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Chapter 13: The Strongest Onmyoji Accomplishes a quest (Part one)

After delivering fifty almiraj horns and receiving the achievement reward, we immediately accepted the next request.

That's how I came to this valley near a certain village.

"It’s coming!"

Almost at the same time as Amiyu's voice, the giant boar that was blowing an angry snort in front ---- the huge boar kicked the ground.

I calmly stare at it.

Even so, it's huge. It was the size of a small mountain. It's similar in size to the Elder Newt we encountered at the Lamprog mansion, but it's bigger and more intimidating.

The subjugation of this giant boar was a request from a nearby village.

Apparently, over the past few years, boar-type monsters have increased rapidly in this area, causing problems for hunters and lumberjacks in the mountains.


It was probably because a boss individual appeared, and at first it was thought that it was only a large boar, but... it was revealed by the testimony of the adventurer who escaped and returned that it was actually this big boar, and he even asked the branches of Keltz and Lakana. It seems that it was decided to issue

Huge boars are undeniably high-ranking monsters.

The requirements for accepting the request are 4th grade or higher. He is by no means an easy opponent.

But... I wasn't worried.

"Get down"

At that moment, Nozuro stepped forward.

He stared straight at the approaching huge boar, flipping the rocks in its direction like pebbles.

This divine martial artist has kicked down many medium-ranked Savage Boars along the way, but... how does he plan to deal with this giant beast?

Nozuro pulled one of his legs to lower his center of gravity and put his fists into his hips.

The huge boar that accelerates by kicking it like it's gouging through the earth... you probably don't notice it.

"To the powerful flow of power that revolves within this demon."

And then, when the two finally clash――――,

A medium thrust like a ---- crossbow was fired at the giant boar’s snout.

With a tremendous impact, the soil around Nozuro’s footsteps rose up in concentric circles.


Th huge Boar let out a low-pitched moan.

The momentum of the rush was completely killed, and he staggered as if he had flinched.

But it wasn’t enough.

Shaking his head, the Huge Boar ---- then turned his sharp fangs toward the diminutive divine demon with anger in his eyes.

But just before he swung them, he stopped moving.

He was distracted. The shadow of Mabel, who had lightly kicked the large Nozuro in the shoulder and leapt over his head.


The girl had already raised her battle-axe.

The huge Boar was probably lost.

The weight of an object can be somewhat predicted from its appearance without directly touching it.

The size, its movement. Mabel, who was able to jump so high that Nozuro, who had been used as a springboard, didn’t move an inch, must have looked obviously light ......, that is, insignificant.

That’s why he didn’t even try to avoid the battle axe that was swung at his ---- head.


A dull impact roared through the valley.

Mabel, perhaps feeling a solid response, removed her hand from the handle of the battle-axe that stood so deep into his head that it buried it.

The battle-axe, which had become out of the ordinary powerful due to gravity magic, seemed to have completely shattered even the thick skull of the huge Boar.

The huge boar-shaped monster slowly tilted, and then fell over on its side.

By the time the huge body shook the ground, Mabel had already kicked the carcass and landed on the undergrowth.

“... Phew”

Mabel let out a sigh as if she had finished her work.

Her expression didn’t change much, but she seemed satisfied somehow.

“I don’t know how you acquired this technique, but... it’s a big deal.”


The divine-demon martial artist approached and said while looking down at the small girl.

Mabel looks up at Nozuro and says with a small fearless smile.

“you too”

I just stare at the situation.

Somehow, it ended before I knew it.

“I haven’t done anything yet...”

“Yeah, me too...”

Amiyu and Ifa whispered with awkward expressions.

Rurumu said with a wry smile.

“Nozuro can defeat even a huge boar by himself…but I’m sure Mabel-san is like that too.”

Then, her face becomes happy.

“Anyway, with this, the request has been completed.”

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