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Chapter 59: Iris' Appeal

Trainer Iris’ training is a little tough.

I'm pushing my limits, but unlike yesterday, with the addition of this small reward, I'm doing my best without making any noise.

My arms are twitching from the push-ups, but I'm still being forced to swing a wooden sword.

"30 more! Good luck Luke ~ ?"

My body is screaming and complaining that it wants to stop, but Iris is swinging a sword in front of me... in a bikini.

Naturally, every time Iris swings her sword, it shakes! It's really shaking! It’s hard on my body, but I just empty my mind and look only at this scene and swing my sword innocently. If I concentrate only on the swaying scene, I can still do it! Or rather, I want to see more Purunpurun! My body is screaming, but my instinct drives me to see this scene a little more.

"That’s it! Luke, thank you for your hard work! That's all for today. Let's do our best tomorrow!"

"Hah, hah ...... finally finished ...... thanks for putting up with me Iris ...... good job... ...Phew~ I'm tired~"


"It's hydration loss from sweat. Let's go to the bath after drinking this."

She gives me some cold water ... The water after exercise is delicious! Water at room temperature is good for the body, but it definitely tastes better when cold.

"Puha! Revived!"

I use [Clean] on the sweaty floor before heading to the bath.

* * *

"This is the liquid soap that I just made, but for now, if we soak in the bathtub after we've poured it on and rinsed it off, it’ll be easier to clean off the dirt.

I Soak in the bathtub alongside Iris that can accommodate about four people.

I have a wipe around my waist. It's not as good as a Japanese bath towel, but it's a cotton cloth that absorbs moisture.

Iris is wearing her blue bikini as it is.

When her body is warm, I’ll wash her hair with shampoo.

"This time I'll teach you how to use it, so I'll wash your hair."

"What? That's no good! If people knew the prince washed my hair, they would get angry!"

"It’s not like that, This is guidance. It's hands-on instruction. You’d learn better if you actually see it right?"

I said guidance, but anyone can understand shampoo if I explain it verbally and show them how to use it. I simply want to wash Iris's beautiful hair.

"Hmm, the sesame oil isn’t letting it lather... I think it's better to do this twice."

So, I wash it two times.

"Usually about a tablespoon is enough. This is enough for the second time."

"Wow! Luke, this feels really good!"

It feels good to have people wash your hair. I felt very good when I got washed at the barbershop or beauty salon.

"Don't use your fingernails, but use your fingers to gently massage the skin.”

The second time, the oil and sebum of the sesame oil had been roughly removed, so It formed a good lather.


"This time I’ll wash Luke-sama!"

"Hmm ... then I’ll ask."

I was lost for a moment because a certain imagination came to me... It was as expected. Whenever Iris scrubbed my hair, her melon at close range would bounce. It's a destructive power that can't be compared to that of when doing sit-ups.

My abdominal muscles hurt so much back then that nothing changed for me, but this time it isn't possible ... Rather, if you have a 15-year-old boy who doesn't get excited with this, you should go to the hospital immediately and have him checked for ED.

Yes ... a part of the cloth around my waist was forming a tent.

"......... That ... Luke ... this is ..."

"Don't say anything ... pretending not to notice is also an act of kindness, right?"

"Fufufu, I'm a little relieved, or rather happy. I was a little worried that you weren't very interested or attracted to me because you didn't respond to me at all during training.”

"The attraction is there. I'm very attracted to you! I just don't want to do anything to make Mifa sad right now. To be honest, I'm the kind of person who thinks it's okay to have just one girl you like.

"Well ... that’s ..."

"I know, maybe the people around me won't allow it. King Zeno and Duke Guile even talk about me getting engaged to other girls."

"Do you not want a second wife or concubine?"

"Yeah. King Zeno and his wives seem to be doing well, but I've heard that there are many aristocrats who fight and kill each other over their successors ..."

"Yes. It actually happens a lot."

" I don't want to see anything like that. It's not always the case that two women will get along, even if I fall in love with them. I think it's more likely that they won’t get along due to the succession issues and jealousy I mentioned earlier. I don't want to see the women I love fighting each other. And I definitely don't want to see brothers killing each other over succession."


"Then, there isn't a problem if the wives are very close to each other right?"

"Eh? Ah, yeah, that's right ... But we won’t know until we get married, right?"

"For example, Erika, Mifa-sama’s maid, how about her? You don't have to worry about that because they’re so close to each other right?"

"Sure ... there may not be a problem with those two. Well, the feelings of me and Erica are most important so that won't happen."

"Fufufu, how about this. Erica and I are good friends! We're related after all, and we've known each other since we were children.."

"Are you appealing?"

"Of course."

"You’re pretty aggressive."

"Yes, because I don't think there’ll be any better lords than Luke in the future. If I miss this opportunity, I’ll be forced to marry someone I don’t like by my father. I’ll use these three years to slowly make you fall for me. "

Iris swore to me with a big smile.

Looking at Iris again ... she’s cute.

Her food is delicious and her personality is perfect.

I've never been uncomfortable with her for the past few days.

Isn't Iris a super-excellent property? She's gotten a little closer to me and has developed a tendency to act like a big sister, but it's not an unpleasant feeling.

"Ah, it'll be three years, so if you're a man, you’d usually fall. I'll treat Iris as if I'm going to be that kind of person in the future. I'm sorry I can't get engaged to you right now because the royal family’s involved, but if we do get married, I'll take you in as my second wife, not a concubine. Duke Guile may have said concubine in case something happens with the succession issue, but if I can become the head of a marquis family, it becomes a different story. "

"Eh? Is that true! I'm glad! But I'm the third wife because you have Emilia, you can't pull out anymore! Fufufu, we'll definitely get married ~ "

King Zeno said he’ll give me the rank of Marquis. Then, since I’m the owner, the issue of a successor to the Duke of Forest is another story. The point is that when I really get married to Emilia and a boy is born, he’ll be adopted by Duke Guile's house.

"Well, next before your body gets cold."

"Oh, it settled before I knew it ..."

"Just pretend you don't know that ..."

"Okay, okay..."

"Next I'm going to wash my face, but this could be the last thing I do.”

"Which is better?"

"First you soak in a bathtub to warm up, which opens up the pores and makes it easier to remove dirt. However, after some people with an oily constitution soak in the bath, they sweat and the area around their nose will become sticky again, so the order of washing depends on the individual. I washed my hair first, but some people wash their body first"

"Well, I started from the top ... so I’ll wash my face too."

"Then use about one teaspoon."

I lather well and wash my face cleanly.

"Oh? My face feels smooth after washing!"

"Then, let's do a treatment this time. This is also the one I made before, but it has the strong effect of repairing damaged hair. You don't have to do this every day. And wash your body while you leave it.”

"Wow, this white stuff is really bubbling! It's fluffy ?"

?I just watch Iris wash her body ... I can't take my eyes off the rugged sight of a cotton cloth being inserted into the gaps of the blue bikini!

"Luke, I’ll be embarrassed if you look so hard."

"No, I couldn’t help it ... it's a really nice view."

"There have been a lot of boys glancing at my chest and so on, but it's rare for someone like Luke to glance at me without hesitation. It's less unpleasant than sneaking glances. "

"Well, it depends on who the other person is. I guess it seems that way now, but wouldn't you have hated it if it was back when you were showing me to the bathroom at the duke's house?"

"Maybe ... At that time, I only thought of you as a 'peeping demon orc prince'. Well, let me wash your back."

"Peeping demon ... That's true. Well ..."

I didn't peep!

I had Iris wash my back. After all it feels great to have someone wash it.

"Rinse the treatment and body foam together with hot water, and finally add conditioner. It should be applied quickly to the hair and rinsed gently. If you rinse it out completely, you'll wash out the moisturizing ingredients and the effect will be diminished."

"Wow! No way, what's this? My hair feels amazing through my fingers!"

I warmed myself up again in the bathtub and finished. I quickly wipe myself off and leave the bathroom telling Iris to leave her hair to dry as she left.

"You don't have to add sesame oil in the future." (Luke)

"But that would make your hair dry and damaged."

"Just sit here"

I dry Iris's hair by blowing warm air from the palm of my hand using a combination of wind magic and fire magic.

"That’s amazing. Is it composite magic? I can only use wind."

"It's not that difficult. It's also magic practice, but if you fail, you'll get burned, so you need to be a little more skilled."

"Yes, I’ll try my best!"

And after her hair was dry, Iris broke...

"Oh my god, what's this? It's smooth! No way! My hair doesn't get tangled in my fingers! There's an angel ring on my head!"

"Calm down Iris"

"I can't be calm! This is important! Luke, I'm going out for a while!"

"It's already 8 o'clock, where to?"

"I'll be back soon!

She left in the middle of our conversation.

I wanted her to give me a massage cause I was working out so hard.

But she came back really quickly.

With Mifa and Erica ---

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    1. I mean, Emilia doesn’t want it either. At least not currently. It’s a really weird dynamic.

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  1. Can’t say how they’re going to act after the nuptuals, but the fact that the first thing to run through Iris’s mind after experiencing shampoo for the first time was to run and grab Mifa to drag her into the bath with Luke is a very good sign.

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