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Chapter 17: Tauro’s Battle

The new ability was quite useful.

It was on a different level from his usual ability to hide or sense a presence.

First of all, he could conceal his presence.

It was a level of cognitive distraction that made it difficult for people to notice him even though he was right in front of them.

And then there was also the ability to detect presence. This was also linked to the true eye.

If he felt a presence within range, his senses would be stimulated, and he would see the silhouette of the presence in his true eyes.

It also reacts to murderous and harmful intent.

Both of these abilities are essential to protect yourself as an adventurer.


Aside from being able to conceal his presence, he also used the ability to detect signs on a regular basis as part of his training.

He noticed many things that he hadn't noticed before.

In the city, he could sense malice from the back alleys.

The people he turned to see were older vagrants who had intercepted food from him in the past.

There was a blatant feeling of jealousy coming from them.

Within the Adventurer's Guild, surprisingly, there were no malicious feelings directed at him.

Maybe it's because he helps the staff in the guild, or maybe it's because he’s too young for the people around him, or maybe it's because they don't want to compete with him.

Recently, he had been approached occasionally by older, more experienced adventurers, and their relationship has been good.

From this experience, he’d decided to use 'block signs' to blend in with the crowds in town and to always be on the lookout for signs.

Incidentally, when he was using it in the guild, Leo, the branch manager, noticed him.

"Think about where you're supposed to use it! This is not the place.”

Leo poked him in the head and he stopped immediately.

It seems that there's a difference between blocking and detecting a presence.

He’ll have to work on both of them from now on.

After that, thanks to his new abilities, quests became even more efficient.

While gathering herbs, he can detect the location of monsters and change location.

Being able to avoid the encounter itself is very useful as it keeps you safe at all times.

In the quest to defeat monsters, the unicorn rabbit is very cautious and runs away quickly, so traps were the main way to defeat it, but now it's possible to approach it from behind and finish it off with a small sword.

However, there are many times when he is noticed as if he's still inexperienced in concealing his presence.

He guessed it was because his opponent's presence detection sense was still superior to his.

Tauro thought that he would like to develop his skills to the level where he would be completely unnoticeable.


At that moment, a person came into his sense range.

One person was heading his way.

Checking the silhouette, it seemed to be an adventurer.

Through the bushes, an adventurer came running out.

He was one of the members of the "Five Arrows", a D-ranked adventuring team from the Adventurers' Guild of Saïsi.{TN: Previously translated as Saishi}

“Satou? Is that you? Contact the guild. Our team has encountered a group of goblins and is engaging them. We need backup. Approximately 80 hostiles!”

“Yes, sir!”

When Tauro heard the report, he immediately started running.

The man who gave the message turned and headed back in the direction he came from. He was probably going to help his friends.

Tauro rushed to the city.

As soon as he arrived at the guild with his +5 agility, Leo immediately decided on an emergency quest.

A team was formed with members who happened to be available, and they set out immediately.

Leo, the branch manager, said

"Tauro, you'll guide this hastily formed team to the D-ranked group, then you'll be the liaison.”

Tauro was to run with his +5 agility while using his presence detection and presence blocking to keep in close contact with the rest of the team.


It was the best choice. It was as if Leo had some inkling of Tauro's abilities.

When the D-rank rapid-response team rushed to the scene under Tauro's guidance, the D-rank team "5 Arrows", which had encountered the goblins, was fighting a tedious retreating battle.

A man acting as a shield protects his friends from the goblins while preventing them from attacking and a wizard woman controls them with fire magic.

The swordsman seemed to have been injured and was backing away, borrowing a shoulder from a man who seemed to be a healer.

The archer was keeping an eye on his surroundings, threatening the goblins that were aiming for the wounded man.

“Satou, inform and guide the rest of the team about the situation. We're going in."

"Okay, uh, take this!"

Tauro handed the potion to the swordsman, the leader of the hastily constructed team.

“This is valuable isn’t it?”

The leader hesitated to take it, as it belonged to an F-ranked kid who should not be earning much.

"Don't worry, it's homemade and my own work, but it works well."

The leader looked surprised at the word "homemade”.


The leader nodded and took it, leading the hastily made team into the goblin pack.

After seeing them off, Tauro ran again to inform the rest of the follow-up team.

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