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Volume 4: Inter-School Battle

Chapter 82: Member Announcement

“Oh, good morning Shana”

“Good morning”


After having Ziel give me special training for two days, it was the day when the selected members for the interschool battle would be announced, so when I arrived at school, I met Shana who also came to hear the member announcement.

“Hey Claudia!”

“Oh, Zeros-san!”

And when we headed to the school grounds where it would be announced together, we met Claudia there.

“How are your injuries ?” (Claudia)


“The injuries from the final match.”

“No, I was okay. I wasn’t injured that badly.”

I’m sure I had cracked bones in some places, but it’s not good to worry her, so let’s say it’s okay.

“What are you talking about? You had bruises all over your body, frostbite all over your body, 17 cracked bones and 9 broken bones, how can that be okay!?”



“Could it be, you cured me?”

“Well … yes …”

“Oh, thank you?”

“You’re welcome.”

It seems that Claudia-san was the one who healed my injuries. I want to ask her why she healed me, but when I see her panicking that she told me, I feel it’s better not to ask, so I don’t. And more importantly, I didn’t know I was injured that badly. It didn’t matter when I was in the middle of the match, but I couldn’t help but glance at Sophie lightly. Then Sophie, realizing that she was being watched, looked at me and smiled. I can’t help it… I’ll forgive her for being so cute.

“Then we will announce the members participating in the inter-school battle!” (School director)

The crowded grounds quieted down at the sound of his voice. There was an indescribable sense of tension in the air.

“Jumpa Carrero!”






“Amy Estil!”


“Shana Lingalia!”


“Marker Dawkins!”


“Salona Venus!”


“Watts Colekin!”


“Zeros Adolfo!”


“Sophia Adolfo!”


“Ten all in all!”

That said, the grounds became noisier than before. And the fact that some people didn’t have a surname means that commoners were also selected. Apparently, they are choosing based on meritocracy.

“Then we will announce the leader and deputy leader among these 10 people!”

When He said that, it calmed down once more. I’m sure they have some idea who it is, but they still seem to be anxious.

“Deputy Leader! Sophia Adolfo!”


Huh? Sophie’s the deputy leader? Normally, Sophie, who won the finals, will be the leader. I can hear voices asking why from the surroundings.

“Leader! Zeros Adolfo!”


Well, if Sophie is the deputy leader, I guess I’ll be the leader.

“I’ll explain why I chose the runner-up, Zeros, as leader!”

Maybe everyone wants an explanation. No

 … Sophie doesn’t need an explanation, I feel that this is definitely Sophie’s handiwork.

“This year’s competition aims to win!”

“” “!!?” “”

Everyone was surprised. It would be surprising to say you’re suddenly aiming for victory even though you’ve been losing for years.

“But this year, the second prince of the beastmen, who is said to be the strongest of the royal family, and the first princess of the elves who contracted with the highest spirit will also be participating!”

“”!?!?! “”

I’m even more surprised that my opponents are stronger than usual.

“And from this year, it was decided that the victory score from the fifth and final captain’s match by the five representatives will be 3 points!”

“” “………” “”

I was beyond surprised and felt like I was losing my mind. Apparently, there seems to be some countries where the strongest person is not sent out last and if you plan to raise the score only at the end, you’ll have to bring out your strongest person then. By the way, this country is one of those countries. Still, this is just an excuse, and in fact, there seem to be many people who say that it’s useless for captains to fight each other when they have 3 points vs. 1.

“Since that’s the case, we have to win the captain’s battle to win.”

“” “………” “”

“You can’t beat the beastmen with martial arts alone, and you can’t beat the elves with magic alone. So to win, you have to be someone who is top class at both.”

“” “!” “

“Yes, Sophia is better at magic than anyone else in this school, but she’s not good at martial arts. But! Zeros has the ability to be in the top 3 or higher in both martial arts and magic!”

“” “!!!” “”

“And I believe that Zeros has the potential to defeat them both!”

“” Zeros! Zeros! Zeros! “”

“Zero ni-sama…? Are you okay?”


I use stealth with all my might. It would be a hassle if they could find my whereabouts. Moreover, the school director was unnecessarily good at giving a speech, which made it troublesome. Or rather, if we win four straight matches, it doesn’t matter if I lose right?

“Let’s go home …”



And since the announcement was over, I decided to go home before I got caught. It’s not that I’m not happy about the expectations, but the pressure is heavy …

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      doubted tho, a likelier possibility is trying to kill him instead as its a disgrace for the prideful elves that that the spirit king is contracted to a human while spirit magic is their pride .and add to that mc’s spirit magic teacher is an exiled elf with a dark spirit

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