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Chapter 20: The Strongest Onmyoji Appears at the Entrance Ceremony

 A few days later.

 A formal acceptance letter arrived at the inn where we were staying, and Ifa and I were finally admitted into the academy.

 And today is the entrance ceremony.

“Hey, Seika-kun… isn’t this skirt too short?”

“That …… is not true “


 But it’s a uniform design…

 I haven’t seen it much in my territory, but apparently it’s popular in the larger cities.

“I’m going to start living in a dormitory today, and I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to stay in a boys’ dorm.”

“I don’t think so.”

“What in the world is a squire…”

“You’re just a student here.”

 We walk through the school at night while talking.

 The nights in this world are bright thanks to the presence of two moons.

 Tonight, however, the Academy was even brighter.

 The Academy was lit up with dim magical lights here and there, illuminating the streets and the Academy buildings.

 I stopped.



“Is there a spirit around there?”

“Let’s see, there  …….”

 Ifa runs to the bushes.



“This is a dark child… it’s a dark attribute spirit. It’s rare. Why are there so many here…”

“…Maybe it’s because of this.”

 I push through the bushes.

 What was there was a large magic circle written in pale paint.

“is this……”

“Ifa. Can you take the black spirits with you?”

“I’m not sure. But we found some of the magic stones that dark children like.”

“That’s good.”

“‘…… Seika-kun, how did you know there was such a magic circle?”

“I guess it’s intuition. I’ve always had a sharp intuition.”

“…… I see. What are you going to do with this magic circle? I have a very …… bad feeling about it.”

“It belongs to the academy, doesn’t it? I don’t care if you take the spirits with you, it’s not good to tamper with it without permission. We don’t even know what it was being used for.”

“Yeah… that’s right.”

“Look, let’s hurry to the venue. We still have time, but it’ll be hard if we get lost.”

 With that, I started walking.

 Ifa also seemed to be following me from behind.

 But still……it’s a bad feeling, huh?

 I totally agree with you.

 I still haven’t learned much about this magic circle, but that flow of power is probably….

 I just have a feeling —- that things are going to turn out well for me.

 This was really a hunch.


 The entrance ceremony was held in a large auditorium.

“Wow, a lot of space …… and an awful lot of food …….”

 There are many new students. Two or three hundred people?

 It seems that the food is taken on a plate and eaten while standing. It’s a strange party.

“Wait, Seika-kun,  are you eating already?”

“You should eat while you can, Ifa.”

“You sound like a commoner……”

 Before long, the host said something, and the ceremony began.

 The ceremony proceeded smoothly.

“Seika-kun,are you listening to me? Look, that girl called Amiyu is going to give a speech next.”


“Maybe it’s because she passed in first place.”

 I looked and saw red hair swinging on the platform.

 A dignified, familiar voice resounds.

“—- I don’t know what reason you are all here today.”

 I put down my plate.

 Oh, are you coming now?

 I’m not sure if the timing is good or bad. ……

 I explored the field of vision of several shikigami that I had released beforehand.

 Unlike crows, owls have blurred images, but instead they have good night vision.

 It hurt.

 It’s so close. It’s right there.

“I came to this academy just to —-“


 At that moment, the walls of the auditorium were blown away with a roar.

 Screams erupted from the hall.

 The walls of the auditorium had been partially and completely destroyed, leaving a large hole.

 Fragments of stone fall in flurries.

 Beyond the white dust, the outside was visible.

 A huge, black shadow emerged from the hole.

 It is about three times as tall as a man.

 A strong body covered in jet black hair.

 His face was a strange one, neither a cow nor a goat.

“It’s… it’s a demon!”

“A Lesser Demon has appeared!!”

 A student shouted.

 At the same time, a group of them all fled toward the exit of the hall.


 I pull Ifa into the shade of a thick pillar in the middle of a huge wave of people..

 I am afraid that we will be crushed by humans at this rate.

 I peeked out from the pillar and observed the enemy.

 The number of Lesser Demons had increased to three.

 Apparently, all of them that were nearby had entered the auditorium.

 They look horrible …… but they’re small fry.

 They wield clubs, but they move sluggishly, with three of them coming in they are in each other’s way.

 In the meantime, fire and icicle magic began to be showered on the daemons.

 Is it the teacher who is giving instructions out loud? There are students who seem to be seniors among those who respond.

 The demons that were hit by the magic flinched and stopped moving.


“… It’s sloppy. What are you doing?”

 You’re taking too long. Why don’t you quickly defeat such small fry?

 One of the demons in the shadows of his comrades swung his club at the students who were casting magic.

 It’s because you’re slow. You’ll die.

 With that thought in mind, as I was about to release a jutsu —-

 I could see red hair crawling under the club.

 A sword flashes.

 Along with a sharp metallic sound, the club was bounced loudly, and the Lesser Demon was thrown back.

“Get out of my way, if you can’t fight!”

 Amiyu shouts and releases a wind magic, crushing the eye of the other one. The demon’s shrill cry rises.

 The tide has turned.

 Humans are beginning to gain the upper hand. I wonder if it’s safe now.

 It’s totally breathtaking.

 But those monsters are strange.

 Their eyes seem to be searching for prey, but their attacks are slow. The number of three monsters seems to be just too many and wasted.

 Diversion. No. Or maybe it’s ……

 Is it some kind of reconnaissance to see how we react to their first move?

 Well, whatever.

 Now, where is the magician who was yelling?

 I searched through all of the shikigami’s visibility that I flew all over the school.

 —-I found it. There it is.


“Se, Se se Seika-kun, what should we do…”

 Ifa says with a trembling voice.

“Oh, that’s a demon. I didn’t expect to see a demon in a magic academy.”

I’m really surprised.

“It’s terrible! Ugh, I don’t want to die yet…”

“Calm down. They are small fry.”

“Small fry!? It’s a demon!? There was a time when an army unit was destroyed by just one demon!”

“I’m sure there are various kinds of demons, and that is the weakest one.”

“But I don’t think they’re small fry…”

“Okay, Ifa.”

 I say

“You’d better hide here for a while. The exit is full of people and it’s dangerous. The demons will be defeated in time, but when the time comes, don’t hesitate to use your magic to escape. Understand?”


 Let’s leave some shikigami behind just in case.

 That should be enough.

“Se, what about Seika-kun?”

“I’ve got some errands to run.”

“Eh, errands?”

“I’ll be right back if you need me.”

 He jumps out from behind a pillar to hide from Ifa’s eyes.


 The shikigami looking at the enemy and・・・・・・・・my own position・・・・・・・・are swapped・・・・.

※Shikigami (Owl)

Owls have reflective plates called luminous plates in their eyeballs, which allow light that has once passed through the retina to be used again. While this allows them to see in the darkest of nights, it also makes it difficult for them to form an image, so their vision in bright light is said to be poor. Shikigami function with reference to a specimen determined by the caster, and thus have abilities that are similar to those of the creature.

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