Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Representative of the Trade Association

On the day of their arrival in the capital, they helped unload the Reversi merchandise, had dinner with Paul, and then decided to rest at the inn he had reserved for them.

It was Tauro Satou’s first time staying in a proper inn, so he was very nervous, but he was also surprised at how luxurious it was.

“The inn (in this world) is pretty luxurious. I wonder if everyone is like this.”

“Yeah? This is only for Tauro. I got the room next to yours because I’m your escort, but the other adventurers stay in more modest accommodations.”


“The inn I usually stay is at least five times less than the price of this one.”

“Five times less?”

“Since you’re going to teach a nobleman how to play the game of Reversi, don’t you think it would be a good idea to have you stay at a decent inn?”

“So that’s the way it is…”

“Yeah, maybe that’s how it works.”

“I’m getting nervous.”

“If you’re nervous now, you won’t be able to hold yourself together for a month.”

“That’s right, a month… I want to go home in five days with everyone.”

“Stop whining.”


Tauro was dejected, but when he found out that there was a bath, he was very happy and took a bath, humming to himself.

He went to bed in a good mood.

The next morning.

“Good morning, Meena-san!”

Tauro greeted her cheerfully.

“…Good morning.”

Meena, on the other hand, was much less excited.

“You look weak this morning.”

“…I’m not weak, I’m just in a bad mood.”

After a barren exchange, they decided to have breakfast together in the inn’s dining room.

“…Meena-san. Isn’t the white bread here too hard?”

“Yasuragi-Tei is special. This white bread is still a luxury item.”

Tauro usually ate his meals at the guild-run Yasuragi-tei.

So, before long, Tauro’s tongue had become accustomed to lavish meals because of the menu he had developed.

“I want gingerbread…”

“Don’t, it’ll remind me.”

Meena was also a regular at the Yasuragi-tei, so she had a good palate.

Although they were not satisfied with the menu here, the two ate to their full and decided to go to the chamber of commerce headquarters.

It wasn’t the day to teach them how to play Reversi, but they hadn’t been able to greet the people at the Chamber of Commerce headquarters the day before, so they decided to do so.

The building of the Chamber of Commerce was a four-story brick and wood structure that could be called a building.

Once again, the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce was huge.

It was located just off the main street, but it was as big as any other building in the city.

“It’s not as big as the other ones. Hahaha.”

The representative of the business association, Garfish, was 45 years old.

He had a mustache and a dignified appearance, giving him the impression of a dynamic man.

He is married to Isana (35) and has three children: his eldest son, Marg (18), his second son, Otsuka (13), and his eldest daughter, Martha (8).

“When Paul sent us the reversi on an early horse, we knew right away that it would sell. And our children were fans of Reversi, too. I thought it would surely sell well here in the capital, so I sold it to the nobles who had contacts. Sure enough, it was very well received.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I’m sure my master, Mauve, will be very pleased.”

Tauro’s position was that of an apprentice to Mauve, the inventor, and he could not afford to lose his job.

“Satou is not only Mauve’s apprentice, but he also has the skill to create a limited edition work of art. At your age, that’s really impressive!”

“Please don’t tell anyone that I’m the one making the limited edition.”

“Secret? I see, if the nobles knew, they might try to keep you around. Fortunately, I haven’t revealed the creator yet. They haven’t even asked me about it. We’ve only described him as a Saïsi craftsman, so we’ll continue to push it that way.”

Garfish sensed Tauro’s words and took them into consideration.

“Oh… please give me a limited edition for free to keep my mouth shut. Hahahaha!”

As expected of a merchant, he was firm.

But on the other hand, Tauro knew that it was a contract of absolute secrecy.

Tauro had a good feeling about this Garfish.

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