Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Looking Back

Since his first F-rank quest, Tauro had been on a constant quest to collect medicinal herbs.

This was because it was quick and efficient.

In his spare time, he trained with his sword and more recently, he started training with bow and arrow.

He also went to see Angus, the blacksmith, and started to do things like blacksmith training.

He also began to mimic the preparation of medicines from a book.

There was a reason why Tauro started to do all these things.

It was because the conditions for activating his garbled skill were too special.

<Return to Soul Death> to get [Memory of Previous Life]. ←He was brought back to life accidentally by being kicked.

<To get the magic [Purification] Cleanse Long Years of Dirt>. ←Rinsed off two years of dirt from myself in the bath. Normally he wouldn’t let dirt accumulate for two years, and people in that situation wouldn’t have the opportunity to take a bath.

<A person with True knowledge, revered by skilled people> and has acquired [True Eye]. ←It’s usually impossible unless you have years of knowledge, wisdom, and charisma.

<Evangelist of Food>  obtained [Knowledge of Plants]. ← He was able to do this because of the knowledge from his previous life.

As he could recall, all of these conditions were too special to be attained overnight in a normal life.

So, not knowing where he could clear the conditions, he started doing various things.

Anyway, he wanted to accumulate every knowledge he could and get as close as possible to clearing the conditions for acquiring other abilities.

He’d always been a person who doesn’t mind doing things the hard way.

In his previous life, he even devoted his youth to transferring to another world.

As a result, he was reincarnated. Tauro did not spare any effort.


So, a year and a half has passed since he started all this.

Tauro was now 10 years old.

Two years had passed since he had gained the memories of his previous life.

His adventurer rank was F+.

During that time, he hadn’t acquired any new abilities…

“Hmm… I really didn’t learn anything for the past year and a half.”

He also came up with a new menu for the Adventurer’s Guild restaurant which was a great success and even taught Angus how to make a new weapon called a sword.

He had also been training with various weapons.

Just the other day, he finally defeated the unicorn hare and achieved his first monster hunt.

“I knew it but it’s really not so easy.”

Tauro blurted out.

But there was a reward too.

As a result of various tests, Tauro seemed to be able to learn everything quickly and dexterously.

It feels like there are people like that in the previous life but in this world, things are a little different.

That’s because of the existence of skills.

Most of the skills you don’t have, end up with you having no talent for it at all, so it’s impossible to be good at them.

Tauro, however, was able to do just fine.

It had only been two years, so he would have to work at it until he mastered it, but Tauro thought that perhaps the secret of his garbled skill lay in that area.

He had come to the northeast of the city to do his usual daily quest of gathering medicinal herbs.

He knew he would run out of herbs if he kept going to the same forest.

Tauro knew the forests around the city very well and he rotated between several different locations on a daily basis.

As with any forest, the deeper you go into the forest, the more valuable medicinal herbs there are.

As he was quickly gathering herbs as usual, he felt the presence of monsters as usual.

The deeper into the forest you go, the higher the encounter rate.

Tauro encountered mostly goblins, but in some places, he encountered orcs as well.

Today, too, it seemed to be goblins.

The other side hadn’t noticed yet.

As usual, he erased any sign of his presence and began to flee.


“One of the conditions for activating the special skill [&%$#] is <strong person who runs away from goblins>. You’ve obtained [Detect Signs] and [Block Signs].”

He heard the nostalgic “voice of the world”.

“ I’m running away though…!”

Tauro escaped from the area while leaving a tsukomi for the “Voice of the World”.

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