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11. Those who cannot choose

  That night.

 Footsteps echo in the mansion of the great aristocrat Erad.

 When she came to the room with a terrace, Jeanne pulled out the holy sword.

 Erad applauds Jeanne as if he were expecting her.

“You’re here! It was a wonderful sisterly love. And Nigris was strong, wasn’t he?”

“… Erad. You led Altera to that place.”

“… that old story? I’m not interested anymore, do I have to listen?”

 Erad faced Jeanne looking fed up.

 Jeanne lied to Nigris.

 In order to settle everything by herself, she is challenging Erad alone. She was confident that she would win, but most of all, she felt responsible.

 Altera’s memory was erased and she was sent to the slums because she aimed at Erad.

“Well, I knew you would leave Altera to him.”

“What does that mean?”

“What do you think this is?”

 Erad flashed a piece of paper towards Jeanne. There was a formal death sentence to Altera from the Holy Church.

“You! What does this mean!”

“What’s wrong? She was kept alive because she was under your watch. I’m not my fault you know? She couldn’t be taken back from the slums right?”

“…! Why would you do that? What’s the point!”

“The point? Truth is, there’s no meaning. It just sounds interesting.”

“Interesting …? What’s interesting about deceiving and manipulating people!”

 Jeanne could not hide her displeasure at Erad who kept on smiling.

“You have two options left. Will you kill Altera and stay in the Holy Church? Or will you break the orders of the Holy Church and hide in the slums as a rebel? I’m curious, which one will you choose? Or will you die without a choice? “

 There’s no doubt that both were cruel roads.

 If the Holy Church really comes to kill Altera, Jeanne alone can’t compete.

 There are at least seven holy swords in this world. If even two holy sword wielders gather, even Nigris will lose.

“… I don’t choose either of them.”


“I choose the path to kill you and make Altera happy with this holy sword.”

 Jeanne was determined. When she saw Altera’s beautiful hands, she thought,

 ’I think Altera can be happy if she’s near this man named Nigris.’

 She wanted to entrust that man with something she couldn’t do.

“…… Hmmm, you’re stupid.”

“I didn’t like that smirk. No matter what magic circle you use, my holy sword will cut through it. I won’t hear you beg for your life.”

“Deployment open”

 As he said that, countless small magic circles were deployed in the room, and Jeanne was surrounded.

“Do you think I don’t know the effect of your Holy Sword?”

“So, you can’t take any measures! Don’t think you’ll die easily!”

 The magic circle that should be an obstacle is cut in two and disappears

 Jeanne swings down the holy sword at close range with a light far stronger than when she attacked Nigris.

“Arondite, Sword of Glory!! “

 Light shines in the darkness.

 As expected, even the whimsical Erad should despair ──── laughing?


 Para … Para … the rubble falls.

“Aah … my mansion is half destroyed.”

 That was troublesome.

 I have to say it was unexpected that I had to release my full power at that moment.

“But it looks like you didn’t notice my reversal magic circle.”

 It’s not a matter of quick thinking, but Erad was aiming for that from the beginning.

 The only way to beat the Holy Sword is with the Holy Sword.

 So he reversed the attack.

 Jeanne was defeated.

He stood in front of Jeanne, who was buried in rubble, with bright red blood spreading.

“Your sword won’t reach me.”

 The bloody odor rides on the wind, and the chilly wind felt comfortable.

“I won’t kill you, because your love for your sister is still useful.”

 A crow was flying in the night sky.

“Healer Nigris. I wonder what you’ll look like when you lose your friends.”

 Seeing his newly created magic circle, he laughs with a devious smile.

It was a magic circle specialized to deal with Nigris.

 It was inscribed with the words Nigris・ Magic・Law・Perfect・Nothingness・Transformation.

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