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Chapter 7: The Strongest Onmyoji Advances Through the Underground Labyrinth

 The swordsman Amiyu leads the way through the dungeon.

 Every time we advance to a certain extent, I attach a hitogata to the ceiling of the passage and put a spell on it.

"... Um, Seika-sama. What have you been doing since a while ago?"

"I was wondering if I could tell our location from the surface."

 I answer in such a way that Amiyu can't hear me.

 All the shikigami left behind at the academy, with the exception of a few crows, had been turned into bees and were flying over the surface of the forest.

 However, I still haven't been able to perceive the effects of the jutsu.

 Let's continue for a while.


 By the way, it's hard to see with a bee's vision.

 They have compound eyes and can see colors that humans cannot see, so even familiar objects look different.

 I can't help it because it's a job that can only be done with this shikigami.


 We encountered monsters from time to time.

 Lizardmen, orcs, skeletons, slimes, goblins, and other monsters that are not uncommon in dungeons.

 But, every time I encounter one, I realize that I am in a different world.

 There are usually few creatures in caves.

 At most, there are poisonous insects and rodents that feed on bat droppings.

 It's strange that there are so many creatures of this size in such a place.

 It must be the core of this dungeon that gives birth to these monsters.

 I thought they were more like animals, but it seems that the monsters are also a type of metamorphosis.

 In my previous life, there were things similar to a dungeon. There are other worlds that exist with supernatural power, such as lost houses and hidden villages.

 The only difference is that this place actually exists physically.

 Then you can physically escape.

"It's not responsive. It looks like a low-level dungeon."

 Amiyu says, kicking a skeleton skull.

 She kept moving forward, swinging her sword and slaying monsters. I had very little to do.

"Don't overdo it. Shall I go in front?"

"Are you kidding? Leave the vanguard to the swordsman."

 Amiyu smiles terribly.


“A good vanguard can transform magic into physical power. This is nothing."

 In fact, there is no sign that Amiyu is out of breath.

 Her swordsmanship is unbelievable, and she was capable of playing with a demon's club with such ease.

 In addition, her brilliant swordsmanship, body movement, and her ability to manipulate magic of all attributes without chanting.

 She is indeed a hero.

 She is still a child, so she is still immature, but I wonder how strong she will be when she grows up. —-


 Yuki informs me of the enemy in my ear.

 Amiyu exclaimed happily when the figure finally came into sight.

"Heh. It seems like a stronger looking one."

 Eventually, the light of the Hitogata illuminated a type of goblin that I had seen several times.

 However, it is huge.

 It was about seven feet tall (*about 2.1 meters). It had the same green skin and hooked nose, but its physique was quite different.

 It's probably a superior species of goblin called a Hobgoblin.

 And it is also accompanied by a few regular small goblins.



 As soon as the hobgoblins saw us, they charged at us with their barbaric swords raised.

 Amiyu intercepted them.

 The savage sword was swung down from the upper level, and the staff sword flashed back. The hobgoblin swung its sword back at us.

The hobgoblin swung his barbarian sword again, but Amiyu, taking a large step forward, sliced away the arm that was holding it.

 A deafening scream echoes through the corridor.

 Amiyu was about to swing her sword to cut off the head as a finishing touch.


 Amiyu's body tilted greatly.


 Amiyu presses her temples and staggers in pain.


 That head.

 The hobgoblin's one remaining thick arm punched away.

Amiyu slams into the wall with a dull thud and falls to the ground.

 The hobgoblins and their goblin cronies rush to the motionless girl swordsman.


 A white wooden stake pierced the hobgoblin's skull.

 The goblins around him are also cleared out by the stakes while I run up to Amiyu.

 She is still breathing.

 But she seems to be out cold.

"Seika-sama, there are still more."

"I know"

 I wipe the blood from my cheeks and fire a stake at the approaching goblin.

 I want to treat her, but my first priority is to clean up these guys.

 unleash the stakes

 unleah the stakes

 unleash the stakes………….

"... how many are there!"

 The light fluttered——I was stunned.

 The front passageway was filled with a tremendous number of goblins.

 Moreover, there were several hobgoblins in the mix.

 My face twitches involuntarily.

 This is troublesome!

 I can't deal with this using《pile driver jutsu》

 Amiyu is passed out, so that's fine.

《Calling――――giant hundred feet centipede》

 A huge, shiny black centipede emerged from the distortion of space.

 The giant centipede attacked the goblins without looking back and bit them with its vicious jaws.

 The surrounding goblins wielded knives, but they didn't seem to care.

 On the contrary, the hobgoblins swung their barbaric swords, but not a scratch was left on its shiny black shells.

 The giant centipede then turns its attention to the owner of the barbaric sword, bites its slightly larger prey, and swallows it without even letting it give out its death screams.

 The goblins fell into total panic in the area.

 As the avalanche of prey fled, the giant centipede swiftly chased after it with its numerous legs, and then devoured it.

 I just watched the scene.

 The giant centipede is strong in places like this.

 They can't be hit by fire arrows from afar, and they can even use walls and ceilings as footholds..

 At this rate, I think I can leave the monster cleaning to it.

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