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Chapter 4: The Most Powerful Onmyouji, Dining Together

Holy Princess is not an official title.

It is merely a term of endearment for Fiona, by the people of the empire.

In the Urdhwight empire, ancient polytheism passed down from generation to generation is the state religion.

It is similar to the beliefs of Japanese Shintoism and ancient Greek mythology.

Although we are not aware of it in our daily lives, there is a huge central temple in the Imperial City that serves as the head temple, where a large-scale festival is held once a year.

It is the shrine maidens who serve the temple.

Living apart from the mundane world and appearing in public only in limited places, these women are held in awe by the people.

As was often the case in previous religions, purity is required of priests, especially shrine maidens.


Formication is punishable by death on either side.

There are only a few records of conviction, but there were no exceptions to the verdict.

About fifteen years ago, a shrine maiden had a child.

It was supposed to be a crime of death, but as was often the case in the previous life, there was a custom in this country that pregnant women were exempt from crime.

Banishment from the temple. That was all the punishment for her.

However, the man’s case is different. Death is inexcusable.

The name that the inquisitor heard after days of relentless questioning was surprising.

Gilzerius Urd Ehrgreif, the current Urdwight Emperor.

The emperor of Uldwight also serves as the Pontifex maximus, the head of the priesthood.

It was not, well, impossible to get at a priestess who was, at best, protected and, at worst, unfettered.

The problem was---- no one can judge the Emperor.

No one can restrain the Emperor, who has command of the entire army, including the Kings guard stationed in the imperial capital, and has his own intelligence unit.

The congress was understandably confused.

However, when a member of parliament who had accused him of refusing to appear in court died of suspicious death, and there was no candidate for the next emperor who was likely to be carried up, the Emperor’s sins became moot and eventually disappeared.

Fiona was born at a time when all that commotion had died down.

Unfortunately, the mother died of post-partum confinement, but in her place was born a princess of the blood of a temple priestess, something that was not supposed to be possible.

Holy Princess Fiona.

She had been living under house arrest for a long time because of the circumstances of her birth, but the story goes that in the past few years she has become well known to the people and is now making her presence felt in the imperial household.

A shrine princess born from forbidden love.

This is the kind of image that residents of the city have ......

“When I’m reborn, I want to fly in the sky.”.


And suddenly she said something like this, freezing the dinner table.


Splendidly, no one says anything.

At the table decorated with candlesticks and vases, were father, mother, Luft with Gly, and Amiyu and others were there, but there was an awkward air that was difficult to react to.

I have no choice but to open my mouth.

“In that case, I recommend the birds that live in the southern forest. They have abundant food, few foreign enemies, and they look colorful and beautiful.”

“I’ve seen a merchant handle one of those before, but thinking about it, I’d like to be more powerful in my next life. Like a dragon.”

“The life of the dragon also seemed to be quite difficult. As far as I saw in Astilia,”

“Ma, That famous one? I’d love to hear more about that.”

“Well in the summer......”

As we talked, I glanced around the table and saw ...... Grey looking at me with a look that said, Oh, come on, is this guy for real?

Well, I understand.

Fiona is... to put it mildly, pretty strange.

It’s surprising that I was troubled, but I was actively engaging the other party.

Grey seems to be well-liked, and he seems to be fed up with being made to talk to her on a regular basis. Maybe that’s why he is so careless with Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess.


She talks a lot for a mysterious person....

“Ma, Ifa-san was with you. I was curious, but what kind of relationship do you two have?”

“Boo! Gehogeho!”

Suddenly, Ifa is coughing.


In fact, Ifa was also at the dinner table.

Ifa was adamant that she shouldn’t because she was a slave, but Luft forced her to join because she was now Seika’s classmate and guest.

But looking at the atmosphere here, I’m not sure if that was good for this child.

It’s possible that Luft just wanted to increase the number of victims.

“Well, uh, I’m Seika-kun’s servant and slave, so ... that’s it.”

Fiona smiles wryly at Ifa's nervousness.

“Ufufu. Are you calling your master, Seika-kun? ”

“Yes, uh, well, it’s been that way for a long time ......”

“It’s kind of cute. Ummmmm...... Take good care of her, won’t you, Seika-kun?”

“Please don’t make fun of me.”

Then Fiona suddenly changes the subject.

“I have heard that the school accepts slaves equally. I had heard that it was a meritocracy, and it’s true, isn’t it? It seems that both Amiyu and Mabel have achieved good results despite their commoner birth.”

Mabel and Amiyu looked somewhat mystified when they were told.

“That’s right, but……”

“Anyway, did you say that Mabel was born a commoner?”

“Oh......? she was adopted into Baron Crane’s family and ...... I’m sorry. I apologize if I offended you.”

“... I don’t mind. I’m really adopted.”

“And this girl isn’t doing well.”

“......! I don’t want to be told by Amiyu. You’re just cheating and fooling around by taking a lot of practicals.”

“How is that cheating!?”

“What practical skills does the magic academy teach?”

Seeing the girls start to talk, I return to my own meal. Oh dear.


This time, Blaise called me and I raised my head.

My father in this life says, not particularly laughing.

“Is everything all right?”

Blaise and I had not yet exchanged many words, partly because of the timing.

I answer with a smile.

“Yes. I’m doing well, father.”

“I am very pleased with your work on the Astilia case. The report was well written. It seems to have been the talk of the town for a while among scholars specializing in monsters.”

“Thank you very much. It was worth learning at the academy.”

“Is the school ... still a good place?”

“......? Yeah, it’s a nice place.”

“I see. Then that’s fine.”

Blaise was silent after saying that.

He is still a man of few words.

“Write a letter a little more often, because it’s hard to tell what Rodnea is like from here.”

I was surprised and almost dropped the spoon.

Now I’m looking down at my plate, but ... I’m sure the voice I just heard is from my mother here.

I’ve been almost completely ignored ever since I was reincarnated.

“Yes ... yes, mother”

That was all I could return for now.

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