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Chapter 84: The Camp

“It’s okay around here.”

“That’ll be one silver coin sir.”

“Okay, here you go.”

“Maido!” {TN: Thanks for your patronage} 

“I’ll see you tomorrow at 2 p.m.”

“Okay!” said the coachman, who had taken us near our quest and went home. I asked him to come back tomorrow, but if we don’t show up within twenty minutes, he’s allowed to leave.

“Well, shall we look for the Lizardman?”




It’s just past noon now, so there was still some time left. We walked to the location of the request. 

“I found it…”


“Over there.”

I couldn’t find it anywhere at the rocky place which was the quest’s location, but it seems Shana found it with her skill

“There it is”

And when Shana guided me there, I saw the lizardman. As I imagined, it was a muddy green lizard that walked on two legs. By the way, Lizardman is C-rank but since orcs are D-rank, it should be stronger than orcs. We’re still D-rank so we can’t accept this quest solo, but it can be taken as a party.

“I’m going!”

Going with the usual formation, I jumped out first and headed towards the lizardman.


“Huh! Eh…”

When did the lizardman pick it up? It attacked with a long thin spear made of a stone , but when I blocked it with my sword and then tried to push back, the spear broke easily and the lizardman’s belly was slashed, then the lizard man collapsed.

“… It seems each of us can take it alone if it’s just a Lizardman.”(Zeros)


“Thank you…” (Sophie)

I was originally worried about Sophie but I beat it even without using enchantments so if it’s just a Lizardman, one person is probably enough. After that, we took them down one on one as we found them. 

“Let’s call it a day.”



It was now past 5 p.m., so it’s about time to round up. Then we moved to a place with a good vantage point to set up camp.


“Let’s set up camp before it gets too dark.”


And with that, we started preparing camp. The first thing we did was to activate a magic tool that would make it difficult for monsters to get close to us; even a D-rank magic stone would work for one night. But it doesn’t work so well on B-rank and above, so we’ll need to keep an eye out for them.

” Zero-niisama , are you pitching a tent too?” 


“Our tent can take three or four people, so you can share with us, okay?”

“No! Me and you are brother and sister so it’s no problem but it’d be inappropriate with Shana.”

I don’t think it’s a good idea for me and Sophie to spend the night in the same tent with Shana, even if it’s okay for me and Sophie, it’s not a good idea with Shana, who’s royalty.

“Nn? I have no problem with it” sounds more correct 

“No! I can’t do it!”

With that, I started to make a two-person tent for myself. The reason why I made a two-person tent was that Wallace and the others had told me that I should have enough space to move around in case something happened, this was probably the reason why Sophie’s tent was bigger than the number of people in it.

“I said it’s okay, and so did Shina.”

“No means no!”

“I understand…”

Sophie finally relented.


“You’ve earned a new title; coward.”

“Title exceeded the limit. Please select a title to remove.”


“What’s wrong?”


Who’s the coward?! Who?! If I didn’t have disguise, when someone appraised me, they would think: “Oh! He’s such a loser.” I want to check it out right now but first let’s prepare the camp…

“What’s the order of lookout duty?”

He asks Sophie and the others while acting normal by eating dried meat and fruit.

“What if we had two guards all the time and somebody changed every three hours from 9 p.m.?”

“I think that’s fine.”


If there was only one person, it would be difficult if a monster came while we were asleep, so at least two people would have to be on the lookout.

“Then I’ll do the first and last set.”(Zeros)

“I’ll do the first and second set.” (Shana)

“And I’ll do the second and last set.” (Sophie)

After all, with the three of us, we can only sleep for three hours. I’m okay because I have the insomniac title, but the other would have a hard time.

“Good night.”

After building pitfalls and walls with earth magic, 9 p.m. came in a blink of an eye, so Sophie went to the tent to sleep. While Shana and I were keeping watch, she became very sleepy.

“I’ll wake you in half an hour so you can get some sleep.”


With that, Shana put her head on my lap and slept a little. If this happens, I feel that the two-person system is meaningless, but I think it’s okay. I hurriedly confirmed the title at this point.


・ Title given to a weak-willed person.

[Effect] Increased crisis detection ability, increased magical manipulation resistance.

“Damn it!!!”

I whispered so as not to wake Shana but I did my best to voice my feelings. Due to the surprisingly good effect, I couldn’t remove this title anymore… With tears in my eyes, I set this title and removed the Goblin Killer title.

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