Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: A Profitable Story

Recently, the city of Saisi had begun to overflow with activity.

Word of the mithril ore being produced in the territory had spread throughout the country, and people had begun to flock to the city.

More and more people began to do business with it.

And when that happens, things move.

And since all of this was subject to tax, a lot of money came to the lord.

For the city of Saïsi and the Viscount in charge, it was truly the spring of their lives.

While the lord had a big smile on his face, Leo, the head of the Saïsi branch of the Adventurers’ Guild, had a very stern look on his face.

“It’s good to have adventurers from other places, but the quality is low. They cause trouble with the locals and the guild’s reputation suffers. Our current top adventurers are the C-ranked ‘Five Arrows’ and a hastily created C-ranked ‘Blue Guardian’, but they’re not nearly as good as Mauve’s ‘Silver Sword’.”

Earlier, Tauro had been listening to Leo’s complaints.

He was supposed to be discussing a plan to expand Reversi’s production, but when Leo issued a complaint, it couldn’t be ignored.

“The security in the territory is getting worse. We’ve been asking the lord to increase the number of soldiers in the territory, but it’s not going well and on the contrary, we’ve been lending our strengths to take down bandits and brigands and crackdown on crime.”

Leo’s complaining didn’t stop.

“Well, sales at Yasuragi-tei are as good as ever and we’re getting commissions from the Reversi sales, but…”

It looks like they were finally getting back on track.

“I heard from a merchant that a large order is about to come in from King’s Landing.”

“Oh, that’s right. They also want ten of Tauro’s limited editions.”

“Ten huh…? I guess the capital is different.”

The basic price for a limited edition board is eight gold coins.

Tauro was worried. Considering the distance to the royal capital, labor costs and other expenses. 10 gold coins wouldn’t be enough to cover up for everything. Is that really worth it?

“The Chamber of Commerce says they’re selling them for fifteen gold pieces per side, and they’ve already sold six sides.”

They almost doubled the price? Tauro thought that the merchant had an amazing business spirit. 

“I’ve been to King’s Landing several times myself and there are many people there who are richer than the lord of this city. And on the other hand, if it’s cheap, the buyers will be dissatisfied.”

Leo added.

“It’s a kind of status, I guess?”

“Maybe. I’d also like Tauro-kun to accompany the caravan on this mission.”

“…..What? What did you just say?”

After a moment, Tauro who thought he heard wrong asked.

“I want you to play the role of the Reversi guide and you’re to go to the royal capital for about a month. I’ve told them you’re the inventor’s best student.”

“You don’t need a mentor. The rules are simple! Besides, I’m only ten years old!”

It wasn’t something I wanted to say, but I couldn’t help it.

“It can’t be helped if they insist. Besides, I can’t let them find Mauve when he’s gone somewhere else. He’s not even the inventor.”

There was no mistaking what Branch Manager Leo was saying, but it made him stand out too much.

“You’re the inventor but there’s no one in King’s Landing who knows you, and it’s not a bad idea to see King’s Landing while you’re young.”

Tauro was persuaded by the plausibility of what he said.

But he was surprised by the unexpected addition, 

“Oh, and you’ll be promoted to E-rank today, so it’s fine.”

He was surprised by the unexpected report.

“Eh? This is so sudden!”

“The E-rank adventurers from elsewhere are of worse quality than you, so we’ll have to promote you to balance things out.”

It was a very delicate reason and Tauro did not feel too good about it.

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