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Chapter 113: Appearance of a Fan

The investigation team remained at the dungeon ruins and camped in front of the cave for the night.

Sharga stayed inside the dungeon ruins for a long time.

I wondered if he had something to do, but he seemed to be measuring everything from the height of the ceiling to the size of the room to the slightest indentation in the floor, and writing down the details in his notebook.

Well, they are scholars, so maybe there was something that only they could understand.

In the morning, Tauro went into the cave to check on the situation.

Sharga was still looking around, perhaps he hadn’t even slept, but he had his notebook open and was writing something in it.

His magic “light” was about to go out, so Tauro turned on a replacement “light”.

When Sharga noticed the light and turned around, he finally noticed Tauro’s presence as well.

“Oh, Tauro-san. What’s wrong?”

“Huh? Where are the knights guarding you?”

“They’ve all gone outside, having confirmed that the interior is safe.”

“I see. By the way, it’s already morning.”

“It’s already that time! No wonder Joshna started sleeping earlier.”

Apparently, Joshna was a night owl and naturally falls asleep in the morning.

Even in the ruins of the dungeon, where she couldn’t see what’s going on outside, her internal clock seemed to be accurate.

“Sharga-san, Would you like to take a break?”

“Yes…I think I’ll take a break.”

Sharga sighed and sat down.

“Have something sweet to keep your mind occupied.”

Tauro took out a bun from the “magic storage” and handed it to Sharga.

“This is a new food for you.”

He looked curiously at the buns, and when he saw that Tauro was eating it too, he put it in his mouth.

“Delicious! …The sweetness of this seems to soak into my tired body…”

Sharga was impressed and slowly ate the rest of the food, savoring it.

“That was good. Here’s another one for you.”

Then he took out a cookie from his magic storage and handed it to Sharga.

He took it as well, but this time finished it quickly.

“I’ve never been interested in eating, but these are delicious.’

“When you work hard, your brain craves sweets and if you pay a little more attention to what you eat, you’ll get more work done.”

Tauro advised.

“I see, I hadn’t thought of that. You are very clever. I should be more careful about what I eat from now on.”

Sharga nodded his head, impressed as if the scales have fallen from his eyes.

“It seems that this dungeon was trying to create a second level.”

Sharga said as he regained his composure.

“Is that so?”

Tauro was surprised.

“The floor on the far left was slightly recessed, creating a small space inside between it and the stone wall. It’s been said for a long time that dungeons can grow, but just being able to confirm that is a great discovery. No one has ever been able to confirm this, because no one has ever been able to reach the depths of even the centuries-old dungeons that are currently managed by the government!”

Sharga spoke happily to Tauro.

“By the way, Tauro-san, have you ever heard of a game called Reversi?”

Shagga suddenly asked him a question, about Reversi.

“I’ve heard of it. It’s very popular in the capital, isn’t it?”

Tauro answered cautiously.

“It’s a hot topic among the nobility and I’m obsessed with it. The name that comes up a lot is about a boy named Tauro Sato, a child prodigy who is talked about among the nobility……could it be you, Tauro?”

Sharga got to the heart of the matter.

“…Why do you think so?”

“The rumors about his appearance, his age, the fact that he is a smart adventurer, and the fact that his name is Tauro, I thought that if all these things matched, you could be him.”

As expected of a scholar, he’s got a good head on his shoulders.

I didn’t expect him to remember the story of Reversi and connect it with the appearance and name of an ordinary child.

I could have played it off, but if I denied it and left him only to his suspicions, it might start unwanted rumors.

Tauro decided to admit it.

“You’re right. I’m surprised, I didn’t expect you to notice.”

“Oh! I knew it! I’m a fan of you, Tauro-san, no, Tauro-dono! Those legendary three games with the Prime Minister left me numb again and again! Oh, of course, I won’t tell anyone about this. It’s a secret, right?”

It was an unexpected encounter with one of Tauro’s fans.

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