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Chapter 63: Please spare me from participating in the information warfare at the tea party.

TN: Great news! The author's started posting chapters again. For now, there aren't a lot of new chapters and his posts aren't really regular but I should be able to post one chapter per week.

 After having a big lunch, I examined the people in the royal palace just in case.

 There were fewer infected people than I expected.

"People who had suspicious symptoms were immediately moved to the temple clinic to keep me from getting infected. There are no seriously ill patients in the royal palace."

 That's right ... They can’t let the current king's family get wiped out.

"By the way, do you still have magic power left?"

"I’m almost out, but I can still go on with this."

 While saying that, I waved a thin test-tube like bottle.


"Isn’t that a magic power recovery potion. It's very bitter. Sorry to make you use such a thing.”

"Well, it's super bitter, but ... I'll put up with it bitterly."

"Sorry, but next I'd like you to examine my wives' friends."


 It was decided that The first queen, Lady Carmilla, and the second queen, Lady Mirana, were to be taken by carriage to the homes of their tea party friends. King Zeno didn't follow. He says he has to make up for the work he missed in the morning.

 A king’s work schedule is quite black, isn't it? The final confirmation of important documents is decided when stamped with the king's seal. Even if vassals have confirmed it many times in advance, it can’t be helped because this work is the final barrier against fraud. If you skip it, it will only accumulate more and more.

 I definitely don't want to be king... Brother, sorry for the inconvenience.

"Thank you, Luke-san." ( Queen Carmilla)

"Yes, you're welcome"

 Huh? “san”  instead of “kun”? {TN: “san” is more respectful than “kun” which she normally uses}

"The people in the house we’re heading to are my relatives, friends, and their families. They’re very social and very kind people, so please cure them."

"So they’re related to Queen Carmilla, I’ll do my best."

"The biggest reason is that they’re our relatives and our friends, but the tea party friends we invite to the royal palace also bring big political advantages."

"Political advantages?"

"Yes, there are factions in politics. The lords are stubborn and don't leak their secrets outside, but the ladies' mouths often slip at tea parties as whining and gossip. We queens also have the role of guiding and extracting such information that isn’t available elsewhere at the tea party. "

 Is it a women's association network?

"Ufufu, Carmilla, Luke's face is cramping. It's okay, everyone has fun participating in the tea party. We just induce them a little and let them complain."

 The face that smiles with an "Ufufu" is cute, but dear mother-in-law ... I'm a little scared if you say that!

"Why are you telling me the secret behind such tea parties now?"

"Because we couldn't teach Mifa that kind of thing. There are a lot of aristocratic families who are trying to pull us down. It’s important to learn of such people and inform our husband so he can eliminate the danger before anything happens " (Carmilla)

"I get what you're saying, that’s impossible for Mifa."


"Yes, when they find out Mifa is participating, everyone suddenly has something urgent come up and will not participate. She’s a bright girl and thinks it's her fault when less than half of those invited come. ...... Poor thing, now she doesn't attend tea parties at all.”

"Well, I was in a position where I couldn't participate in tea parties or any parties because I wasn't trusted by my father and mother, so I think it's fine not to participate in that kind of thing in the future."

"But Luke-san, you’re going to be invited to parties more and more in the future by people who want to take in you who made a god beast your servant. I think it will decrease a little when you officially announce your engagement with Mifa but..."

"If Hati is used for politics, that Fenrir's mother may get angry and rampage. I don't have any acquaintances in this country, and I think it's fine to decline all invitations."

"Not everyone who approaches you will be malicious Luke-san. Isn’t it important to learn how to behave as a nobleman at such events?"

"I think participating in events is a duty of a nobleman, but it's not the most important thing. I think I can contribute elsewhere. I'm sure Mifa contributes as a first-class inquisitor, and I can be useful as a healer like this. My apprentice, Iris, is also doing a great job of supporting me so that I can be useful. We should each do what we can."

 Iris, who was my only disciple, smiled and had an overtly happy face ... so cute.

"Do what you can...... Yes, that’s right. When Zeno said he would trade 10 people to get you, I thought, 'What a foolish thing to do!' Both that person and Mifa have an eye for people. We will do our best to support you, so just do what you want to do. "

"Thank you, Queen Carmilla"

 That said, I don't need such a wife network.

 Navi will take care of providing all the information about factions and malicious people.

"By the way, Iris? What happened to your hair? It should hurt if you don't apply sesame oil properly ... Moreover it's smooth and shiny! Why is this so?" (Milana)

"Actually, I've also been interested in this! We were going to treat sick people, so I was hesitant to ask, but I'm still interested. Why is Iris's hair so smooth and shiny?"

 It seems that Queen Carmilla and my mother-in-law, Mirana, were able to find out... Especially, I'm a little scared of Mifa's mother's gaze!

 And Iris, why are you looking at me!


 After that, Iris, whose hair was being stroked by the two of them, couldn't bear the intimidation of the queens and spills easily.

"Luke! Let's finish the treatment right away and head to your room!"

 Mirana mother-in-law, you're also going to take a bath!?

“Yes, I understand ..."

"Of course I’ll visit you too!"

 Carmilla-san, you too!?

 * * *

 When the two queens saw their weakened relatives and friends, they were worried with tears in their eyes, but after going through the planned six households and recovering their energy with my healing magic, they became single focused and came straight to my room instead of returning to the royal palace.

 Currently, they are taking a bath with the help of Iris.

 And these were their first words as they came out of the bath...

"Luke! This is amazing!"

"Yes! I'm surprised that there is such a product! So, Luke-san ... I heard there is a medicine to condition the skin that you put on after a bath ..."

 Iris ... also mentioned the lotion ...

 After preparing cold lemon juice in a pitcher and giving it to the queens, Iris rushed to the kitchen and started preparing dinner so as not to make eye contact with me.

 I take out the face lotion and the body lotion from the [inventory] and hand it over.

 Anyway, these two are on good terms ... They spread the lotion on their legs while cackling excitedly.

 They’re thin and beautiful bare feet with no stains ... They have beautiful, youthful skin that you wouldn't expect from a woman who has had many children.

"Oh, you’re staring so hard, Luke-san no ecchi"

"Ufufu, are you interested in the withered legs of these aunts?"

 The two make fun of me ...

"Neither of you look like aunts by any means ... I won't doubt it if you were called Mifa's sisters."

"Oh! You're quite good." (Milana)

 While the two queens were playing with me, Mifa and her friends came. Apparently, today's "Summoning Ceremony" viewing was over.

"Mifa, you're back. How was it? Did the senior students summon something amazing?"

"I'm home. Rather than that, what are my mothers doing here?"

 Apparently, Iris had tipped off Mifa by sending an email of them with their legs bare in front of me.

 Mifa is angry and has an aura, but she's not scary at all, but rather cute.

"Welcome back Mifa. Don't say it like that. I just used the lotions to clean their hair and skin."

"Did you tell my mother, Luke?"

"Rather than that, the two of them saw Iris's hair and noticed ..."

"What? Were you going to use such a good thing only on yourself without telling your mother? I'm sad, my own daughter’s neglecting me......."


 Mirana, crying falsely, teases Mifa.

 It seems Mifa also knows as she puffs her cheeks.

"By the way, Luke-san. Do you still have extras of these items on hand?"

 After all it came to this ...

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