Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: The End of a Tiring Day


The appraisal by the Prime Minister continued.

“Hmm… It’s strange. I’ve appraised garbled skills in the past, but I can’t decipher what this garbled skill is.”

The Prime Minister furrowed his brows.

“What does that mean?”

Tauro asked.

“It’s a skill that my S- appraisal cannot decipher… Normally it’s possible to predict what kind of skill it is based on the abilities that you learned and the tendency of the status to rise, but as I said earlier, your skills are increasing in multiple professions. This makes it impossible to predict your skills. If it was just the martial arts, I could predict it to be holy knight, hero, savior, etc… but you’ve gained proficiency in multiple unrelated professions, such as blacksmith, woodworker, apothecary, etc. I’ve never appraised anything like this before in my life.”

The Prime Minister was dumbfounded by Tauro’s strange degree of growth.

The Prime minister probably had the best appraisal skill in the royal capital, it can’t be helped if he was dumbstruck.

But there’s no need to be pessimistic.

He could increase his proficiency, and that’s in multiple professions.

God had given him a good, special skill. 

Tauro was convinced that he was blessed with this skill.

The only drawback is that the conditions for releasing the abilities are too difficult, but as always, he just had to work hard and take it easy.

“That’s the end of the appraisal. Satou-kun, you seem to have a rare skill, but the proficiency you have for a number of professions is high for your age. There’s nothing truly outstanding, but you’re clearly a hard worker. There’s nothing suspicious about you so you should be fine.”

Tauro remembered that he had said that he was going to inspect him on behalf of a certain person.

“I’ll have Satou take over as the prince’s tutor. His Highness insisted on it. You will instruct His Highness once a week. On the other days, you’ll be working with us and your friends here.”

“Huh, his Royal Highness the prince?”

It was the royal family.

In addition.

The Reversi game didn’t seem like something the nobles will take interest in, it was supposed to be entertainment for common people.

Tauro who didn’t want to stand out was getting a more important role and this made him a bit light headed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay you handsomely.”

That’s not the problem! Tauro wanted to complain.

After being released from the hall where the nobles had gathered, Tauro and his friends were taken back to the inn.

The time was already evening.

Meena, who had been standing by Tauro’s side for a long time, said

“Good Job.”

He really worked hard.


“But the prince is next, right?”

Meena said with an inflection that made it hard to tell if she was making fun or if she was being serious.

“Hmm… I want to forget about it for now.”

Sighing and answering that way, Tauro entered the inn.

An employee immediately noticed that Tauro and Meena had returned.

“Welcome back, guests. Would you like me to prepare your meal or your bath?”

He asked.

“What about you, Meena-san?”

Ladies first, Tauro put the question to Meena.

“I think I’d like to have a bath after dinner.”

“Where do you want to eat? I’d like to eat slowly in my room.”

“Yes, that’s fine with me.”

“Then, please.”

“Very well, sir.”

The employee walked quickly into the back of the room.

“Please prepare a meal for Mr. Tauro and his companion! They will be served in their rooms. They will be taking a bath afterwards, so please start preparing now!”

Tauro heard the voice saying.

“Meena-san, thank you for your hard work today as well.”

“Yes, thank’s for your hard work, Tauro. Get some rest.”

The innkeeper was busy preparing for dinner and the sounds of her employees going about their work reached Tauro’s ears as he walked up the stairs to his room.

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