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Chapter 10: The Strongest Onmyoji Defeats the Lord of the Mountains

 About half a year has passed since then.

 It's my birthday and I'm twelve years old.

  In this culture, you get one year older on the day you were born, not by counting a year. Just as the first day of the year was a day of celebration in my previous life, it was customary to celebrate birthdays here.

 I was treated as a tumor, so I didn't have that kind of thing.

 On Luft's and Grey's birthdays, the meals were more luxurious and they got gifts and stuff. I feel alienated.

 It's hard being a concubine’s child. I don't care.


 That's what I thought at the breakfast table.


 The family was all together, but the only sound was the clinking of dishes at the quiet dining table.

 It was a little funny, as if the silence was meant to avoid mentioning that it was my birthday yesterday.

 Even if I say that, there is nothing special to talk about.

 Nothing has changed recently.

 The only thing I can think of is that Gray is really excited about going to a magic academy.

 He's already fifteen. It's about time for him to decide his future. Unlike Luft, Grey, who can't inherit the family, seems to plan to take the exam next spring and transfer to the high school of the Imperial Magic Academy and pursue the path of a researcher of magical studies. He's been saying it for years.

 However, He’s just breathing and not doing any special study or practicing magic.

 I don't know the content of the high school exams, but I wonder if that's okay, Gray.

 Is this the time to be so carefree and chomping on bread?

"Today, I'll show up at the city council meeting. I'll be back by nightfall, so you take care of the rest."

"Yeah, be careful"

 When my father Blaise says so, my adoptive mother quietly answers.

 As if it was a signal, the breakfast table soon closed.

 I see.

 Come to think of it, I didn't have a tutor today.

 Well, what should I do?


 I walked through the garden of the mansion to a separate building.

 I had some business with Ifa and asked the maid where she was, and she told me that she was currently cleaning the separate building for guests.

 Along with asking about the hitodama, I also wanted to give her a little warning.

"Hey Seika! Wait!"


 When I came close to the separate building, I was suddenly stopped like that.

 Looking back, there are two figures.

"Gray nii-san. Luft nii-san too. What's wrong?"

"Seika! Starting today, I'll teach you how to use the sword. You should be thankful!"

 Huh? What's that, all of a sudden?

 I looked closely and saw that both of them had wooden swords in their hands for practice.

 As I tilted my head, Grey yelled at me in a loud voice.

“You're already twelve, aren't you? Have you thought about what you're going to do after you leave home?"

"Hmm... Not at all."

"How long are you going to stay idle? You can't inherit the house, do you understand! I'm telling you, there is no way the prestigious Lamprog family is going to keep a useless, powerless, and concubine's child in the house forever!”

 How can you be so patriarchal when you’re not going to inherit the family either?

“And in your case, you can’t even follow the path of magic research like I did. So you have no choice but to join the army....... So, from today on, we’ll train you. You should be grateful."

“......As you know, Seika, we’re learning swordsmanship from Squire Theo, so I think I can teach you a little. Of course, if Seika is willing.”

 Luft took over.

 Hmm, a sword?


 I'm sure Grey said that because he wanted to beat me up anyway, but I don't mind going along with him for a while.

"Okay. Where are we going?"

"Right here"

 Grey throws a wooden sword at my feet and gives it to me.

"Well, what's the fun in pretending to be something you're not? Let's have a mock battle right away."

"Grey, wait a minute..."

"I'm leaving home in the spring. I'll teach you a lot by then."

 I pick up the wooden sword while glancing at Grey, who makes a licking gesture at me.

 It's been decades since I practiced swordsmanship.

 I had learned swordsmanship in the Tachi school, and this is a one-handed straight sword, but I wondered if I could apply it.

"Yeah, I don't want to wait anymore either. Brother Luft, you can be the referee."

 Saying that, I also hold my wooden sword straight.

"... Grey, take it easy. Well then, let's get started."

 For the time being, he decided to take a waiting stance.

 With the tip of the sword pointed at the opponent's eyes, he waits to see what Gray will do.

 ……Hmm, this guy is surprisingly cautious.

 We exchanged a few more rounds of strikes, but all he did was feint and check, and he never attacked in earnest.

"Grey, what's wrong? Aren't you going on the offensive like you always do?"

"Uh, shut up. This guy, the gap is..."

 I don't have a choice.

 I'll just go......

“Lu, Luft-sama, Luft-sama――――!!”

 I was so surprised to hear a voice suddenly echoing, and both Grey and I lowered our swords.

 I looked over to see one of the servants running to Luft, out of breath.

"What's wrong! What happened?"

"Th-they say a large monster appeared near the city."

 Luft changes his expression.

“Monster! So, what's going on! Any damage?"

"Fortunately, the master was there and used his fire magic to fight it off, so it didn't get worse.”

"I see. Well then..."

“The monster has fled back into the forest. If it escapes along the mountains, there is a possibility that it will head this way! Therefore, the master has instructed us never to leave the house today or tomorrow.”


 I sense a huge presence, and I drop my sword and turn my attention back to the shikigami.

"It’s coming, brother Luft."

"Seika? What...?"

 The sound of a large object hitting the ground.

 And then.

 A huge shadow that suddenly appeared crashed into the nearby wall with a roaring sound.

"Wha, what is it!?"

 A dark red shadow buried in the distance.

 The mucus-covered gigantic body slowly raises its head.

 It was a salamander of tremendous size.

"E-Elder Newt!? And what’s with this size!?"

 The body length can reach 3 lengths ( about 9 meters).

 Its flat head was high enough to look up at.

 It was like a whale. Is it the master of the mountain?


"Run away, escape to the mansion!!"

 Grey let out a pitiful scream and ran first. After that, the half-crying servant and Luft followed.

 Well, that's what happens.

"Seika! You too, quickly!"

 I ignore the words of Luft hanging on my back.

 I still can't pull away


 At that moment, I saw a frightening sight.

 There were several maids and Ifa standing beside the rubble of the detached building.

 Ifa is pulling one of the maids as if she's lost her grip and can't move.

 Did that little movement touch its instincts? Elder Newt's head turned toward Ifa.

 The pitch-black eyeballs moved as if they were watching for their prey.

 Not good, this is...

 Suddenly, the jaws open wide.

 The moment it attacks Ifa――――,

 A wall of orange flames stood in the way, protecting Ifa.


 The Elder Newt, sounding like a crushed frog after touching the flames, sprawls around.

 What the hell was that? A hitodama protected Ifa ......?

 No. I don't think that a youkai, which is like a natural phenomenon, has such intentions. Then... was that Ifa’s own doing?

"……How nice"

 I laughed a little and broke the instant death class curse I had built up.

 I'm glad I didn't have to use this. It would have almost ruined the whole thing.

 It seems that Ifa and the maids have already escaped, so it should be fine.

 I slowly approach the giant salamander.

 After recovering from its panic, it seemed to have chosen me as its next prey.

 A huge reddish-black body is approaching.

 I point my stick at it.

 It seems that this thing is not good with fire after all.

 Then it would be better to defeat it with fire magic.

 Elder Newt is a water attribute. In the five elements, water and fire are in a conflicting relationship, but at the same time they are also inverse conflict, with strong fire not accepting the conflict of water.

 And salamanders are naked insects. Naked insects are earthbound. The earth is constricted by the root of the tree, which is the tree line.

 This is a jutsu that is unrelated to the old five elements philosophy, but it is unintentionally in line with it.


 Anything is fine as long as it works.

《Wood-Fire-Earth Aspect――――Poison Fire Jutsu》

 The blue fireball I shot erupted into the Elder Newt's lower jaw.

 While letting out a death roar, the gigantic body writhed again.

 But this time it didn't last long.

 The Elder Newt gradually weakens its movements until it turns its belly up and begins to convulse.

 And finally it stopped moving.

"Subjugation Complete"

 The flames weren't that strong, but Elder Newt was completely dead.

 It was no wonder.

 What I had mixed with the demon fire was poison.

 Pyrethrum, which was cultivated in the Eastern Roman Empire, had an unusual poison that was effective against insects, frogs, and snakes, but harmless to humans.

 The current jutsu is to call up this ingredient as mokiki. Pyrethrum poison, vaporized by phosphorus flames and absorbed through the mucous membranes of the skin, must have been very effective against salamanders. I must have inhaled some of it myself, but it was nothing to worry about.

 By the way, it was my first time using it as a jutsu.

 It was good. It went well.

“Seika…defeated the monster…?”

 Luft’s voice. He has a dumbfounded look on his face.

 Oh, I haven't escaped yet.

"Was that Seika-sama ......?"

"Ah, a monster like that, with a single blow..."

"Seika-sama... Seika-sama defeated the Elder Newt!!"

 Cheers and applause erupt from all over the mansion.

 Apparently, everyone was watching the commotion from afar.

 That's good. This is the turn of events I had hoped for.

 Come to think of it, I realize that this is the first time in my life that I have received such praise.

 It's a bit annoying.

 Even in my previous life, I wasn't used to this sort of thing.

※ Poison Onibi (demon fire) Jutsu

A technique in which pyrethroids, the poison of pyrethrum, are placed on phosphorus flames. It is less toxic to mammals and birds, but has a strong effect on insects, amphibians, and reptiles. It is also an active ingredient in mosquito coils. Pyrethrum originates from Serbia, which at the time of the protagonist's visit in the 11th century was a territory of the Eastern Roman Empire.

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