Chapter 224

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Chapter 224: The Story of Spatial Transfer Continued

In a clearing in the forest on the outskirts of the village of Dansas.

“Leader, what are you going to experiment here, spatial transfer?”

Ankh asks Tauro, while making sure there are no other signs of life.

“First, let’s see if we can move one person at a time by ‘spatial transfer’.”

Saying so, Tauro grabbed Aeris’s hand and used ‘Spatial Transfer’ to demonstrate it.

Tauro and Aeris instantly disappeared and moved to the side of a tree one meter away.

“Oh, I was able to do it. I guess I used two people’s worth of magic power…. Even though the amount of magic power has been reduced by the “Magic Manipulation” (Extreme), it still took up a lot of it……”

Tauro drinks a magic recovery potion to recover his magic power.

“Then, now I’ll try it with Ankh together, so hold my hand.”

Tauro said, and holding Aeris in his right hand and Ankh in his left, he moved again in an instant, about a meter away, using “spatial transfer”.

“…Whew! Consuming the magic power of three people is hard…! But it looks like I can do it…!”

Satisfied with the result, Tauro drank two magic recovery potions in quick succession to recover.

“Am I next?”

Ragune excitedly checked with Tauro.

“Ragune, I have another favor to ask you.”

“Oh, really? …Too bad.”

Ragune was a little depressed because she was the only one who could not participate.

“Well then, what I want to do now, Ragune, is to ask you to go to your ‘dimensional corridor’. Your ‘dimensional corridor’ destination is the village of the Dragon People, right?

“oh? I have the entrance and exit set up in a room at my house in the Dragon People’s village.”

“Is there anyone else in the house?”

“I have a brother, but I don’t think he would come into my room. Is there a problem?”

“No. If we suddenly appeared out of the blue, he’d be surprised. Can I ask Ragune to go and check first?”

“? I don’t mind, but my ‘dimensional corridor’ is just barely wide enough for me to pass through, so you can’t all fit through it, you know?”

After Ragune said that, she opened the “dimensional corridor” and disappeared in an instant.

After about five minutes, Ragune returned.

“Sorry, I explained to my brother that my friends might be coming over now, and he asked me a lot of questions about what I was talking about that didn’t get the point across, and it took me a while to explain, but I didn’t understand it either, so I just broke off the conversation and came back.”

“Oh, I-I’m sorry. Then, this time, can I ask you to open the ‘Dimensional Corridor’ instead of moving right away?”

“Oh, I understand…!”

While Ragune’s mind was filled with question marks, she opened the ‘Dimensional Corridor’.

“…then everyone hold hands….let’s go!”

Holding Aeris and Ankh’s hands, Tauro used “spatial transfer” to jump into the different space of the “dimensional corridor.”

The next moment, Tauro and the others were in a room somewhere.

And then, in front of us, frozen in surprise was a man who could be identified as a dragon person.

“…Oh, hello.”

Tauro immediately understood that the Dragon tribe man in front of him was Ragune’s brother and greeted him.

Aeris and Ankh, who were holding hands, were also frozen in surprise, so Tauro calmly introduced himself.

“My name is Tauro. I am a friend of Ragune’s. These two are Aeris and Ankh. I think Ragune will be here soon, so I’ll leave some space.”

Tauro then pulls them away from the doorway of the “dimensional corridor.

“Thank you very much for your kindness. I’m Ragune’s older brother, Drago Dragoon…how in the world are you guys here!?”

The handsome young dragon man with black hair and gold eyes, similar to Ragune’s, who introduced himself as Drago, had just come to his senses from the shock of being startled by the three humans who suddenly appeared in front of him.

Then Ragune appeared using the “dimensional corridor.”

“I wondered if it was possible for you three to come this way, but you really did! Great, I’ve never heard of such a use, not even in lore!”

Ragune took Tauro’s hand and admired him, but when Drago looked at Ragune, he understood that his sister’s nonsensical explanation earlier was referring to this.

“Ragune, what is this all about? When you said you were bringing your friends, I thought they were coming directly to us on foot, but to bring them here through the ‘dimensional corridor’…. With your strength, you could only carry yourself…. Don’t tell me you can now carry more than one person!”

Drago had many questions he wanted to ask, but if his sister’s abilities had been newly awakened, that would be great, so he prioritized asking her about that.

“My abilities haven’t changed, brother. More importantly, it’s Tauro, the man who saved our lives from the epidemic “

Ragune introduced him to Tauro, her companion and benefactor.

“Huh? The genius pharmacist, Tauro-dono, who understood the disease for which no definitive cure had been found just by listening to its symptoms, and taught us how to prepare the herbs and many other medicinal herbs, is this boy!?”

Drago was surprised to learn for the first time that the savior of the village was, in fact, a child.

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