Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: Rescue Mission

Tauro used his “presence detection” to let the team know that a group of demons and monsters in battle were slowly approaching them.

“Ragune, are you okay? If you haven’t recovered yet, take a potion.”

Tauro handed the potion to Ragune.

“Thank you, I will.”

Ragune took it and drank the potion.

“Well then, let’s go rescue the group that’s retreating this way. For now, we’ll prioritize killing the most troublesome harpies.”

Harpies are ugly-looking creatures with the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a bird.

“Harpies are in the mix. We’ll have to finish them off first, otherwise it will be hard to fight.”

It can’t be helped that Ankh hates them.

Fighting an enemy while worrying about the harpies overhead is very challenging and nothing but a nuisance.

” I’ll take care of the harpies, but Aeris, too, be on the lookout for them with magic. I’d like to get there first and take them out if I can.”

Tauro asked Aeris to do it.

“I understand. Are you okay?”

Aeris nodded and asked Ragune.

“I’m fine, no problem.”

Ragune nodded in affirmation.

“All right, then. let’s go.”

Tauro said, and they all headed for the rescue.

“Damn it! That harpy is too much trouble!”

The captain leading the territorial troops held his shield above his head, and while retreating his troops, he was fighting off the attacks of the orcs that were coming at him from the front.

“The wounded must not spare the potion. Use it now or you will die!”

“I don’t have any more of that potion!”

“Damn! Somebody give him a hand, and watch your head, the harpies are after us!”

The captain said, while blocking the attack of the orc club in front of him with his shield. Just as he was about to strike back at the orcs,

His gaze turned to the front and his head became neglected.

The harpies saw this chance and pounced on the captain.

The other members of the team shouted,

“Look out, captain!”

It was time to issue a warning.

With a sharp crack of the wind splitting above their heads, an arrow shot through the neck of the harpy that was on the verge of attacking the captain.

Another harpy flying overhead also fell, its wings burned by a magic fire arrow.

The troopers were startled, and when they turned around, they saw a group of what appeared to be adventurers.

A child adventurer with a bow in his hand threw potions to the wounded.

And then, a female beastman warrior and a warrior wielding a great sword ran past them, slashing at the orcs the captain and his men were fighting.

“You guys?!”

one of the troopers asked the boys.

“We’ll get to that later, please.”

The child responded succinctly, then drew his bow and shot the orc in the head as it circled around and tried to attack the wounded men.

The girl wizard? also dropped a lightning spell on the troll, an ugly-looking, monstrous creature of exceptional size, who was poised behind the battle.

The troll turned charred black, smoked up and fell to its knees.

Aeris thought she had finished it off, but as she watched, it recovered.

Trolls have this.

They are basically dumb and rely on their monstrous strength, but it is their ability to heal and regenerate that is troublesome.

It’s said that they can even heal a limb that has been cut off by connecting it to the body.

In order to defeat it, the attacker must finish it off with powerful firepower before it recovers.

Aeris’s lightning magic, which killed the orc with a single blow, did not seem to go far enough to kill the troll.

However, it seems to have inflicted a certain amount of damage, judging from the fact that the troll’s movement had stopped.

In the meantime, Ankh had sent an orc’s head flying with his greatsword, and Ragune had also killed an orc with her spear.

Aeris switched to casting magic to increase the attack power of the two.

She decided that her firepower was not enough to kill the troll.

Then Tauro gave chase to the troll.

He fired a high-intensity arrow of light.

Perhaps a wild hunch?

The troll grabbed an orc that was standing beside him and used it as a shield, killing the power of the light arrow fired by Tauro.

The arrow of light penetrated the shielded orc, but reverted to a normal arrow and pierced deeply into the troll’s shoulder.

The troll immediately pulled the arrow out and the wound regenerated.

But while the troll was taking time to heal from the deep wound, Tauro’s priority was to take down the orcs as well.

The band of territorial soldiers also recovered and began to fight back.

Tauro healed the wounded with potions, and the orcs were quickly defeated due to their numerical advantage, but Ankh and Ragune were very active among them.

Ankh, with his high firepower with his great sword, and Ragune, with her accurate attack, agility, durability, and overall strength, left a strong impact on the soldiers.

Only the giant troll remained.

The soldiers thought this was their chance to show off their skills and surrounded the trolls, but they lacked the decisive offensive power.

For the time being, Tauro and the others tried to stand by the territorial soldiers and watch them quietly, but after seeing several territorial soldiers blown away by the troll’s large club,  Ankh jumped out and slashed down the troll’s right arm with his large sword, which was holding the club.

Tauro then fired two arrows from his bow and shot the troll through both of its eyes at the same time, crushing them.

Aeris attacked the troll again with lightning magic, forcing it to its knees as it flailed in pain.

The final blow was Ragune’s precise and sharp spear thrust piercing through the heart of the troll, bringing it to a safe fall.

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