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Interlude Ifa, at the official residence of the Governor of Proto Asta (5)

“I’m sorry.”

The garden of the Governor’s official residence.

A short distance away from the escorting soldiers, Rize said to Ifa.

“Apparently, I was misunderstanding you.”


“As that slave dealer said, I thought …… your feelings for your master were unavoidably held. People, in no small part, are afraid of new situations. They try to believe that the present is the best. But …… your heart seems to be different from that.”

Rize says again.

“You love that boy.”

“Ah !?”

“Then there’s nothing more to say ……. Give me your hand.”

Ifa, her face bright red, does as she is told and holds out her right hand.

Rize took it, and with her index finger, which had been smeared with blood before she knew it, she drew a pattern on the back of her hand that resembled a magic circle.

Some kind of small incantation is chanted.

Then the blood magic circle quickly disappeared as if absorbed by the hand.

“I’ll give you a few of my spirits.”

Ifa noticed that some of the vast amount of spirits that Rize was clothed in had shifted to her side.

They seem to be gathering at the vanishing magic circle on the hand, not at the magic stone or ring.

“The spirit of light is rare. If you get used to it, you can do that.”

Ifa follows Rize’s gaze and looks at her own left hand.

The cut on her thumb made by the wind blade had healed without a trace.

Rize says, abruptly.

“You remind me of a fairy tale princess for some reason.”


“A princess of an exiled kingdom who uses the magic of the Forest People Elves. The daughter of charity who was a companion of the heroes, but even the demon king took pity on her. …… If it’s you, you’ll be fine. I’m sure your feelings will be heard.”

“Well, is that so …?”

“I still have no doubt that the boy is alien. But …… the boy himself said that even if we are different from each other, we can be a family. Dragons and people have lived together, it’s much easier than that.”

Rize said at the end.

“Stay safe, my kin”

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