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4-5 You Don’t want to be Left Out of the Group, Do You?


An extradimensional creature whose very existence is a legend. To be honest, I still didn’t trust Lute and the others.

It’s not that I’m convinced they’re hiding something. However, unless there was a backstory, there was no need for the dragon to be on the stage.

Profit and loss accounts work better on a large scale. There must be a certain price to pay for moving something big and the dragon is no exception.

Marie must have made a similar decision. It’s not so much that she’s on the warpath, but she’s a little too determined to listen to what others have to say.

“The general idea is as it has been handed down in the human world. We dragons work in the dark to balance the world, some of us, like me, hide in the human world and others, like this guy, fly around depending on the situation.”

“Don’t point fingers and don’t do it to them either.”

Whether he knew what we were thinking or not, Lute’s tone was his usual calm one. The dragon being pointed at with us, in frustration, blew off Lute’s finger with a snort.

“Doesn’t look like you’re working to balance the world …….”

“Yes, it does. We’re a little biased at the moment and we’re currently focusing on analyzing that light that divides the world into two and investigating the cause.”

“You mean the borderline?”

“Yes. It is our mission, above all others, to find out what that light is.”

“All things have their origins and purposes, but we have no idea who created such a tremendous thing and for what purpose.”

As the dragon let out a sigh with a distant look, Lute’s bangs were agitated as he opened his mouth to say something and the vague scale of the conversation was gravely interrupted.

“So, what’s the point of talking to us about it?”

“As I said, we just want to talk. I was wondering if you who crosses the border have any useful information.”

“…… Can’t you just hear it from your other friends? Aren’t your companions in Fermina or Lurain, just like how you and Lute were in Raphia?”

I was about to say something that popped into my head, but I stopped myself and managed to cover it up.

After Chris gave me back the sword, I heard that the monster I defeated when I met up with Chris and the others near the borderline reacted to this sword and suddenly appeared out of the water at the borderline.

So far, so good. No, it wasn’t good, but the main point was after that. It’s said that the monster that appeared at that time did indeed say the word “Chaos”.

Chris, who was present at the incident in the demon village, would have had an idea, but if it was the same “Chaos” I was chasing, I couldn’t figure out where the problem was rooted.

If I tell these guys such a crazy story, there’s a risk that they’ll try to solve the problem even if they have to put everything else aside. With the dragon’s methods being so opaque, it would be best to refrain from simply spouting off what I know.

“Companions? Well, there are others, but…….”

“Get involved! them! No way!”

Raging as if to drown out the dragon’s voice, Lute jumped down to the ground. For a moment I was taken aback by the emotional appearance that appeared for the first time and Lute who raised his face hurriedly bowed.

“… in the past, we had a complicated situation and we were wrapped in smoke. But we only have a unified purpose and the means are too different for each individual. This guy and I are so-called moderates and our argument is ‘let’s solve this problem with as little impact on any object, including the target, as possible’.”

“That’s a very auspicious attitude for such an exaggerated goal. I appreciate it, of course.”

“We don’t have a concept of longevity and we’re used to taking the long view. I think that equilibrium should be seen over a long period of time, not as a mess that can be adjusted with temporary measures.”

“I see, so you’re saying that Fermina and Lurain’s dragons are ones who do not choose means for a purpose, right?”

Lute bitterly responded to Marie’s voice. I don’t know how the dragon is doing it, but it’s clear that he’s clicking his tongue into the night sky.

“Unfortunately, there are people who misunderstand what they’re doing.”

“As we are sometimes called “God’s Agent”, we have a body that is stronger than other creatures and a powerful magic power. But there are compatriots who mistake it for hierarchical relations as it is. Seems that even a child, let alone a god, would understand that you can’t mix “can” and “should”.”

“Oh, that’s…….”

I got the point. The person that Lute asked me to kill was not this dragon in front of me, but the ones in Lurain and Fermina. For the dragon who is called a hardliner, Lute’s way of doing things seems inefficient. It’s obvious that if they don’t have the same goal in mind, there will be unnecessary conflicts if they don’t find a way to get there.

If the other side is really willing to sacrifice anything, they might even try to eliminate Lute and the others. It would be the opposite of Lute’s intention to involve the people of Raphia, who have nothing to do with the dispute.

That’s why he asked me to kill them.

But if that’s the case, I’ll have to bow again.

“I’m sorry. I mistakenly thought your dragon was an enemy…..”

“No, I’m sorry too for trying to test you. It’s not a joke like the first time we met, I was really going to attack you.”


“No, I just wanted to see what you are capable of. I didn’t think you could get my hands or feet out.”

With its big mouth open, the dragon burst into laughter. Contrary to the quiet calm and inorganic lute, this dragon is so bold.

“I’m sorry, but when it comes to rehearsals that assume the actual performance, can’t we teach in advance?”

“…… Yes, that’s right.”

It’s not that what I’m going to do is wrong, but the scale of it is too unexpected. if you guess that it’s a feeling of being a super creature, even if you deny it head-on, it’s unlikely that they will understand it very much. In the first place, if it were possible to correct the course of events by telling them, Paula would have already tried it with Lute.

As I clenched my teeth, the huge dragon crawled towards me. The fact that it didn’t lift its limbs was probably out of consideration for the fortress, whose protective magic had been broken, but the way it approached with its snake-like behavior was nothing short of eerie.

“I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that Lute had asked a human to slay a dragon, but maybe you can do it.”

“These dragons, do we really have to kill them? They’re your people, aren’t they?”

“Whatever your intentions, Sage, they’re going to try to kill you.”

“Oh, I was a little worried…”

Marie, who had been silent until then broke in while tilting her head. While basking in the eyes of many, large and small, she opened her mouth curiously.

“Why will Sage be attacked?  If you’re the only thing standing in the way of the enemy dragons, wouldn’t Sage be able to get away with it by leaving the area while protecting everyone?”

After a breath, I finally understood the essence of Marie’s argument.

“When I listen to the story, It seems to me that Sage-san is more of a target for the other side.”


In response to Marie’s clear statement, the dragon and Lute’s reaction was terribly sluggish. After a long silence, they looked at each other and then quickly brought it back.

“Well, the hardliners don’t choose the means. In the sense of eliminating the cause of the borderline, they are using human wizards…”

“Marie-chan, are you over here?”

The air in the place froze at the gentle voice that came in without warning. Marie, whose name was mentioned, escaped from the circle without a sound.


I turned my gaze to see Lute holding a broken gem in his palm, right under the dragon’s nose. After two exchanges between the dragon, who was reluctant to move away and Lute, who quickly closed in on him, the dragon gave up and closed his eyes. The dragon’s body, clad in light the same color as the gem, drew a parabola of light like a tail and was sucked into the gem, disappearing. Lute raised his head, put his index finger in front of his lips and closed one eye.

“You’re here too, Lute. Isn’t your food getting cold?”

Chris peeked out from behind the stairs.

“I’m sorry, I’m coming now.”

Lute responded in a calm voice and quickly ran toward Chris. He slipped the gem he had hidden behind his back into the bag on his waist so that Chris wouldn’t see it and then joined her without a care in the world. As a person who has repeatedly experienced Marie’s quick detection of my facial expressions, I felt a little envious.

“By the way, Sage-san, did you cast a sleeping magic on Paula?”

“Oh, you knew that? I did it weakly.”

“I know, she won’t fall asleep otherwise, but it’s mealtime, so please undo it.”

“Yeah, I’ll be right there after I fix the broken protection spell.”


I signaled to an apologetic Marie with my hand and urged her to join them for dinner. Then, in the scenery where I thought I was alone, I saw Chris standing there without saying a word. Chris’s magic was not as strong as Lute’s, but her magic was also quiet and transparent, so it caught us off guard.

“Sage-sama, may I watch the deployment of the protective magic?”

“Sure. It won’t take long, so just stay afloat for a while.”


After confirming that Chris’s body had levitated, I placed my palm on the cobblestone again. As soon as I had finished deploying the blue-white light of the protective magic, Chris’s feet slipped into the edge of my lowered vision, leaving me with a chilly feeling. I rushed to look up to see Chris, who looked intimidating in a way I couldn’t describe because of the blue-white light.


…… Did I do something wrong? While I was searching for the right words to come out of my half-opened mouth, Chris continued to press me. When she was close enough to touch me on her knees, she sank into a crouch.

“How much do you think you can trust them?”

It was a cold, inorganic voice like Lute that I had never heard before.

The smile that looked down at me in disbelief was that of the usual calm Chris.

The only thing that was different was the inside of her amber eyes, which matched her golden hair, was covered with flames that she couldn’t possibly hide.

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