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Episode 11: Item slots are so usable it's crazy

Use "System Operation".

Then ——

"It's the same as the game ..."

The familiar user interface of SMO was displayed.

・ Status (details)

・ Item slots

・ Skill tree

The map, preferences, and logout button disappeared though.


It seems I can operate it with my finger, I try opening the item slots, Unsurprisingly, the item slots were empty.

I wonder how you store items.

I threw a bronze coin into the AR image.

Then ——

・Copper coin x 1

The item was added.

It's nice that the item is in, but what if I can't take it out.

While touching the image, I pull with the thought of taking it out.

"I see, this will be useful."

The operation method was quite easy. It's not that different from using a mouse.

I didn't care about the item slot in the game, but it's quite convenient when it comes to reality

For example, you can store a heavy sword and bring it out when you need it, and you can comfortably store a large amount of luggage when traveling.

Just in case, let’s make sure I can store Berserk.

——I did it with no problems.

Next, let's try Status (details).

What’s different from the status seen with Status Open?


Name: Yuki Matsuzaki Lv.1

?Class: Sage?Skills: "System Operation Lv1" "God's Blessing Lv1" "Climate Operation Lv1" "Continental Common Language Lv1" "Barrier Magic Lv1"

?HP: 97795/97795

?MP: 216950/216987


?SP: 120

? [Next >>] [TOP]


SP——No noticeable changes other than the addition of skill points. Certainly, I should be able to raise my skill level, maybe I can use them in the Skill tree ...?

As I planned to try the skill tree ....

"Wait, is it just one page?"

There is [Next >>] there, so I try pressing it.


?Attack power: SS

?Defense: S

?Attack speed: S

?Movement speed: SS

?Magic attack power: SS

?Magic resistance: SS

?Mental strength: S

?Vitality: S

?Magical power: SSS

?[<< Previous] [TOP]


On this page, there were only ratings between S and SSS rank, but this is certainly my status.

It should have been E to S rank--oh right, only Sage can break through the limits.

When I was using Playboy, It had this status only at level 99, but somehow, various screws are being blown away.

Well, it’s all good, that’s it for Status (details), let’s look at the skill tree.

It was then.

"Yuki, ready to eat!"

Aleria cooked homemade food.

This inn has a kitchen in each room, in exchange they don’t serve food

Adventurers eat out or cook for themselves. As a result, accommodation costs are cheaper.

"Oh! This is amazing. You’re really good at cooking."

It's a dish I've never seen before, but it looks very delicious with a good blend of red, yellow and green.

"Hehe, Yuki praised me!"

Well, let's talk about the skill tree later.

There are so many delicious dishes in front of me, If I don't eat now, It’ll be a waste.

"As expected! It's delicious!"

It’s exquisitely seasoned and perfectly blends the taste of the ingredients.

It just occurred to me but I've been eating out at convenience stores for such a long time, I wonder how many years it’s been since I had a home cooked meal.

It's been about 10 years since I came to Tokyo for university.

"I'm glad you like it...! I'll do my best tomorrow."

"Thanks, but there’s no need to overdo it?"

"No, I find it rewarding! It may be more fun than an adventure."

When I started living alone, I tried cooking a bit, but I found out that I didn’t save much by cooking for one person, so stopped cause it was ridiculous.

"Well, if Aleria is good, it's great for me. If you need any help, please tell me. I can at least do a little."

"Thank you! I might ask you to peel or grate."

"Leave it to me. That's my specialty."

"Fufu, I'm not good at it!"

I learned something new. She seems to be bad at small tasks, I don't hate it though...

In this way, I lived a happy cohabitation with Aleria.

Soon the day of the final exam arrived.

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