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15. Meeting them again

The next day, I was visiting the bandits’ hideout to ask Florence about the results of the appraisal. Sitting on her throne in the slums, as usual, she had cold eyes.

“Why have you come so early in the morning? Did you miss this mistress?”

“No, that’s not the case.”

” That Isn’t the case!?”

She was stunned. Her subordinates supported her, who was about to collapse due to the shock.

Early in the morning, I found myself sleeping on Fels’ lap.

I can’t say I ran away because I felt it was awkward.

“I wanted to hear the progress of the people I appraised. What happened after that.”

I want to confirm that my appraisal results and advice were really correct.

If I make a mistake, I could lose credibility with Florence.

If there is, I should apologize first.

“There’re no problems. On the contrary, our security situation has improved compared to before. They improved about two or three times after Nigris-sama’s guidance.”

“Well, that’s good. I hope it stays that way.”

“This mistress trusts Nigris-sama’s eyes. If there’s a mistake, it will be mine.”

I trust you, so don’t worry.

I’m very happy she said that.

Suddenly, Florence’s men shouted.

“Head! We’ve captured some people rampaging in the slums!”

“Rampage? In a land controlled by this mistress?”

“Yes. Shall we kill them?”

“… I’d like to see their faces. Bring them to me.”

Since living in the slums, I’ve noticed.

All the people who live here live by helping each other.

They’re poor but smile even if they can’t eat properly.

Was there anyone who would go wild?

Four men and women, tied together with ropes, were brought to kneel before Florence.

“Shit! Let go!” (Azel)

“Who do you think we are!? We’re the S rank party, Silver wings!” (Mia)

A familiar angry voice and a jarring female voice.

Why are you here?

“Hey … why is this trash here!”

“… Azel”

He received an arrow on his leg, and his face was a mess as if he was beaten badly.

The days I received mistreatment came flooding back.

“This is just right. Hey, would you untie this rope quickly and make yourself useful? Incompetent bastard!”

“… you’re still the same”

He has a bad mouth. Has he been drinking heavily again?

It doesn’t seem that anything has changed since I left.

“Ah? Who do you think you’re talking to, an incompetent is always incompetent────”

“Who said to open that stinking mouth?”

Florence’s kick pierced Azel’s jaw.

While vomiting blood, he glares at her through clenched teeth as she also glares coldly at him.

” Bwahahaha ……, a good woman. I like strong women, you know?”

A silent kick sticks into that vulgar smile.

She’s really angry. Was she that upset about their rampage?

I don’t know but I’d be angry too if my friends got hurt.

“Florence, send me the injured. I’ll heal them.”

“Can I ask you?”

“Huh? The Incompetent shouldn’t be able to use healing magic!” (Azel)

“… That’s right.”

I Ignore the noise and have the subordinates bring the injured.

It’s a good thing there were no deaths. The dead can’t be healed.


“Hey … what did you do you trash!”

“What, I just healed one of the people you injured?”

“Don’t lie! You can’t use healing magic!”

“You don’t believe me, don’t listen, now you’re even denying the facts? Azel.”

I don’t have to heal the Azel and the others

I was only healing them because I thought they were my friends.

“Hmm … I see, you guys. You’re the idiots who oppressed this mistress’ beloved Nigris-sama and spread baseless rumours about him.”

“Why is this trash connected to the empress? Why … why?”

“I want to kill you right now, but it’s not ideal for me to do so… What will you do? Nigris-sama.”

“First let them tell us why they came to the slums”

If they wanted me back as a companion, it’s too late and judging from their attitudes, that’s not the case.

“What are you guys doing here?”

“… Don’t talk to me”

“You should answer. With Florence’, her hands move before she speaks.”

” Don’t say another word”

He spits.

Oh, it’s useless after all.?

You can’t make conversation with Azel. He imposes his will on others, and if they don’t accept it, he yells like a kid.

In my heart, I was extremely angry yet nothing came out.

It’s too late for me to take revenge. They’ve already blown it.

“I don’t care about you guys anymore. No matter what happens, I won’t interfere.”

I have important companions now.

“Just don’t kill them.”

Florence left the decision to me.

So I chose as a healer.

Healers don’t kill people. It’s a profession that saves lives.

“… Strip off all their clothes and throw them out. Let’s respect Nigris-sama’s decision.”

The silver wings would be stripped of their weapons and armor by the bandits and thrown into the back alleys of the royal capital.

“Who do you think you are? You, a parasite will let me live? You think you’re so great!? I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you right now────!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. My leg slipped.”

” Azel! Kuu … we’ll remember you guys!” (Mia)

“What does the idiotic woman have to say?” (Florence)

Azel was kicked hard and faints this time.

It must be painful but I have no intention of healing it.

“So, why did you come here?”

“… Azel came because he wanted to go wild.”

“…Because of that you hurt the people in the slums?

I was fuming with anger.

It’s always the case. They don’t care about anything other than themselves. They don’t care if others die or get killed.

Do they think they’re nobles or something?

Mia glared at me with a demonic face, and was taken away without saying anything more.

She should have learned the reality, but nothing has changed.

“Is this really fine?”

“It’s fine”

If we stay in the slums they won’t be able to touch us. Besides, Fels and Alisa have already surpassed the level of Silver Wings. If they dare do anything, they might even die.

Florence flicked her hair and put her hands on her hips. The scent of citrus spreads.

It was good to have Fels’ knee pillow yesterday.

My mind is calm. My stomach is at ease.

I’m relieved.

“… As expected of the man I’ve chosen. You have a big heart.”

” Is that so? I wonder why they came.”

“It’s unlikely that they just wanted to rampage. Was their aim to assassinate this mistress?

To be honest, it’s not impossible that they just came here to run wild.

It was always like that. They’d get carried away and attack, and if it weren’t for my healing, They’d be dead a hundred times over.

  Like they say, fools won’t be cured even when they die.

“Even so, I can’t believe that an S rank party is only at that level.”

“That’s how they are.”

“… If you’re saying so, then that S rank party is finished.”

Come to think of it, I made a promise to help train Arisa’s magic today. Let’s get ready.

    It seems that Arisa doesn’t know how to be reserved and can only shoot with maximum power.

If I don’t make some adjustments, she may cause some serious damage.

16. On the other hand, at that time 3 ~ Expulsion party’s perspective ~

In the Adventurer’s Guild, there was a strange atmosphere.

“Damn it !!”?

They were stripped of their clothes and robbed of their weapons suitable for an S-rank party. They were only left with their bodies.

Azel grit his teeth and slammed the table.

“Why am I, going around in this shitty outfit? Ah!

“It’s not just you!”

In their shabby forms, they release their anger.

They were as good as dead when they were captured by the bandits, unilaterally harming the inhabitants. They didn’t want to understand that.

“It’s a coincidence that we lost ……! Yes, an accident. It’s just a coincidence that it happened in succession.”

Cold stares pierced Azel’s face as he refused to admit anything.

He distorted his face and hit the party members other than Mia.

“What’s with that look! Who’s the reason you made it to S rank? Aanh !?”


Those who think so cannot go against him.

“Since it’s like this, I’ll gather all the people in the Adventurer’s Guild to kill them. I’ll kill that empress! Nigris too!”

“If you do it in such a big way, it’s bad!”

“Shut up! The Adventurer’s Guild is on our side. We’re one of the few S-ranked parties! That’s how special we are!”

There are still plenty of opportunities.?

Or so they thought, but It was betrayed in a heartbeat.

The receptionist and guards approached while he yelled trying to gather their friends.

“S rank party, silver wings, right?”

“What? You’re a receptionist for the Guild?”

He completely forgets his shabby looks and acts confident.

“There was a fledgling adventurer who joined you previously. What happened to the newcomer?”

“Ah? As I reported it, he was killed by a Red Wolf.”

“…… As for that report, we found his body. The scars indicate that he was killed not by fangs of the Red Wolf, but by a sharp sword.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Found his body──── are you trying to say that I killed him?”

The Adventurers begin to make noise.

To kill party members.

It’s the most illegal thing to do among adventurers. If they get caught, not only will the adventurer be deprived of his adventuring privileges, but all the party members will be made slaves.

“… I’m sorry. We’d like to ask you a few questions, so could you please come with us?”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“That’s right! We have a duty to protect this town. We don’t have time for this!”

Mia quickly helped.

If they were taken in as it is, They’d lose their escape.

They would surely fall into slavery.

They said they found the corpse of the newcomer.

That means there’s evidence that Azel killed him.

“… Were you receiving a quest? It looks like you’ve just returned though.”

“We’re still on it! We’re on a quest from a high noble!”

The great aristocrats.

It’s a quest from a different force than the Adventurer’s Guild.

The receptionist realized she couldn’t handle this poorly.

They were an S-rank party. They handle quests of a reasonable difficulty level.

“… Okay, then please report when it’s over.”


Azel screams.

This is in the forest.

“What the hell is this?”

We can’t go to the adventurer’s guild to get allies.

We’ve been stripped of our clothes.

We have no sword, no wand, no nothing.

If we stay in the capital as it is, we’ll be caught on suspicion of killing the newbie. Then even slavery is on the way.

“I don’t like this. I can’t be a slave …!” (Mia)

“Neither do I. …… I’ve come so far.”(Azel)

“If we kill the Empress and are made nobles, all our sins will disappear.”

First is money. If we have the money to prepare weapons and armor, we can do it.

“Hey, look at that.”

“…A carriage?”

“We’ll attack it”

They have no concept of savings.

They are lavish, self-absorbed, and don’t mind getting their hands on other people’s things.

“Good idea, Azel”

And Nigris and the others were nearby.

17. Rainy day thieves


While adjusting Arisa’s power, we were hunting monsters.

Arisa, who is happy to cast magic, shoots while saying “Hyaha”. I hope she’ll be able to restrain herself.

Fels sits on a rock and watches Arisa’s magic.

“If you want to use that kind of magic, you can have Arisa to teach you.”

“No, I really don’t understand anything other than body strengthening magic. And Arisa’s teaching is like … Bam, Dokkan!”

Arisa would say that.

She’s the sensory type.

Well I can’t say anything about others either.

Fels’ magic aptitude was A, but with her physical growth, she had already reached the upper limit.

    Therefore, there’s no room for further growth in magic.

…… I wish I knew how to overcome it. I’m ashamed as her leader.

“I feel my sword has reached the limit of its growth. Like there’s a wall I can’t overcome somehow.”

I appraise Fels for the first time in a while.


[Race] Elves

Fels 12 years old ♀ Condition: Relief


Maximum magic power

Swordfighter A / SS

Magic A / A

Dexterity B / A

Loyalty 109


Loyalty is over 100!??

I’m surprised because I’ve never seen such high loyalty.

…… I want to see how far it will grow.

I’ll spoil her as much as I can … Wait wrong. The wall.

Could it be that experience makes up the difference between A and S?

I’ll ask Florence later how she raised her swordsmanship to S-class.

The best solution is to fight Florence, but I’m afraid that they’re going to start killing each other.

Cause those two are not on good terms.

I didn’t think it would be so difficult to train others.

“Let’s take it slow. We still have time.”


Fels is depressed.

I understand her feelings.

The newcomer, Arisa, showed such talent.

It’s not unreasonable to feel a sense of rivalry and inferiority.

“Fireball is supreme! I’m a child of fireball!”

“… It seems her [primitive fireball user] is not a skill but a curse.”

She seems to have gotten the hang of adjusting the power, and is feeling happy and content.

Now we won’t be caught up in Arisa’s magic during battle.?

About Arisa’s skill. I don’t really get it but if it’s not a curse, I can’t cure it.

“Someone help!! Thieves!”

Fels’ ears react to the echoing voice.

I could hear it, but the elf Fels should have heard it more clearly.

Arisa also stopped shooting her magic and looked around to see what was going on.

“Over there. It came from over there!” (Fels)

Even though we knew there was no benefit in helping, our bodies were already moving.

There was a carriage on the slightly maintained road.

The merchant who would have been riding in it was injured, and his escort was fighting with someone.

Why are you here?

“… You, what the hell are you doing?”


My eyes met with those flickering, crazy eyes.

How could I forget? I just met him this morning.


18. S rank party falls

I couldn’t help but be at a loss for words when I saw Azel and the others behaving like bandits.

No matter how short-sighted they are, this is too thoughtless.

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

” Nigris-sama? Do you know them?”

“What the hell? So you got some friends? A slave by the looks of it. And the other one… Wow! A Nino! seriously?”

I was so confused that I couldn’t hear Azel’s words.

Would he attack a merchant’s carriage just cause he was robbed of his equipment?

No, it’s strange.

I didn’t mean to push them that far.

“If you’re so desperate cause they took your equipment, I’ll give it back, so stop.

It was at least a concession.

I don’t want to make them suffer either.

I know it’s naive. But that’s who I am.

No. A while ago I would have wanted them to suffer.

I changed. I changed because I got involved with the Fels and the others.

“Buh haha! You’re stupid!”

“What do you mean? If that’s not it, why?”

I can still understand if deprived of his equipment, he did it out of spite.

Azel is short-sighted.

And so are the members around him.

“Wow, Trash-Nigris. You were friends with the Empress of the slums aah? “

“… So what?”

“I’ll welcome you back to the party! Rejoice! You’re happy right? “

What is he talking about in this situation? I don’t know why he attacked the slums or aimed at Florence yet.

Fels seems to have figured it out and has her hand on her sword. Arisa was fiddling with her hands with half-closed eyes.

“That has nothing to do with this. And do you think I’d come back?”

 “Don’t you want to be a noble? If you become a noble, you can get a position and live without working. The commoners enrich the land, and we get rich. Isn’t that the best?”

Does Azel not know the reality?

Ruling the land means ensuring the safety of the people who live there.

A lord has that responsibility. Don’t you even know that?

And what does being friends with Florence have to do with bringing me back to the party?

“I’m not interested in nobility. Even if you wanted me to come back, your attitude should have been different.”

“Ah …? Attitude? What? You want me to get down on my knees?”

If I say anything, Azel will point his sword at us.

Needless to say, it was a touchy situation.

“I’ll overlook what you said just now. We’re going to be big nobles. We went to the slums cause we were asked by the Chancellor’s right arm to kill that empress”

Kill Florence!??

This guy, He was aiming to do that from the beginning …!

“Don’t be a kid general of the trash pile, come here. I’ll take you back now? This is our chance to become nobles. ……?But the adventurer’s guild knows I killed a newbie, so I can’t do that, can I? Don’t you feel sorry for me? “

“… Killed? You killed your party member?”

“Yeah, I killed him. If it hadn’t been for you, he wouldn’t have died. I feel sorry for him. He’s dead because you left! You’re a murderer!”

“You insulted Nigris-sama.”

Fels couldn’t stand it anymore and took a step forward but I stopped her.

No, Fels shouldn’t do anything.

This man is decisively twisted.

It’s not a lack of emotion.

“Azel. I don’t have anything against you.”

We can’t discuss it. No matter how I approach, Azel will just move away.

The memories evoked are of Azel verbally abusing me, getting violent, and the betrayal of the belief that they were my friends.

I took it all silently without rebelling. There are many things I can forgive.

“But I wouldn’t keep silent if you were going to kill an ally.”

I just feel sick.

Arisa sighed and stepped forward.

Her expression seemed fine, but she was gripping the cane with all her strength.

“Hey, can we do it now? I want to let it go with all I’ve got.”

With Arisa’s full power, Azel and the others would instantly turn to ashes.

But we’re only here to save the people in the carriage. We’re not here to kill them.

She’s annoyed by Azel’s self-centeredness. I know the feeling.

“Huh, you want to kill them? Besides, there’s a carriage nearby. Think of the secondary damage.”

“… I get it already, I’ll leave that guy named Azel and the wizard alone. I can deal with the others right.”


“I really wanted to deal with that guy. Leave the small fry to me.”

Arisa plans to deal with two people, August is a shielder and Anne is a priest. They don’t make much conversation, and they were often silent even in the party.

As I thought inwardly that she shouldn’t overdo it, Azel jumped out.

“If you won’t listen, die!”


I ducked under the swinging sword and ran straight into the forest.

But that was my aim.

I had to split them up. If we continued to fight there, there was a chance that Fels would kill Azel. That time she gave me a knee pillow, her killing intent was real.

I don’t want to get Fels’ hands dirty.

Finally, I’ve started walking on my own.

I can’t let her kill him and bear the burden,

I have that responsibility.

19. Nigris VS Azel

“Hey, die already!”

“I’m not so kind that I’ll die cause you asked me.”

A little further away, Azel was still frantically swinging his sword.

His face was severely contorted and even pathetic.

It was a series of angry strikes but that was it.

I guess Azel didn’t notice I was calm, because of the blood rushing to his head.

“Stop running around! Can’t you attack !?”

After all, Azel is a fool.

I can’t be unaware of his habits after staying with him for years.

Whenever he attacks, he always starts with a big left swing.

“Heavy clothed layered heal”

Therefore, the movement is monotonous and easy to read.

I counterattacked here.

“Didn’t I tell you before? If you make such a big swing, your sides will be empty.”

I guess this is payback for ignoring my advice, claiming it was garbage.

Azel can’t withstand the fist strengthened by the heavy clothed layered heal.

He’s blown away with the sound of broken bones.

“Argh, it hurts!”



“Isn’t it a nostalgic feeling? Even if you think you’re hurt, you’re healed immediately. Oh, no, with you, it’s the feeling of not being hurt. You don’t feel pain right?”

I try to be sarcastic.

Perhaps he finally saw the benefits he’d been receiving so far, and when I approached, he retreated.

“What… what do you mean!”

“It’s the healing magic you’ve been saying is a lie.”

“…… That’s a lie. You can’t use magic, you can’t use a sword, you’re baggage. You’re garbage. …… You’re a parasite!”

“Look at the reality”

With a metallic sound, Azel’s sword was flicked away.

   Taking advantage of the recoil, my fist pierced Azel’s cheek.

Kicked by Florence then eating my fist.

This overlapped and Azel’s jaw collapsed.

“Ah … ah …”

He wanted to scream in pain, but every time he tried to scream, It would feel worse.

He couldn’t stop drooling, and it was spilling all over.

…… He’s pathetic.

No one would believe that the leader of an S-rank party looks like this.


“Kaha …! The pain it…huh!”

“If you can’t speak, I’d be in trouble.”

“Y, you fucker …”

He thought it was a chance and slashed at me with his sword.

I want to applaud his persistence in not giving up.

“Azel. You don’t need anything else as long as it’s convenient for you right?”

He’s selfish and considers himself the center of the world. He’s a child.

I know an easy way to discipline a child.

Even if his legs are crushed and his face gets bumpy, it’s healed in an instant.

“… Don’t heal! Don’t heal me!”

The frenzied Azel resists by wildly swinging his sword.

There’s no sign of him being an adventurer anymore.

He’s overwhelmed by the overwhelming difference in ability.

“Ah … aaargh!”

Azel, whose legs were broken, hands were broken, and became a hornworm, lay on the ground.

I mercilessly trampled him, as he was about to stand up on all fours.

“Stand up. I’ll kill you at my own pace, one-sidedly.”

“Kill… I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you no matter what!”

I’m glad he didn’t give up. It’s not over yet.

…… The newcomer who joined in my place. If I had hurt Azel earlier, he might not have died.

Fels and the others will tell me differently, but I can’t help but feel that way. He was there within my reach, but I couldn’t help him.

“Okay, I apologize! Stop healing! Stop it, stop! Don’t heal me anymore!”

Whether intestines are drawn out or flesh is shredded, my healing is a one shot deal.

If I think of someone and use magic, the effect will be even stronger.

Thinking of the dead I use magic. This is not just my revenge. It’s revenge for those made unhappy by Azel.

“Azel. Show me how far your selfish life will go.”

“Iga … Ibu …”

Repeated intense pain and healing.

If you keep repeating this, the brain won’t keep up and would start to bug out.

Kill Florence? Do you know the kind of feelings she has lived with?

I know because I saw her past.

She’s a pained woman who’s desperately lived alone.

Although she acts tough, she couldn’t live a normal life. She even sometimes shows her true colors as a straightforward girl.

Don’t feel free to kill her just because you don’t know it.

“… No reaction”

His brain was overloaded, Azel convulsed with white eyes.

If the pain is too much, one will die. But a certain amount of healing can cover that too.

Without dying, only eternal pain continues.

Azel’s will to fight had already been broken.

I felt like I had released all my pent-up resentment.

More than that, my mind was clear.

What have I been scared of until now?

I felt like I was finally released.

“… I won’t kill you. Not just as a healer. You should live and atone for your sins.”

Why heal? Well, he should feel better for now right? I mean he’s already fainted.

Do I turn him in at the adventurer’s guild?

Oh, I hope Arisa restrained her magic, It’ll be dangerous if her emotions run wild.

And Fels didn’t kill them, right?

…… Why am I worried about them? It’s usually the other way round.

Well, is this also a proof of trust?

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