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Chapter 11: The Strongest Onmyouji Wants to Enter the Academy 

 My secret soon became known to everyone in the mansion.

 As a result,

 Dinner was luxurious. 


 Wow, there is a whole piglet.

 This is how I was treated today.

"I'm happy for you! This is Seika-kun's celebration."

 Ifa, who helped serve the food, whispered into my ear with a smile.


 It made me feel a little embarrassed to be told that.

 But I wish it was prepared yesterday anyways.

 No, I don't care about birthdays.

"Today, my son seems to have performed a great feat."

 When the meal started, my father suddenly said.

"I've never seen an Elder Newt like that before. It was probably an individual that had aged deep in the mountains. It would not have been easy for even the most seasoned adventurer to defeat it."

“Seika was brave, Father. He went foward to save the maids who were near the detached building."

 Oh, that's a nice compliment from Luft. I'm a little touched, because this brother of mine, while decent, has always tried to stay out of my life.

 Wait a minute, Grey is glaring at me... I'm not sure if he's that upset that I'm getting all the credit for this.

 Also, his mother wouldn't make eye contact with me. Well, I guess it can't be helped.

"Thank you. Father, brother."

"The food tonight is a gift from the Chamber of Commerce in celebration. Later the council will present you with a letter of appreciation, and the Adventurers' Guild will present you with a subjugation certificate and a medal."

"Is that so? It's a great honor."

"So, Seika. How did you defeat that monster? Will you tell father about it?"

"Yes, sir. He seemed to be weak against flames, so I used fire magic."


 What is this?

 Do you think I'm being suspicious?

"Well, I was completely absorbed in the rest, so I didn't think about anything too difficult..."

"...That's right, Elder Newt is a water attribute monster, but it's actually weak against fire."

 After a short pause, my father replied as if nothing had happened.


"You knew it well"

"I read about it in a book. Also, I heard that Father once repelled it with fire magic."

".....it is a good decision. And you have learned a lot. But, Seika, don't get complacent. The next time you face the same monster, you may not be able to defeat it in the same way. If you don't have to fight, your first priority should be to escape."

"Yes Father. I think I was lucky too."

 That's right. Even I could lose at least once ...... in a thousand fights, or maybe not to an opponent of that caliber.

"But it's true that it was a splendid deed. I have to give you a reward as well. Seika, is there anything you want?"

"In that case Father. I have a request."

 I get to the point.

"I don't have magical powers. But even so, I couldn't give up on magic, and I've been training by myself for a long time. Perhaps because of that, I'm now able to use magic, even if it's just a little bit."

 I took out my staff and lit a bluish-white flame on the tip of it.

“I can use magic. Until now, I was satisfied with just that fact, but after this experience, I have a different desire. I want to use my magic for the benefit of others."


"I haven't yet decided what form it will take. However, I want to contribute to the empire in my own capacity as a child of the great family of Lamprog, a prosperous family of magical scholars. Therefore, Father."

 I say after a pause.

"Please enroll me in the Imperial Rodnea Academy of Magic."



 Ignoring Grey's surprised voice, I continue.

“I have heard that the Academy of Magic has produced a number of highly respected magicians. I would like to hone my skills there and determine the path I want to take. Since I am still in my infancy, I would like to start at elementary school. If possible, I would like to start next spring."

In my mind, it was an all-out speech, but my father remained silent for a while.

    There was silence at the dining table.

 But I wasn't worried.

 I've done such a good job. Even if there are some things to consider, he would have to admit this level of achievement.

"... I understand. That's fine."


“But just because you're a count doesn't mean you're exempt from the exam. You must pass the exam on your own."

"Yes Father. Thank you. I will study hard for the exam starting tomorrow."

 By the way, I add.

"Also, I have one more request."


“When I go to the Academy, I'd like to take Ifa there as my squire.”

"Eh, me!?"

 Ifa is flustered, but my father nods after a short pause.

"I don't mind if it's just that much. As long as it's out of the territory, it would be better to transfer ownership to you. Consider it a parting gift."

"Thank you. In addition......will you allow Ifa to attend the Academy?"


 My father frowned this time.

"That's impossible."


"Neither the daughter's father nor mother had any talent for magic. It is rare for a commoner's blood to harbor a great amount of magical power in a single generation. There is no point in attending the academy. Give it up."

"Then there's no problem. Ifa has already demonstrated her magical powers. I'll show you now."

 I got up from my seat and opened the large window of the dining room.

 After that, I walked up to Ifa.

"Se, Seika-kun, I..."

"Come here"

 Then, I take the bewildered Ifa to the front of the window.

"Ifa. If you want to come with me, you can shoot the flame of the hitodama with all your might out of the window. That's right, at the same time, you can just chant it as a flame note."

 With a whisper, I handed her my staff .

 Ifa stared at me for a while, and eventually looked out the window.

 Quietly she points the staff at the sky.

 It's more than a magic wand.

 It's like a commanding staff held by a commanding officer――――.

「――――Flame Note」


 A pillar of orange flame pierced the sky as the sun began to set.

 It stretched and spread to all directions, illuminating the scenery outside in red.


"The flame note is a medium-level fire magic, but... but what power..."

 Grey and Luft stand up from their seats and are stunned.

 It's a nostalgic flame.

 The spirit fox's flame art is enough to burn mountains, but this one must have been a four-tailed class.

 She is improving fast. After all, Ifa has a talent for manipulating spirits.

"What do you think, Father? Ifa protected the maidens from the Elder Newt with fire magic. She was fortunate enough to be born with a talent for magic. It would be a shame to let this talent go to waste."

 Surprised, my father was silent for a while, but before long he lowered his eyes and said.

"... Fine, do whatever you want. However, the condition of passing the exam will not change. Is that clear?"

"Of course. Thank you, Father."

 I turn to Ifa.

"I'm sorry I went ahead and did that on my own. You said before that you wanted to leave the territory and go to various places, so ...... if you want, you can come along with me."

"Uh, I don't know. Seika-kun, I'm…"

"Not yet. You have to pass the exam. We're going to study hard until spring from now on."

“Yeah, I’ll do my best! Oh, ...... if I'm going to be a squire, I'll have to use proper language, right? Se-Seika-sama."

"It's okay, just act as usual."


"It's kind of weird, and we're going to be classmates from spring."

 Also, I don't want you to do that because I already have my hands full with Yuki.

"I-Is that so? I understand..."

“――――I can’t believe it!!”

 Suddenly, Grey slammed the table and his loud voice echoed through the dining room.

“Father, what are you thinking? How dare you admit not only a dropout with no magic power, but also a slave to the  imperial magic academy!”

 Ifa cowers in fear.

"Furthermore, Father! For generations, the Lamprog family would never let siblings walk the same path! Next spring, I will transfer to the Magic Academy! It's not worth breaking tradition to let him in! He should have been in the army! Right, Father?"

"... That's right, Grey."

 Blaise responds quietly.

"In the Lamprog family, we do not allow siblings to follow the same path in order to serve the empire at large with our magical talents. And I do not intend to break that tradition in my generation."


"So Grey --- you will join the Imperial Army."


 Grey's eyes widened and this time he was speechless.

 I doubt if he even understood what was being said.

"You have both physical strength and talent with the sword. I'm sure you're suited for it. Do you remember my cousin uncle Petrus? He is now stationed along the eastern border as a commander. I will contact him and ask him to take care of you there after you join the army."


 Grey gasped out the words.

"Why me! Huh, I'm the second son, and unlike him, I also have magic powers! So..."

"Then I ask you, Grey, what have you been doing all these years?"

 Grey is speechless again.

 I doubt he understood what was said..

"Did you discover anything new during the period when you should have been studying at the elementary school? Did you try something new? Did you try to improve yourself? Grey, I have only seen you playing around with swords and with the unrefined in the city."


"Do you know what a researcher needs most? Motivation. I don't see that in you."


"On the other hand, Seika worked hard and showed results. That's all."

 Grey, when he was told the truth, peeled his eyes and shut up.

 His complexion is now purplish.

"...a duel."


 Grey suddenly points at me and shouts.

“Seika!! I challenge you to a duel! My bet is on your path to the Academy!"

"Grey, stop it..."

 Luft tries to stop him, but Grey doesn't even listen.

"If you lose, get out of the house right now! Got it!!"


 No, it's my father who pays my tuition fee, right?

 When I look at my father with this thought, Blaise opens his mouth with a pained look on his face.

"Seika, are you okay with that?"


 My mother, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly raised her voice.

 When I looked in her direction, she quickly looked away.

 Hmm……? what?

 Confused, I answered my father.

"I don't mind."

"Grey, you're satisfied with that, too."

“Yes, father. I will prove to you that I am better at magic than him. And when I do, you will allow me to become a magic researcher.

"……It's okay"

"Grey! Stop being stupid. A duel between brothers..."

"You must be silent."


"That's right Mother! This is a matter between me and Seika”.

"Then it's decided."

 Father takes a seat.

"The date and time is tomorrow at noon. The rules will be in accordance with official Imperial etiquette, but the use of serious weapons and offensive magic of medium or higher level will be prohibited. I will be present. I'll take the rest of the day off."

With these words, my father leaves the dining room.

 Before I knew it, it was dusk outside the window.

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