy. If my bodyguards unleash magic on the village from several places at the same time and destroy the walls, it will be impossible to respond. It’s best to use magic to counter the range advantage of magic, but they don't have it.”

“Yes.... I will send out about thirty of my own private soldiers and the dragon tamer adventurer and our victory will be secure.”

“I know they won’t be able to win if we have three times the number of people plus my Kings guard. Oh, but if there’s a dragon tamer, then I have to be careful and add a bit more strategy.”

It was a battle that was almost certain to be won, but even so, they could not let their guard down. In war, the presence of wizards is important. They can cast huge spells from a range that your opponent's bow can't reach and their attacks with a variety of attributes can do all kinds of damage to your opponent. The conventional wisdom is to win by magic versus magic, or to go in with a large army at some cost, but they don't have the troops for that.

Even ordinary soldiers don't want to fight and these recently trained refugees would be no match for them. The problem is Vigna, but at worst I could fight her.

Now it's just a matter of how Grace will react. ......

I actually think Grace is a fool, but I don't underestimate him. He may not be able to fight, but his knowledge is nasty to have as an enemy. Well, he'll still be outnumbered. ......

“Oh… Grace and Vigna…. and If possible the dwarf Bowman, tell everyone to capture alive.”

I'm not saying this out of any kind of compassion for my immediate family. Their knowledge of magic-healing potatoes, guns and the like could be useful to me as well. We're going to have an overwhelming victory anyway. Then there is no harm in capturing them alive and using what is available.

“I understand. Then let's open a bottle of wine to celebrate our victory and Kyle-sama's glory.”

"That’s right. Here's to our victory.”

And so we drank the wine together. The celebratory wine was very tasty.

Chapter 25: The One Who Invades Asgard 

My name is Louser. I used to be an adventurer, but I was hired by the Azul Chamber of Commerce for my skills and I'm in charge of rough trade. If it’s a big company, you can’t handle things cleanly. In some cases, they even need their competitors to have unfortunate accidents.

This job suits me as I've always been a man of my hands before my mouth, I rarely have to go into dangerous dungeons like I did when I was an adventurer and my opponents are often weaker than me. I guess you could say it was my calling.

This time, I heard that there was a former knight of the Kings guard who will be the opponent, but other than her, the rest of the team seemed to be amateurs and most importantly, there were wizards brought in by a member of the royal family called Kyle. I called out to a man in a robe nearby.

"Hey, if you need anything, I'm at your service.”

"Don't talk to me. I don’t want you to interfere with my magic.”

I tried to be friendly, but the man just snorted and ignored me. I was a little pissed off, but then again, these guys are apparently noblemen, so I guess it's inevitable that they'd be pompous.

I've seen magic before when I was an adventurer and it was amazing. I was impressed by the way they burned away the monsters in no time. And this guy was a member of the royal guard. He was probably even better than the wizards of my adventuring days.

It seems that the opponents have a weapon that is stronger than a bow called a gun, but you can use the ones closest to you as shields.

And above all, ......

"Am I free to kill everyone except for Grace, Vigna and Bowman......?"

I chuckled at the order. There are some rare items there that can be picked up and sold for a good amount of money and there are also some young women there…. which means that if you catch them, you can take them. You can't be too flashy about it, but if it’s just one person, it doesn't matter how you do it.

“I can see it now! They've surrounded it with those mud walls. That's cheeky."

"Haha, it'll work against the thieves and monsters. But we have wizards."

As the voice of my companion said, we finally arrived at a village surrounded by mud walls. We thought we would be attacked by monsters along the way, but thanks to their efforts to exterminate them, we encountered only a few. I guess they shot their own foot.

I licked my tongue and called out to the wizard for more fun.

“Come on, smash down the wall with your magic.”

"Hmm, I'll do it now, wait a bit. The breath of the flame god, become an arrow......"

The wizard's chanting produced a mass of fire. There is a small hole in the earthen wall and sometimes arrows fly through it, but they never reach this far.

All that was left was for us to sneak into the wall that was gorged by the magic and overrun the place… the moment I thought so, I heard a scream with a dry sound and something splattered


What just happened? I was confused, but when I touched something thick on my cheek, I saw that it was bright red.

Is this ...... blood? 

But whose is it? When I turned around, the wizard who had been chanting magic had a hole in between his eyes and was in agony…. He lost control of the magic which explodes.


It could be said that it was a miracle. I was able to escape fatal injury because I had a shield and the magic spell was halfway through.

I raise my body that was blown away by the shock and watch the situation. There were a few other people still alive, it seemed.

"You guys, join the others for now....."

A dry sound echoed again and the man next to me who had been moaning blew up and died. What is it? What's going on? I look at the village with its mud walls with fear.

Is something flying from there? I hear a third dry sound......

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