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Chapter 83: Information

“Are you happy with this Sophie?”

“What are you talking about?”

“It was you who advised them to make me the leader, right?”

From the reaction of the people around, it seems it was natural for the winner to be the leader. If so, the leader being Sophie should have been decided without much thought. However, if someone advised them differently that could have changed.

“I just said that someone who is implicitly good at both martial arts and magic is more suitable to be the leader.”

“It’s definitely because of that!!!”

It seems it was Sophie after all. But Sophie, who has been with me all this time, shouldn’t have had that opportunity.

“But when did you talk about that?”


“While you were getting post-match treatment.”

“So that’s it”

In other words, they talked while I was sleeping. It’s still quick.

“I don’t mind this time, but from now on, if it has anything to do with me, don’t do things on your own, please talk to me.”

“Yes, I understand!”

I’m afraid Sophie will put me in a terrible position one day if I’m not careful. And even though I’m actually slightly offended, Sophie looks happy.

“Shall we go hunt monsters from tomorrow until school starts?”

“I’m fine with that”

“Then let’s go”

I have to go to school next week, but there are no classes. We have to travel to the country where the inter-school battle will be held in about two weeks, so before then I have to prepare for it, meet the members of our school team and do some light coordination training. This means I won’t be able to hunt demons as an adventurer for a while.

“Anyway, how about doing a quest a little far away that requires us to stay overnight?”

“Sounds good”


Until now, we had only two days off, so we couldn’t do it since it would hinder our studies if something happened and my schedule was extended by even one day, but this time we can because we have three days.

“See you tomorrow”



Then we parted from Shana and went home. I was beaten by Ziel till the middle of the night… Thanks to the special training, I had a good night’s sleep.


“Alright let’s choose a quest.”




We gathered in the guild and looked at the quests together.

“Zeros, Congratulations on being the runner-up?”

“Oh, thank you…”

The guild master suddenly appeared from behind. I’m used to it, but I’m sure this is the power of her spirit. And I really didn’t want to see the guild master, but I still did.

“When did you become capable of spirit descent?”


“You’re always cheating, but when will you give me a detailed explanation?”


Even though I enchanted Ziel for only a moment, it was still caught by the guild master. Also, as I heard from Ziel and Ygg, it seems that enchanting and spirit descent are almost the same. However, it seems that spirit descent can’t be done without putting in effort for years or decades. Knowing this, enchantment is like a cheat. And since I can’t come up with a good excuse for contracting with two spirits, it looks like I’m always cheating. It’s highly likely that she already guessed it, but she also wants to know the rank of my spirits. By the way, the guild master’s spirit seems to be the highest-ranking spirit of darkness. Of course she’d be suspicious when he bows his head and speaks in honorifics …

“Zero ni-sama, how about this request?”

“let’s see!”

“It’s for lizardman subjugation …”

“OK! Let’s do it!”

It was a great opportunity to change topic, so I tried my best to participate and since Sophie chose it and it seemed to be a good request, I decided to do it.

“Ah, I thought I’d give you information about your opponents in the coming inter-school competition.”

“…When I come back from the inter-school battle, I’ll definitely talk about it.”

The guild master said that from behind me I probably need to talk to her about it soon anyways, so it’s not a bad idea to promise to talk and get some information.

“I’ve got your word, okay?”

She said that with a grin, then told me the information as promised.

“The second prince of the beastmen, who is rumored to be the strongest of the royal family, and the first princess of the elves, who contracted with a highest-tier spirit, are certain to attend unless something goes wrong..”

Well that makes sense. If rumors have already come to this country, I’m sure the host country is already talking about it. There’s no way they’ll suddenly decide not to participate.

“And it may be a little tough on Sophie, but you’re unlikely to lose to an elf kid who’s only on the right track because she signed a contract with a highest-tier spirit. So give her a good licking, show her the difference in rank, and beat her to a pulp. “

“Oh, ohh…”

Does this person have a grudge against that elf? However, it seems I have the guild master’s permission to beat her.

“The problem is the strongest beastman of the royal family … haa…”


Somehow, the guild master looked at me and gave me a pitying look with a sigh.

“He’s definitely not compatible with you …”


“As an advice, it’s useless to cast magic, there’s no chance if you don’t challenge him in close combat, which is the opponent’s specialty, from the beginning?”

“That’s not advice is it?”

I felt that the information on the elf was very detailed, but the information on the beastman was rather vague.

“Zero ni-sama? We should  go soon!”

“Oh, ohh!”

We’re already recognized as a party, and while I was talking to the guild master, I handed over my guild card and asked Sophie and Shana to accept the request.

“It’s a student’s competition, so don’t think too much and enjoy it.”

“Thank you!”

“Maybe I’ll go there to see that pompous elf get beaten down by you ~”

“Oh, yes…”

“Zero ni-sama!”

“I’ll be going now !! Thank you very much”

“Go on, be careful.”


After all, the guild master seems to have some kind of grudge against the elves. I thanked her for the information, joined the girls, and then headed to the requested location by carriage.

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