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Chapter 108: Ideal and Reality

In the middle of the quest, while defeating goblins, Aeris said,

"Why don't we just beat them up quickly?”

I started to say

"Eh? We're beating them up right now."

Tauro used the “Arrow of Light” from Artemis' bow to penetrate a tree and accurately shoot the fleeing goblin behind it.

“No! No, I mean those misunderstanding adventurers called the sword of something!”

Aeris said as she crushed a goblin with her water magic.

I feel like she's taking out her stress on the goblins


That was a disaster, those poot goblins....

Tauro felt sympathy for the monters, but he also shot the goblins with his bow one after another.

Shin and Rumeya also went on a rampage, and the “Black Golden Wings” wiped out a swarm of 25 goblins in the blink of an eye, double the number of goblins that two teams could take on.

"Yes! The subjugation is complete."

Tauro nodded when he confirmed that nothing was amiss using "presence detection".

"Are we just going to let it go?"

Aeris asked Tauro again.

I'm not sure if she relieved some of the stress or not, but she was not unhappy.

“The other party are also adventurers, you know. And even if they go around saying something, the other adventurers know what happened this morning, so I think they will understand the situation and not make a problem of it. And since they’re low ranking adventurers, dealing with them will only lead to bullying of the weak."

"What? But they all have higher skills.”

“But if you don't put in the effort, even the top skills are just a waste, rotten treasures. It's true that they have more privileged abilities than general skills, so they have more firepower and are great, but.... I think it's offset by the fact that the people using it are not that bright."

Shin heard Tauro's words.*

"You're spitting venom, aren’t you?"

He pointed out and laughed.

“I'm just telling the truth. You and Rumeya may have general skills, but I think you have a lot of talent, and I'm sure they're just as good as you.”

"Is that so? Hehehe. I'll get carried away if you say so.”

Rumeya wielded the battle axe he normally held in his hand with all his strength.

He looked embarrassed and happy, but I made him stop immediately because it was dangerous.

"By the way, didn't those guys say something about pulling Aeris out at first?"

Shin added the important detail as he remembered.

“Oh, yeah. They said something about bloodline and talent. Aeris, don't let them pull you out, okay?"


Rumeya jokingly mentioned this to Aeris.

“Of course not! Bloodline aside... I'm a bundle of talent, so I can understand why they'd want to recruit me, right? But I'm not stupid enough to let a guy like that take me away."

Aeris sniffed and looked at Tauro.

“….? So I guess we're not going to deal with them then, right?”

After confirming that everyone agreed, they began to collect the magic stones and the right ears to prove that we had defeated the goblin

When Tauro and the others returned to the guild, the “Jet-Black Sword” was waiting for them in front of the guild.

“I'll just tell you what I want. Aeris-kun, you should come to my team."

Surprisingly not complaining about the morning's events, the leader, Nasirus, spoke his mind.

Perhaps they were nailed by the other adventurers.

“Of course I’m not going to. What did you think I was going to say?"

Aeris answered, dumbfounded by the request.

“I heard a rumor at the Daredar branch that you were the daughter of a noble family. If you have that kind of talent and bloodline, you belong with us. It would be a waste of time for you to be in a team of commoners with no future."

Nasirus said confidently and with conviction.

“You really are an idiot. Bloodline has nothing to do with adventurers. What is required is competence. We're pretty good at what we do. We don't sit on our talents like you, we work hard to improve our skills and have a good track record. While you guys are proud of killing one goblin, we killed 25 goblins today alone.”

"Twenty-five? ...Hahaha! 25 goblins? How disappointing, you seem to have a tendency to lie."


Nasirus shrugged his shoulders and laughed it off.

Then Tauro silently took out a leather bag from the “magic storage” and unfolded the goblin's ears that were inside it to show them.


The members of “Jet-Black Swords” were astonished by what they saw.

“This is the reality. When have your bloodlines and higher skills ever killed so many goblins and helped so many people in need? If you can't do that, you're half-baked. You should be ashamed of your immaturity."

Aeris's words tore the pride of those noblemen's children to shreds and forced them to face the reality that they couldn’t argue with.

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