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Chapter 3: The Most Powerful Onmyouji Meets the Imperial Family Princess.

In the current imperial family, which has continued to have only princes, there is only one person who can be called so.

“Eh ... hah! that Holy Princess !?”

Amu raises a crazy voice.

Holy Princess Fiona.

The only daughter of the current Emperor Uldwight, a child born of a shrine maiden who serves the Central Temple.

She was sung about by many bards for her rarity, and her beauty led to the creation of several portraits and statues of her, and her name is widely known among the people.

Such a presence was standing alone in the garden of a country aristocrat’s mansion.

Grey looks at Amiyu who raised her voice and says.


“Hey, hey! That’s disrespectful.”

“It’s you, Grey. You’ve been treating me so poorly lately, haven’t you?”

As I watched them interact, Amiyu shook me by the shoulder.

“Hey, hey! Why is the Holy Princess in your house!”

“That’s......I mean, about that......”

“You never said a word about that!””

Because I didn’t want to say it and get refused.

“I wanted to see you, Amiyu”


Amiyu reacts with a startled look at Her Highness Fiona, who was nearby before she knew it.

The Princess spins her words in the air with a smile that is somewhat elusive.

“I’m sorry to have surprised you. I was in the middle of a tour of the countryside, but Count Lamprog insisted that I stay. I really wanted to meet you, so I asked his son to bring you to me during the school vacation.”

“Ah, oh... that’s fine...”

Amiyu glared at me sideways. Sorry.

“I’m sorry you weren’t told, but please don’t blame your friend. I was the one who asked for the impossible.”

“Yeah, yeah, fine, but ......, why me?”

“I have heard so much about you. Two years ago, you were accepted at the top of your class at the Academy of Magic, weren’t you? With the best grades ever achieved.”

“Ah? The guy Her Highness was talking about was you? No wonder your sword is so heavy.”

“Grey. Keep quiet for a minute.”

Fiona speaks to Amiyu, not even looking at Grey, who keeps silent.

“I hear that you not only have an aptitude for magic of all attributes, but also unparalleled skill with a sword. Ufufu...... like a hero from a fairy tale.”


“Oh, thanks ...... I get told that a lot.”


Fiona stares at Amiyu with her dull eyes.

“Red hair and young grass-colored eyes ... It’s exactly what I saw. I’m sure my mother saw it too at the end ...”


“... Seika Lamprog sama”

Then, unexpectedly, Fiona turned to me.

She continues with a smile.

“Thank you for helping me on such short notice.”

I was taken aback for a moment, but I smiled back, remembering the aristocratic language.

“I am not bothered at all. If Your Imperial Highness so desires, you may ask of us as much of this as you wish.”




“...... Um, what is it?”


Fiona stared at me silently for a while, but ... then she shook her head.

“It’s nothing. I heard that Seika-sama is also very talented. I heard that you won first place in the martial arts competition in the Imperial Capital. I was too afraid of blood to watch it, but now I regret it.”

“I am very grateful. It was a tournament full of strong competitors, but I was blessed with good luck.”




“...... Um, there’s still something?”

“No ... nothing. Ufufu. If possible, I would like both of you to be my Holy Knights... but that’s not going to happen.”

Fiona was rambling euphorically, but eventually came to her senses and said.

“I plan to stay a little longer. If you would like, we can leave together at the beginning of the school year. I’m going in the same direction as Rodnea. We will have to stop in King’s Landing first, but you will be accompanied by a platoon of guards, and we can arrange a good lodging for you on the way.”

“Oh, that’s more than I can hope for. By all means. ......”

“Then I’ll do that.”

Fiona smiled there for the first time, somewhat humanly.

“Please get along with me while you are here.”

I’ll see you at dinner time, she said.

Fiona walked away.

Where is she going? Maybe a stroll in the garden?

Lauren followed at Grey’s command, and if they’re on the grounds, well, there’s probably no danger.......

What a strange woman.

“I didn’t know that the Holy Princess was that kind of person. ...... She was a little bit different from what I imagined.”

Amu muttered. I felt the same way.

“Se, Seika-kun !? Was that the Princess just now !?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Ah, no, that is ...... brother Luft! Let’s hurry up to the room.”

“ I will introduce you all to Her Highness again at the dinner table. I’m sure you must be tired from your long journey, so until then, please make yourselves comfortable in your rooms.”

As if to escape from the pursuit of Ifa and Mabel, who had rushed to me, I followed behind Luft, who was leading the way.

“Huh, seriously ......”

“You brought them here without telling them Her Highness was here? You shouldn’t do that.”

“If she had refused, you would have been in trouble. You should thank me for getting her to come. More than that ... why didn’t you stop us?”


“I’m talking about Grey niisan.”

“Oh, ...... Grey has always had a rivalry with you. I didn’t feel comfortable interrupting.”

Luft says with a wry smile.

“Besides, I knew it wouldn’t happen often.”


“Both of you are much stronger than I am. You know what they say: the better you train, the fewer injuries you will have.”

“It’s not a practice ...”

Well ... I understand what he’s saying.

“Hey Seika!”

Before I knew it, Grey was walking very close by.

He looks down at me from behind.

“Remember, one day I’m going to beat you.”

“Hmm? Don’t say someday, do you want to try it now?”

“...... I don’t fight battles that I can’t win.”

Grey looks away and mutters.

I frowned.

What was going on with him when he had been so vigorous just a few minutes ago? After exchanging a few words with the Princess, he suddenly became like this.

Whether or not he knew my suspicions, Grey asked in an exasperated tone.

“And for that matter, you brought back all these women. ...... What are you doing at the academy?”

“Only women? ... Ifa was originally with me, and it was the Princess who told me to bring Amiyu.”

“What’s with the other grey-haired woman?”

“Oh, Mabel”

Mabel’s hair, which no longer needed to be dyed, had now completely lost its color and returned to its original gray.

It really is the exact same color as her brother Kyle’s hair.

I say.

“She’s the daughter of Baron Crane. Don’t be rude, else father and brother Luft will be in trouble.”

“Why did you bring her?”

“I thought it would be better if there were more of them ...... so I wouldn’t have to deal with Her Highness.”

“! Oh,  a fallback......”

So Grey lowered his voice by two turns and said:

“... I think it’s pretty smart. Well done.”


Apparently, Grey was not good at dealing with Fiona either.

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