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Interlude: Ifa, at the official residence of the Governor of Proto Asta (1)

After seeing Seika off to the mountain where the dragon lives.

Ifa was returning alone to the room where she was staying.

It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Naturally, a sigh escaped me.

When it was decided that I could go with him to Astiria, I thought that this would allow me to do a little work as a squire and be useful to Seika.

But in reality, I was just slowing us down.

With these thoughts in mind, I opened the door to the room I was assigned.

There was a guest in the room.


“Hmm, did you come back?”

Ifa’s eyes flashed.

There was the subhuman woman who had been by Prince Cecilio’s side at the school.

Transparent white skin and pointed ears.

Ifa knew that this was a characteristic of the forest elf race.

Strangely, she was not afraid.

Perhaps it was because she had the impression that they were a sacred race that appeared in the fairy tales she liked.


The current situation is slightly confusing.

“Eh, um......what do you want?”

“I wanted to talk to you alone once. Well, sit down.”

The forest elf woman ---- or Rize, as she was called, urged me to do so as if she were the master of the room.

Reluctantly, Ifa sits on a chair beside her.

Rize doesn’t try to sit down herself, but walks around the room and starts talking.

“ProtoAsta is a nice place.”

“......Is that so......”

“The city has a history, its inhabitants are good people, and above all, it is rich in the magic of the land. It is because of this abundance of magical power that our race of woodland elves have been in close contact with Astiria since ancient times, and that dragon has watched over this city for so long.”

“Well, I don’t ...... know much about magic power or anything like that...”

“No, you know what I mean.”

The forest elf turns her green twin eyes straight at Ifa.

“There are so many spirits. You should have guessed that much.”


“Eh, I’m sorry, I’m not ......, no, I mean, I don’t know what ......”

“There’s no need to fool around.”

As she said this, Rize raised her hand and pinched the blue fish ---- water spirit that was swimming in the air with her slender fingers.,

“There are many spirits in this land, but it is rare for a city to be so full of them, especially one’s like this, the Children of Blue. Perhaps that’s why many of the children born in this city have an aptitude for the water attribute.”

When Rize releases her finger, the blue fish swims away in a hurry.

Ifa, who had been following it with her eyes, turned away when she noticed Rize's gaze.

Then I look up at the fearful forest elf.

“... Why can I see that ...”

“Something’s wrong if you don’t. Who would think that someone who collects so many spirits without magic stones and tools doesn’t intend to do so? When I saw you in the cafeteria of the school, I was surprised, but soon I realized that this girl was our descendant. “

“I’m a descendant of .......”

Ifa raises a confused voice.

“You mean “offspring” right? I am......?”

“Yes, you are. Few people know about it anymore, but the magic of our forest elves is very different from the magic used by other races and monsters.”

Rize continues, looking down at Ifa.

“The power to communicate with the spirits is the power of the forest elf.. At the school, you call upon the spirits you have gathered and use magic, don’t you? Your magic is the very magic of the elf of the woods.”


“Bu ... but”

Ifa says, puzzled.

“I’m an ordinary human being. I don’t even have as much magic power as you do.”

From the first time I saw Rize, a vast array of colorful spirits swirled around her.

She must have a lot of magical power.

Rize, when told, laughed and answered, 

“Don’t use me as a benchmark. You’re still quite skilled.  Well, it is true that you have little magic power. Besides, you have little tribal characteristics but that’s a minor problem. ...... Which of your parents is blonde?”

“Uh, well, it’s my mother. ......”

“If so, there must have been a forest elf in the distant ancestor of your mother.”

“But ...”

“The amount of magical power is greater or lesser among the races. The characteristics of their appearance also disappear as their human blood thickens. But the way you looked at the spirits is different. It’s the unmistakable sign of our people. ...... Did your mother see them too? If she didn’t, then you’re a very special throwback. Good for you.”


Ifa was stunned.

She had never expected to discover the roots of her power in such a place.

She had never thought that she was the descendant of a sacred race, that she once read about in a fairy tale.

Rize speaks to the speechless Ifa in a calm tone.

“This, too, is the guidance of the spirits. I too am glad to have unexpectedly met my fellow compatriot. But ...... at the same time, I feel sorry for you. Being a slave, you must have gone through a lot of hardship.”

“Oh, no. ......”

“As a matter of fact, I’m here today to persuade you on behalf of our young master.”

The forest elf tells me with a smile.

“Come to the Harem of Astiria, Ifa”


“It’s an interesting place. I used to be a member there, and I can assure you. Our young master is a bit unreliable because he’s still young, but he’s not a bad man. I’m sure he’ll at least show his worthiness to rescue you from your current master. But that doesn’t mean you have to become a queen......”

“Uh, um, excuse me!”

Ifa interrupted in a rush.

Then, looking away, she said.

“I’m glad you feel that way. But ...... I still won’t enter the palace.”

Originally, Ifa had no intention of being there.

Even when Seika told her, she couldn’t picture herself there.

“And......even now, I’m happy enough. The school is fun, and Seika-kun is also gentle. That’s why I don’t want to leave him.”

“... What are you talking about?”


Ifa saw Rize’s face.

She is confused.

There was an expression that she couldn’t understand.

“Are you ...... willing to remain a slave to that boy?”

“Eh, that......”

“ I invited you to the palace not because I thought it would open the way for you to get ahead or become queen, but because I thought that if the young master was going to buy you from him, it would be the best thing for you. Of course, your young master probably didn’t realize it. ......”

“Huh, wait. What are you talking about? If you’re saying bad things about Seika-kun, I’ll get angry too!”

“...... you should have noticed too.”

Rize said in a slightly tense voice.

“That boy is a monster.”

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