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Chapter 176: Surprising Sales

The Marquis of Vandyne's return from a three-year disappearance in the dungeon "Babylon" was kept secret because of the dungeon's secrecy, but the fact that he had returned was soon made public.

Rather, there was no way to hide it.

The disappearance of the Marquis de Vandyne in the dungeon was well known among the people concerned, so when he was among the group that came out of the dungeon, the soldiers noticed and a big commotion broke out.

Therefore, the fact that the Marquis Vandyne had returned from "Babylon" alive spread quickly before the gag order was issued.

Therefore, he was busy day after day.

Starting with meetings with the royal family, inspections, discussions with dungeon researchers, meetings with many nobles, parties, etc., it was a terrible schedule for someone who had been missing for a long time, but the Marquis de Vandyne digested it without suffering from it.

In between his schedule, he spent time with his daughter, Aeris, who had grown up over the past three years, so it seemed that the Marquis de Vandyne's stamina was boundless.

During that time, Tauro was training cooks for the opening of the Curry Shop in the capital.


The people were prepared by the Garfish Trading Company, so they were quick to learn, and there seemed to be no need to worry about that.

Both Tauro and Aeris were busy, but finally the Garfish Trading Company decided to sell the "lantern," a magical tool.

Tauro's proposal for a demonstration and sale caught the attention of passersby, who stopped to look and gather around.

"What is that? It's not just a lantern, it's very bright!"

"It's true. It's really bright, even in the middle of the day!"

"Is that some kind of magic 'lighting'?"

The crowd also gathers to see what's going on.

"What's going on? What's with this crowd?

"What's wrong?  Is something wrong?

"Are they all looking at that shopkeeper in the storefront?"

The fact that the people were looking at the "lantern," a revolutionary magical tool that glowed brightly and was being sold at a reasonable price, immediately drew a line to the storefront, but the commotion caused the sentries to be dispatched, and the demonstration and sale was immediately halted.

The demonstration sales were canceled due to the commotion, but the lines continued to form until the store closed, and the "lantern" magical tool spread explosively among the common people of King's Landing.

By the evening of the same day, many people were using these "lanterns".

Inside homes, in stores, and in the hands of those walking around the neighborhood, the lanterns caught the attention of those who did not yet know about them.

They were much brighter than oil lanterns, and attracted a lot of attention.

People gathered there, and when they heard that the lanterns were on sale at a magic tool store, they formed a new line at the magic tool store the next day.

This line attracted more people, and the word spread by word of mouth.

The Garfish Trading Company was happy to sell the "lanterns" and the scrap  magic stones as a set.

The Adventurers' Guild was happy since they had a large inventory of the scraps and that Garfish Trading Company had signed a contract to purchase any future items that would come out of it.

The lanterns spread rapidly throughout King's Landing, and the name of the Garfish Trading Company became a big hit following Reversi, and its name recognition increased dramatically.

Incidentally, the Marches Trading Company, another contract partner, began selling lanterns in Ocirus, the second largest city in the country, a little later than in the capital, but these too were so well received and sold so explosively that even though they teamed up with the local Xiwanda Trading Company for mass production, they still could not keep up.


Of course, Tauro had no way of knowing this, but the lanterns were spreading throughout the country.

Amidst the commotion, Tauro's curry shop in the capital quietly opened.

On the street, there were passersby who were buzzing with talk of Lanterns, but they did not come into the restaurant.

Yes, a new restaurant that had never been to the city before would not have many customers.

Tauro, however, knew this.

"I didn't think I'd have to use this move after Reversi......."

Tauro mumbled to himself.

"Well then, crowd actors, I'm counting on you!"

he called out to the many people waiting outside.

Yes, he hired a lot of crowd actors this time, too.

Of course, they would receive money and food.

Above all, it was a great part-time job because they could eat the sugar candy, which is expensive even in the royal capital, for dessert.

The customers eating in the restaurant could be seen through the rare glass windows, so at lunch time, people gradually gathered, attracted by the interest of the customers.

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